Leadership in Motion Workshop

Participants will drive race cars at Lime Rock Park track to experience true Leadership In Motion

Are you...

  • Challenged with articulating and communicating your vision with on the job application?
  • Having difficulty in getting your team aligned and executing the vision?
  • Finding yourself depleted, overwhelmed or reactive versus a proactive space?
  • Being asked to do it all but you know you can’t?
  • Focused on the most high-leveraged, high-value initiatives?

The fast paced environment we work in leaves little time for reflection. Gilman Performance Systems, Inc. and Interlaken Inn have partnered to bring you Leadership In Motion, a powerful leadership development workshop. This exciting new program focuses on the specific tools and experiences that successful leaders need for themselves, their teams, and their organizations to succeed in the chaotic, ever changing, often unpredictable world in which we work and live.

Participants will drive race cars at Lime Rock Park track to experience true Leadership In Motion, focusing on the immediate, as well as the curves down the road. The program affords participants practice to be a high performance leadership engine in a highly competitive environment, while maintaining a calm and focused mind steady at the wheel.

The use of interpersonal, influence, and implementation skills will come together, including:

  • Developing a vision, intentional culture, and dashboard for your team.
  • The art of influencing staff and peers at the Senior Level in a way aligned that builds collaboration for best decision making leading to results.
  • Working in unpredictable, changing, chaotic environments
  • Learning from a 360 Feedback Survey with a pre and post workshop coaching call for on the job application.

Gilman Performance Systems brings 20+ years of experience and has delivered well over 5000 programs that help organizations function more effectively and efficiently. GPS’s latest Leadership in Motion allows individuals to test and improve their skills in a comfortable, non-threatening environment. The GPS team will send you back to the office energized with new skills, ready to tackle the daily challenges and seize new opportunities.

Interlaken Inn offers the perfect quiet landscape to reflect upon the conscience of the individuals - with beautiful lakefronts, award winning staff, wonderful farm-to-table restaurant - all balanced perfectly with Gilman Performance Systems, Inc.

Phone: (203) 740-9767
Website: www.gpsadvantage.com

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