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As one of Connecticut’s top wedding venues, we love to celebrate love. So, Valentine’s Day ends up being one of our favorite times of the year! We welcome guests to enjoy a romantic weekend away complete with everything you want in a Valentine’s Day Weekend...

Winter weddings are underrated, but we just love them!

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The September wedding that had the perfect combination or summer and fall tones.

5 things to do that are just 5 minutes away from your favorite hotel in CT!

On a rainy day in the middle of May, there are still things to do in Lakeville, Connecticut. Whether you are visiting the area with young children or your oldest family members, there is an array of museums to choose from.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. It is time to start planning that special getaway with that special someone in your life.

Grab a good book, a cup of tea or hot chocolate, and a sit by the fireplace with a blanket. Our cozy fireplace accommodations at the Interlaken Inn offer the perfect escape for your Winter blues.

Let the winter fun begin! There is no time to be bored in a world full of children. Don’t worry about finding an activity for the whole family, we are here to help.

When planning your corporate retreat, you must find the perfect combination of fun, team building, and work epiphanies.

Sometimes you just need to pack your bags and free your mind! Connecticut is the perfect vacation destination, whether you are searching for outdoor recreation or indoor exploration.

You probably do not need convincing that fall is the perfect season to have your dream wedding. The leaves make for a breathtaking backdrop, harvest produce makes for a tasty menu and seasonal festivities make for ample cheer.

Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly this year. Take time to sit and watch the leaves turn! Get sweater-weather ready and pick your favorite pumpkin spice beverage to sip on as you make your way to the Interlaken Inn!

Let the adventure begin when you visit us at the Interlaken Inn! There are endless exploratory opportunities in Connecticut, whether you are interested in music, movies, local attractions, outdoor recreation, wineries, distilleries, breweries or art galleries.

Cast away your trouble, go fishing in one of the nearby lakes and rivers when you visit us at Interlaken Inn. Whether you want to drop a line close by or cast away in a further bay, the options are endless.

If you admire the natural things in life, then you probably admire antiquing! Take something old and borrowed and make it anew when you visit the Interlaken Inn. You can make some of the most valuable antiques some of your dearest old friends.

We all know that life gets busy and time flies by. At the Interlaken Inn, we know how to keep the spark alive in your relationship. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion, whether you have been together for one year or ten years, it is important to never stop dating!

Anyone who’s been on vacation will testify that it usually takes a toll on your fitness and your diet. From the get-go you have to deal with long, winding security lines at the airport--while being tempted to vent out your frustration on any of the greasy fast food options that flank the path to your gate.

So you’re thinking about getting the whole family together for a reunion...yikes! So many questions that need to be answered concerning the who, what, where, and how--It’s easy to get overwhelmed!

We were delighted to be featured on CT Perspective TV (PTV) on FOX 61 on July 22, 2018.

Skiers, we get it. When it comes to hitting the slopes, our northern New England neighbors tend to steal the show. Still, that’s no reason to consider Connecticut a drive-through state — we have our own superb selection of slopes.

If you’re daydreaming about saying “I do,” there may be visions of flower fields and sundresses dancing in your head — but don’t be too quick to dismiss the notion of a winter wedding.

When the crisp autumn air starts to blow, we bust out more than just the cozy sweaters in the Litchfield Hills. A talented team of chefs, led by Executive Chef John Welch, modify the menu at our Morgan’s Restaurant to feature the fresh flavors of fall.

If you’re like us, it only takes a two-second drive past a cornfield and those childhood memories come flooding back.

Not to brag or anything, but when it comes to farm-to-table restaurants, we have it made here in the Litchfield Hills. With a variety of veggies growing (literally) in our backyard, we’re spoiled rotten with fresh food and delicious delicacies.

All it takes is the teensiest, tiniest tint of orange in the treetops and we get fanatical about fall here in the Litchfield Hills.

Fall is a fan favorite season for the big day — and for good reason. Sensational farm-fresh flavors, cozy sweater weather, and breathtaking colors inspire many couples to throw a fall wedding in Connecticut. Use these seven planning tips to see to it that you, your betrothed, and every one of your guests fall in love with Connecticut on your special day.

Think Connecticut can’t compete in the big leagues of leaf peeping? Don’t be so sure. Once mid-October rolls around, the Litchfield Hills burst with vibrant reds and oranges that (dare we say it) rival those of our neighbors to the north.

For many of us, swinging away at a scenic golf course is part of the countryside experience, and we have plenty of places to play here in Lakeville. Whether you’re a longtime golfing guru or you’ve yet to carry a club, these golf courses in Connecticut (and our close neighbors) offer hours of club-swingin’ fun at the fairways.

Whether you’re overwhelmed by the thought of planning a large-scale wedding or you’d just rather tie the knot in a rustic setting, the Connecticut countryside is the cream of the crop for intimate weddings. Get away from the everyday with your betrothed — here are five reasons to elope in the Litchfield Hills.

Connecticut may not be the first state on a hiker’s must-hit list, but don’t be fooled — we boast some picturesque pathways. With charming wooded trails, river walks, and jaw-dropping overlooks, there’s truly a trail for everyone here in the Lakeville area.

If you’re a pet lover, it’s crushing to get that “what about me?” look as you stuff your suitcase. Luckily, there’s no need to leave the dogs (or cats!) behind when you visit the Connecticut countryside — spacious lawns and lakes make the Litchfield Hills a pup’s paradise and gives felines plenty of window-watching eye candy.

Whether it’s a reunion with BFFs, a get-to-know-you with colleagues, or an organized event in a fresh environment, retreats are a surefire way to bond with your crew. Your surroundings can make or break your retreat, however, so you reserve the right to be choosy.

With a best friend tying the knot in the countryside, the bride and groom aren’t the only ones who should be celebrating. If you’re in charge of bachelor party brainstorming, we have some good news: these country landscapes are more than just a showstopping backdrop.

Northwestern Connecticut’s brilliant waterfronts aren’t just for show. Scenic lakes and ponds, whitewater rivers, and calm brooks offer plenty of opportunities for seasoned kayakers and novice paddlers alike. Get ready to make a splash with some Connecticut kayaking — there’s a waterfront for everybody in the Litchfield Hills.

On a countryside getaway, the right lodging choice can turn a good experience into a fantastic one. Your style might lend itself to a restored Victorian, an opulent suite, or the intimacy of a lakeside cottage.

If your goal is to throw a picture-perfect lakeside wedding, proper planning is the key to success. Making arrangements, setting up itineraries, and planning decorative details don’t need to be daunting. Follow these tips to make sure your lake wedding is everything you dreamed it would be.

When you’re on vacation, the last thing you want is to be is bored. To keep your itinerary full and healthy, stay at a resort that offers not only great amenities — but quality fun for the whole family.

Picking the right spot for your wedding can be a real headache. From sandy beaches to simple chapels, you have no shortage of venue options. However, we believe that a beautiful lakefront is the perfect place to tie the knot — scenic views and bonfires capture the hearts of thousands of couples each year.

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