8 of the Best Hiking & Walking Trails near The Interlaken Inn

Salisbury has some of the best hiking trails and we get serious hikers around here all the time! For more leisurely and explorative hikes, here are 8 of the best hiking & walking trails near The Interlaken Inn. These routes are full of history, nature, and scenic views of our astoundingly beautiful area. Click to learn more about each one!

1. The Railroad Ramble

This flat 1.7 mile trail was originally the railroad tracks that crossed between Lakeville and Salisbury from 1871 t0 1967. It is about 3.2 miles from The Interlaken Inn with the entrance being at Brook Street in Salisbury, CT.

2. Lion’s Head Trail

A 2.1 mile trail in the heart of Salisbury, CT about 6.4 miles from The Interlaken Inn with scenic views and a climb to the top.

3. Turnip Top & Salisbury Loop

This 4.5 mile route through the woods of Salisbury is located west of the Salisbury School on Taconic Road, which is about a 13 minute drive from The Interlaken Inn. The trails are mostly flat besides the climb up to Turnip Top.

4. Dark Hollow

About 7 minutes from The Interlaken Inn, the Dark Hollow Preserve runs from Salmon Kill Road to Farnum Road and provides easy, quiet trails that are dog-friendly.

5. Pope Preserve

The Pope Preserve is apart of the Salisbury Land Trust and borders the Appalachian Trail with a 1.3 mile loop through Wetawanchu Mountain. You can find the entrance about 9 minutes from The Interlaken Inn right off of Canaan Road (route 44), on Cobble Road.

6. Mount Riga

Up Factory Street, right behind Salisbury Town Hall is the legendary Mount Riga. This is where the most successful ironworks were during the 19th century. Here you’ll find plenty of hiking trails including Bear Mountain Trail (the tallest mountain in CT), Under Mountain Trail, and access to The Appalachian Trail. It is about a 10 minute drive from The Interlaken Inn to the start of the trails.

7. Race Brook Falls

Heading into Massachusets via Under Mountain Road, after about 20 minutes you will find Race Brook Falls. This woodsy trail leads you to pretty waterfalls and slight inclines for a more moderate hiking adventure.

8. Overmountain Trail

This trail in Ancram, NY is a 13 minute drive from The Interlaken Inn and includes a scenic lookout at the top.

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