Meetings at The Interlaken Inn: Proven to Improve Wellbeing

When you book a meeting or retreat at The Interlaken Inn, you will be giving your team the opportunity to work in an environment that is proven to increase productivity and revitalize your team!

According to a 2022 study of 500 university staff members by The National Library of Medicine, spending time in natural outdoor environments during the workday improved mental health, physical health, and allowed staff to process stress better. The conclusion of that study reported:

"Universities may also consider alternative work arrangements for staff to allow for more time for health and wellness self-care during the work day, including spending time outdoors in nature." Read the study, here.

So, if you are looking for an alternative work arrangement for your staff, The Interlaken Inn is the perfect place! Here's why:

  • Fully-equipped meeting rooms with lots of windows and natural light 
  • Personable staff that will help create whatever you are envisioning for your meeting or retreat. (Yes, we have even done Hawaii luau-themed weekends).
  • Spaces to meet, eat, and relax outdoors 
  • Comfortable & unique accommodations 
  • Access to all resort amenities to help the team bond like canoeing or kayaking at the lakefront, tennis, pickleball, and basketball courts, and a heated outdoor swimming pool. Plus, we have a game room, screening room, and on-site restaurant that will cater all of your meals, snacks, and coffee! 
  • Convenient location to major cities like NYC, Boston, and Hartford, CT. 

The opportunities are endless when you book a meeting, retreat, or one-day event at The Interlaken Inn. All of this was inspired by this photo, found in the short book A Romance of The Interlaken Inn by Elizabeth Percy.





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