Things to Do in CT: A Trip to The Interlaken Inn

When you’re looking for things to do in CT, consider visiting a beautiful lakefront property that will make it hard to believe you’re still in Connecticut. Call us a hidden gem, we don’t mind. Whether you visit for a week-long lakefront vacation, an event, or just for a meal in Morgan’s Restaurant, a trip to the Interlaken Inn is one of the top things to do in CT. We are in a quaint town with tons to explore and offer a resort experience you can even bring your pet to! Add a trip to The Interlaken Inn to your list of things to do in CT and enjoy:

Exploring a New Place

Connecticut is one of the smallest states in the country, but it can feel pretty big when you zoom in on the numerous towns and areas to explore. The Northwest Corner is a part of Litchfield County, which has a population around 190,000 people compared to Fairfield County at around 900,000 and Hartford County at around 890,000. So, our little corner of the world gets way less traffic than most of CT- even natives aren't all that familiar, but they should be!

We are located in Lakeville, a small subset of the town of Salisbury. Salisbury is rich with history and current pop culture connections. Did you know that Salisbury’s Scoville Memorial Library was the first publicly-funded library in the U.S or that Meryl Streep has a house here? Our neighbor, The Hotchkiss School, was founded in 1891 and is the 5th best boarding school in the country. Katie Holmes filmed parts of her recent movie Alone Together right here in Salisbury. We have that sweet small town charm everyone craves and scenic views that will make you think you're in a more mountanious state. There a reason people love it here so much, and we encourage you to book a stay and check out what all the local activities!

A Relaxing Resort Experience

If you’re looking for things to do in CT, chances are you are going for a more laid-back getaway, but who doesn’t want that resort experience? The best part is feeling like you have everything you need in one place, and we strive to provide that same experience at the Interlaken Inn! Arrive on property and never leave, because we have everything you need! Our standard rooms come equipped with coffee makers, microwaves, cable TV and toiletries. Or, you can book a townhouse or cottage that will act as your home away from home. Plus we have our on-site restaurant and fitness center. Our indoor and outdoor amenities ensure that you will always have something to do, even when there isn’t a fun workshop or event going on. Most importantly, we are a small operation made up mostly of family members, so caring for guests comes naturally to us and we are always willing to help create the perfect experience! 

Vacationing with your Pet

With that family-oriented mindset, we know how important pets are. They’re a part of the family too! You’ve probably seen our “mascot,” Copper, all over our social media. He belongs to our long-term managers and inn-keepers, Kevin & Michelle. He loves to sniff out new friends and our staff is obsessed with meeting pups and giving out treats. If you’re looking for things to do in CT with your pet or pup, we have pet-friendly accommodations in our Woodside House and a suite in our Sunnyside House that are built with pets in mind. So, bring your pet with you so they can enjoy walks around the property, swimming in the lake, and exploring the many nearby hiking trails and wide open spaces to run! 

Plan Things To Do in CT with The Interlaken Inn

When you book a trip to The Interlaken Inn, have peace of mind knowing that there is something for everyone to enjoy both on and off of our property. Book now or call us anything at 860.435.9878!

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