Planning Your Family Reunion Without Breaking Up The Family

So you’re thinking about getting the whole family together for a reunion...yikes! So many questions that need to be answered concerning the who, what, where, and how--It’s easy to get overwhelmed!


Most reunions are scheduled for the summer when the weather is warmer and school is out, but there are no hard and fast rules to go by. A lot of families organize reunions around special dates and events--like a 50th anniversary, for example. Just choose a date everyone can agree with and give ample time for people to clear their schedules. That way nobody feels left out and shows up to the reunion with a grudge.

Location, Location, Location

We’re talking about real estate, and location does matter. Where is the reunion going to take place? Small family lunch or dinner can be held in somebody’s house, but a long weekend featuring a large gathering is a different ball game altogether. 

For large, extended gatherings, you want to plan for accommodations in advance. A ‘location destination’ like Interlaken not only offers specialized accommodations for reunions but could also be included in a family member’s vacation plans. 

Our reunion packages and activities are the products of years of experience with hosting families and offering value when it matters most.


Who is coming to the reunion? You want to take all age groups into consideration when planning activities so that everybody has something to get excited about. 

To help our guests with this, we have a PLAN YOUR VISIT page that outlines many of the various activities the whole family could get up to, including outdoor tennis, kayaking on Lake Wonoscopomuc, testing your swing in the 9-hole golf course, and excursions through our country gardens. The older, less energetic of the group could head over to the game room where they can bond over card tables and pool tables. 


What will you eat? This is one of the more important questions to answer. A weekend with the family will involve at least six meals and then snacks. Will those meals be catered or potluck? One of the benefits of choosing to host your reunion at a hotel or a reunion center is that these often come with tailored meal plans for guests. You want to check in advance to see what options are available before making a commitment.


Once you get everybody on board with the idea of a reunion, it’s time to discuss financing. Be sure to include venue rental, food, entertainment, reunion accessories like t-shirts, and all other costs associated with the reunion. Add a small financial cushion--say 10%--on top of everything and divide among the families attending. You can also make the financing more communal by skipping the check and creating a PayPal account and then asking everyone in the family to pay a portion of the deposit, rather than paying it yourself. 

With a lot of planning, optimism, good old family spirit, and a little bit of foresight--not to mention the right location--you can organize a reunion to remember.


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