Hit the Trail: 7 Breathtaking Hikes in Connecticut

1. River Trail (Falls Village)

The River Trail winds along the bank of the Housatonic River for about one mile in Falls Village. While it may not be very long, this little section of the Appalachian isn’t short on stories. Historic markers tell tales of industrial development that never saw its way to fruition.

2. Between The Lakes Road

As its name implies, this gravel pathway runs between two pristine lakes: Lake Washinee and Lake Washining, a duo we refer to as the “Twin Lakes.” If you’re feeling brave, take a peek into one of the limestone caverns located just off the road.

3. Bear Mountain

If you’re a serious hiker, it’s time to tackle Bear Mountain. At an elevation of 2316’, it’s the highest peak Connecticut has to offer. Journey up to the summit’s stone tower remnants for breathtaking vistas of the Berkshires and the Twin Lakes of Salisbury.

4. Mount Riga Road

A particularly popular route for bikers, the dirt road leading up to Mount Riga is frequented by locals and guests alike. After about two miles the road levels off and you’ll pass by some beautiful waterfalls and even the remnants of a 19th-century blast furnace (you’ll definitely want to pack your cameras for that one).

5. Sage’s Ravine

Located right at the western tip of the Connecticut-Massachusetts border, this ravine tumbles down a beautiful section of dense forests and serene streams. Take the moderate trail by driving to the top of the Mt. Washington Reservation or enjoy the ravine’s granite cliffs and spectacular waterfalls on the more strenuous route starting at the Undermountain Trail.

6. Brace Mountain

Even experienced hikers will get a challenge out of the 2.5-mile Brace Mountain trailhead. The hike is about a four-hour round trip, so be sure to pack a hearty lunch to enjoy as you gaze out at some stellar views of the Harlem Valley and the distant Catskills of New York.

7. Lion’s Head Trailhead

Located at the southern end of a ridge that eventually joins with Bear Mountain, this small peak is popular for casual hikers. Expect to encounter several scenic overlooks amid the trail’s brooks and streams, including a birds-eye view of Salisbury and the Twin Lakes.

Northwestern Connecticut’s breathtaking trails are worth a trip in and of themselves, and this is just the tip of the mountain when it comes to scenic sights and trails in the Litchfield Hills. Keep close to these vivid views with a reservation at Interlaken Inn (and be sure to grab a few trail maps at the front desk)!

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