Book to Benefit a Cause at The Interlaken Inn

Book to benefit a cause at The Interlaken Inn this March, as we have decided to honor Project SAGE for Women's History Month!

Project SAGE has operated here in Lakeville, CT for more than 40 years and up until 2022 was known as Women’s Support Services. In a conversation with Shelly Robinson, Director of Development, she told us that the recent name change opens their doors up to everyone. This is so important because all people experience relationship violence and no one should hesitate when reaching out for help. They offer necessary resources like a 24/7 crisis hotline, housing, counseling, and education. With the help of Project SAGE more than 800 people received the help they needed from 2021-2022. 

Women’s History Month began as just a week in the late seventies to celebrate all the accomplishments and contributions to society that women had made. In 1987, it became a full month and lives on today supporting all women throughout history and celebrating the future to come. So, the history of Project SAGE started with supporting women, and that is what Women’s History Month is all about. 

What we love about Project SAGE is their desire to educate, prevent, and help the community be better. As a lakefront resort that offers cozy accommodations, meeting spaces, an on-site restaurant, and plenty of amenities, we hope we can help the community be better too. When we give back to local nonprofits and invite local businesses to show off their creations, we impact our community and spread our net even wider. It is a domino effect of support, starting with you simply enjoying a stay and/or an event this March at The Interlaken Inn! Support local, support women, support a good cause, book now! 

To donate to Project SAGE directly, please click here.

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