3 Wedding Trend Predictions for 2023

This weekend at the Interlaken Inn, we are hosting our first winter wedding of the season. Winter weddings are so special and really get us excited for the year of weddings ahead. After over 30 years of interlaken inn weddings, we have seen so many variations of wedding trends and we can't wait to see what sticks in 2023. Until then, here are 3 trends we hope to see in 2023!

Cozy Furniture Setups in The Reception Area

During our 2022 season, we had a few different couples rent furniture and make adorable lounge areas in our reception space. Each one was sure to match the style of the wedding while creating a more relaxed atmosphere for the guests.

This trend is completely transforms our space and the vibe of the reception! We hope to see this trend continue for years to come.  If you’re looking to do this at your own Interlaken Inn wedding, we recommend our local favorite: Mahaiwe Tent.

Live Paintings at the Ceremony or Reception

A live painting is such a special and unique way to capture your wedding day.  At Autumn & Michael’s  wedding, Michael surprised his bride with a live painting of their ceremony and it was such a beautiful way for him to further show his love. We were glad to see a live painter at the reception at Jacqueline & Matt's wedding that capture their first dance and beautiful reception decor on canvas.

The best part about a live painting is that it will instantly become the perfect piece of art to hang in your home. If you're looking for a live painter for your own interlaken inn wedding, we recommend: Gail at Live Event Paintings.

Retro Phone Guest Book 

The next step from polaroid guest books is voicemail guest books! These cute setups typically include a retro phone with a recording on it that the couples create to invite their guests to leave them a sweet message on their wedding day. One of our Fall 2022 couples, Kat & Michael, had this at their wedding and it was a huge hit!


Now, they will have more than just pictures or words on a page, they will have something they can listen to for years to come.We love how this option checks off the nostalgia box while also creating something special that couples will love forever! If you’re looking to do this at your own Interlaken Inn wedding we recommend: After The Tone Co.

Create a Trendy & Timeless Wedding at The Interlaken Inn

The Interlaken Inn is a family-run establishment, and we provide the same love and care we give to each other, to our guests. That energy is even more so when it comes to weddings, as we love to help our couples create whatever they've always dreamed of! Our property becomes your blank slate and we can't wait to help you make it happen. Contact our events team and lets plan your dream wedding!

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