The Weekend Getaway Series: Candle Making

The Weekend Getaway Series packages are designed to create an experience that is fun and completely set up for you to enjoy without any planning stress.

When you arrive for this one, you will check in to your comfortable main building room and then head down to Morgan’s Restaurant. There, you will enjoy a complimentary appetizer followed by a delicious entrée and dessert- all paired with one of our craft cocktails and a table by the fireplace. Then, you'll pick a reclining leather chair in The Screening Room for our 8pm movie showing.

Sunday morning, you’ll do an energizing and fun workout in the fitness center. After that, it’s back to Morgan’s for brunch before candle making at 2pm. When all is said and done, you’ll head home with your new candle, feeling refreshed & ready for a new week!

The Package Includes:

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