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This is THE package to make a new staff or group bond with one another. Simple, challenging, and fun group tasks abound in this package option make for a memorable day outing for your office staff. Social barriers and sense of unfamiliarity with one another is broken down quickly and summarily with tasks like the Ice Breaker (aptly named, we know), while focus and hand-eye coordination are tested in the Stack It or Scoop tasks. For the trivia lovers among the group, we have a few trivia games as part of this package that will let the holders of random fun facts shine

Customize your event with an assortment of fun team building that challenge participant’s skills, smarts and know-how. A circuit of games are set up to challenge and engage all ages and skill levels. All games are timed and scores are kept. The program starts with each team creating a team name as well as an Ice Breaker game. Watch the competitive nature explode and the laughter begin!

Groups of 10 to 75 | Groups under 20 pick 12 games, groups over 20 pick 9 games
$600++ with minimum of 10 people, each additional is $40++ | 90 minutes total

Choose your favorites from the list below:

Ice Breaker – The closer you get the better the team spirit. Transfer the masking tape to your team member’s nose without using your hands. Prefer the sweet smell of an orange, transfer the orange from under your chin to your team member – under their chin – without using your hands.

Trivia – 20 themed questions. Pick the theme of your choice: Movies • Geography • Seinfeld • Friends • Harry Potter • Star Wars • General

Name that Tune – a quick snippet of a tune is played and the team must identify the name of the song – bonus point for the artist. Want a more competitive version of the game – we will divide your group into two teams. We play a quick snippet of the song – first team to get to the microphone to begin singing gets one point, the team with the most amount of participants to join SINGING gets the bonus point.

Logo Party – We display 30 corporate logos – which teams can identify all 30

Money Counts – name the face on all U.S. currency

Unscrambled – An assortment of phrases that are displayed phonetically – you must figure out what they are. It’s not what you SAY, it’s what you HEAR!

Fact or Fiction – 20 questions that are true or false – team with the most correct answers wins

Brain Teasers – Team with the most correct answers are the BRAINIACS!

Who Am I – Clues are shared and the team must guess the famous character, person, animal

Guess your Best – Loosely based on the game Taboo or Password – team captain must have their team guess a word with clues, gestures, actions without using the actual word

Nut Job – Each participants must stack 8 nuts high on their side using only a wood skewer.

Flags from Around The World – Identify the flags. Team with the most correct answers gets the point.

Cliffhanger – The team has one minute to blow the cards to the edge of the table with one side of the card hanging off the table while the other side remain on the table.

Cookie Challenge – The participant must get the cookie from their forehead into their mouth without using their hands.

Separation Anxiety – Using a straw, the participant must transfer the M&M from a bowl into six individual cups sorting them by color.

Scoop – The participant must transfer ping pong balls from one container to another using only a plastic spoon held by their mouth.

Scrambled – With one bounce, participant must bounce a ping pong ball off table into egg carton on the other side of a table.

Sticky Marbles – The participant must roll a marble down the table and have it stick to the masking tape at the end of the table before it rolls off.

Ruler of the World – The participant must roll a marble down the yardstick and have it land in the small hole at the end. To increase the difficulty, the participant can hold the yardstick in their hands.

Stack It – The participant must stack five empty soda cans. Sounds easy, the cans are resting on a plastic plate in a bucket of water.

The Big Jerk – With a stack of four 16 oz plastic cups separated by index cards, the participant must pull the index card out from the top stacking the cups onto themselves. The participant gains all their points if they remove all three cards and left with one stack of 4 cups.

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