Team Olympics

For those that went to summer camp while they were growing up, some of these games might be a wonderful sort of throwback to your childhood days. Classic outdoor team games like Tug of War, Burlap Hop, and canoe races are yours for the conquering. Your group will be split into teams to battle it out to win medals and bragging rights. Make sure to bring your sneakers and comfortable clothes, as you'll be running around outside having the time of your life!

This package is a great option for fitness club staff, restaurant staff, office staff, or families that want to put a fun twist on their annual family reunion. Not only does it get folks outside and active, but it also gives their minds a bit of a workout.. the teamwork, coordination, and communication skills reinforced through these group challenges will help your group work more cohesively in the future. So, throw on a t-shirt and sneakers and let's have some fun; Olympic-level athletic prowess not necessary to compete!

An exciting way to enhance camaraderie within your company, the Team Olympics activity involves numerous tasks for your players to challenge themselves with.

Be prepared to be taken out of your normal day to day element! Interlaken coordinators will divide your group into teams who will then devise a team name, create a Team Flag and Chant, and then it’s off to the first activity. Team Olympics can be customized to suit your group’s needs taking into consideration the amount of time your agenda allows (Team Olympics requires a minimum of an hour and a half). At the finish, Interlaken Coordinators will award medals based not only on who the winning team of each activity, as well as a Team Spirit Award!

Sample Tasks: Canoe Race, “Dizzy, Izzy” Bat (Yes, the traditional version!), Interlaken Tug of War, Ping Pong Ball Challenge, The Burlap Hop, Frostbite and Twisted Dodgeball.

Groups of 10 to 75 | $75++ per person

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