Radical Race

Perfect for groups ranging from 10-100, the Radical Race motivates individuals with tasks such as a culinary challenge, a blind wine tasting, tent building and much more! The combination of mental and physical tasks makes it so that everyone in the group can participate, regardless of age, physical ability, or interests.

While searching for clues and performing tasks, team members must work together using their skills and knowledge to solve riddles and problems. The Interlaken Radical Race has proved to be a great way to build strong relationships between team members- especially if there is a wide age gap in your group. 

The Radical Race exercise can easily be designed to suit your group’s needs, taking both your time commitment and agility into consideration, so this makes planning easy if flexibility is needed for your group outing.


Groups of 10 to 100 | $60++ per person

"Thank YOU and Liz! We thought it was a great day. The Interlaken met all our needs for a meeting facility - the food and service was terrific! And the Radical Race far exceeded our expectations!"
-Mary Ann, Data Management, Inc., Farmington, CT


Sample Radical Race Clues...

Clue: Though I am not named after a way to have your eggs prepared, I am considered Interlaken’s Bed and Breakfast accommodations. I am ancient and beautiful. Find the area that “wraps around” and you will find your next task.
Task: (Wine tasting on the porch)

Clue: Many brides have said, “I Do” here…this is the most popular ceremony site on property…my road is in between two white posts…find me and you will find your next task.
Task: (Croquet Game)

“We had a great time! Lunch was delicious (wish we got to take some back to the office)! The Race was extremely fun and competitive, and I received only positive feedback from everyone who went. We all had an awesome time!!”
-Jasmine (Group Tasks included: Blind Wine, Tent Build, Stack Your Nuts, Tuxedo Berries and Acid River)



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