Praxis Engagement Workshops

Featuring Mary B. O’Neill, Ph.D.

35 person minimum
$59++ per person
Duration: 2 hours

With Praxis Engagement, cultivating and sustaining meaningful employee engagement in your organization can be a fun and interactive learning experience. Dr. Mary B. O’Neill is an award-winning college instructor, organizational trainer and career coach, entrepreneur, and writer. With a doctorate in philosophy, she combines cutting edge theory and practice on relevant workplace issues with other disciplines, including philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, and literature. The result is an engaging workshop where participants leave better able to bring their work performance to the next level and gain deeper insight into their own human experience.



Improving Professional Communication

It’s not communication if you’re not being heard or understood. This workshop focuses on the importance of effective communication in the workplace. It allows participants to explore where they are on their own communication continuum, what kinds of communication are most pertinent to their roles in an organization, how this genre differs from others we employ in our lives, impediments to speaking and writing well, and simple hacks to greatly improve the clarity, structure, and accuracy of our communications.

Depending on group size, this can include a private coaching session that examines an employee’s previously produced writing sample. These one-on-one sessions can unearth individual strengths, impediments, and solutions to effective communication.


Cultivating Purpose in the Workplace—and Out

Humans need to believe their work, however defined, has meaning. This workshop is a
multi-disciplinary investigation into purpose at work and everywhere else. Increasing a
sense of purpose or “skin in the game” is critical to employee engagement, satisfaction,
and retention. Participants will explore why purpose is so important to us as human
beings, how it can enhance performance and well-being, and realistic individual actions
they can take to enhance and sustain a sense of purpose in work and life.



Happiness Hacks for Living Well

Happiness is more than an emoji! This workshop emerged from Dr. O’Neill’s
oversubscribed college course on the subject. In a short span of time, participants
will explore definitions of happiness and well-being, be exposed to theories and
best practices about happiness from multiple disciplines, examine their own lives
through the lens of an appreciative inquiry model, and learn life hacks or baby steps
to take them along their own personal continuum from less happiness to more.



Any Given Monday: Behavioral Ethics in the Office 

Unethical behavior costs an organization money and reputation. Yet it happens
and good people do bad things. In this workshop, participants will explore
ethical theories (yes, there will be a small dose of philosophy), research in
neuroscience and psychology that impact ethical behavior and the incremental
nature of unethical acts. We’ll explore ethical blind spots we all share and how
to be more mindful of them so we can set up structures in our organizations
and lives to limit their occurrence.






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