Morgan's Restaurant Redesign

We are so excited to introduce our newest update to our property, a fresh look in our restaurant, Morgan's.  Our frequent guests will immediately notice that we have changed everything from the ground up and have created a brighter, more open, and more modern room.  Here are a few unique items to the restaurant and we hope to see everyone soon!



Our new wallcovering is a specialty Wallpaper made out of 60% banana bark, 40% paper twine. It is a woven banana-bark design with an inlaid-wood look, featuring all natural material and highlighted with metallic coloring.

Because of its natural origins, variation in the coloration, is to be expected.  In addition, most of these items are biodegradable and rapidly renewable.



Realistic stone wall tiles are possible these days in large tile sizes because of technology - large size wall tiles with rectified edges that allow for minimum grout joint installations. The latest technologies allow for even thinner and lighter tiles that maintain the same strength as thicker sizes of Stone tiles.  The stone tiles used on the new fireplace originate from Spain.


Bar Wood Panels

A way for bringing the ‘outside’ into the restaurant.  The Natura Collection architectural panels are manufactured from Baltic Birch plywood core.  Using unique routing methods, we created texture and dimension by exposing the multiple layers beneath the surface.  Because of the natural characteristics of the wood, variations in color, pattern, texture, grain, and density are considered a unique individual characteristic to the bar. 


Artichoke Lamps

Our guests have always been able to enjoy our Poul Henningsen's Artichoke Lamps in Morgan's.  Made in 1958, these lamps were originally designed for the Langeline Pavilion restaurant in Copenhagen.  There has been a resurgence of the lamps popularity in the past few years, with several examples fetching 10,000 to 30,000 dollars a piece.  We love the way they are able to direct the light above our bar while keeping the glare from the lights to a minimum. 



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