Are there any former (or current) bartenders in your group? Or maybe you don't actually have any bartending experience but make a killer Old Fashioned? Or maybe you've just always wanted to try your hand at making delicious, perfectly crafted drinks but haven't had the time, guidance or funds to experiment with mixing drinks? Whatever the case may be, Interlaken’s mixology activity is a great way to try your hand at mixing drinks and is the perfect wrap-up to your meeting session and precursor to dinner. This is a one-hour bonding experience designed to encourage socialization, creativity, and communication amongst your group all while having fun!

Most people in the industry will say that Mixology is an over-used term. It is the art of creating drinks with premium ingredients but it doesn’t necessarily mean you would make a great bartender or vice versa. During this event, we’ll test your creativity and your bartending abilities!

Groups of 10 to 75 | $65++ per person

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