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Anyone who’s been on vacation will testify that it usually takes a toll on your fitness and your diet. From the get-go you have to deal with long, winding security lines at the airport--while being tempted to vent out your frustration on any of the greasy fast food options that flank the path to your gate.
So you’re thinking about getting the whole family together for a reunion...yikes! So many questions that need to be answered concerning the who, what, where, and how--It’s easy to get overwhelmed!
Nearly every avid traveler knows a few ways to save on their next vacation or trip. The usual suspects- Airbnb, Groupon, Google Flights, Expedia/Orbitz/Travelocity/Kayak/whatever else- are widely known and used. However, in this article we’re going to be diving into how to go beyond those lodging, flight…
We were delighted to be featured on CT Perspective TV (PTV) on FOX 61 on July 22, 2018.
The Outdoorsy Date: Snowshoe On Scenic Countryside Trails No romantic escape to the Litchfield Hills is complete without taking in a beautiful mountainside view or two. Grab some snowshoes at Sportsmen's of Litchfield and meander through a series of winding trails at the White Memorial Conservation…
Ways To Embrace Winter Wonders In The Litchfield Hills Sledding / Snow Tubing Rolling hills, a fresh blanket of snow… need we say more? A winter family getaway in the Connecticut countryside simply isn’t complete without taking a trip or twelve down a snow-covered hill. You don’t need to travel far…
1. Where Was Your First Meeting Or Date? Think back to when you first met or spent a night out together. What was the scenery like? If any details from those surroundings stick out in your memory, consider ways to incorporate them into your decor or wedding favors. You can also consider the place of…
Skiers, we get it. When it comes to hitting the slopes, our northern New England neighbors tend to steal the show. Still, that’s no reason to consider Connecticut a drive-through state — we have our own superb selection of slopes.
If you’re daydreaming about saying “I do,” there may be visions of flower fields and sundresses dancing in your head — but don’t be too quick to dismiss the notion of a winter wedding.
When the crisp autumn air starts to blow, we bust out more than just the cozy sweaters in the Litchfield Hills. A talented team of chefs, led by Executive Chef John Welch, modify the menu at our Morgan’s Restaurant to feature the fresh flavors of fall.
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