Culinary Challenge

You’ve seen the various Culinary Reality Shows on television, now put your group’s culinary expertise and ability to work together to the test! Whether your cooking abilities are best summarized by a perfectly crafted boxed mac & cheese dinner, or you are a frequent dinner host for friends and family complete with a three-course gourmet meal, you will love having fun in the kitchen with your group and the Interlaken Staff. Laughs and (hopefully) delicious food abound as you and your team try your best to impress Interlaken staff and the other teams with your culinary concoctions!

Here's how it works: the group is divided into teams at the beginning of the challenge and given a work station with limited ingredients and one secret ingredient available to all. They are asked to don their aprons and devise a two-course menu which they will then have to cook together as a team within a limited amount of time. As any Chef knows, the kitchen is an ever-changing environment - you never know what challenges may be presented to overcome as a team.

While cooking they are judged by our Chef and Management Team on creativity, use of ingredients, plate presentation, taste, and teamwork.

Groups of 10 to 40 | $85++ per person



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