Your Guide to the Salisbury Ski Jumps

Being in a town called "Lakeville," we are best known for being a lakefront escape for summer fun. But winter is so special in our little town and Jumpfest is one of the reason's we love winter so much! The excitement of the event creates a hum of life to the area and when everyone gathers to watch the events, you feel that storybook sense of community that Connecticut towns are known for. This year is the 97th annual Jumpfest weekend and we are just minutes away from all the fun and action- making the interlaken the best place to stay! 

What is Jumpfest?

This annual 3-day event brings the best eastern division ski jumpers to Salisbury, CT to compete for a spot on the Junior National Team. The weekend always kicks off with an exciting friday night event where locals gather to watch the jumpers practice flying towards their target at up to 200 feet in the air and 50 mph! There are food trucks, hot toddies, craft beers, bonfires, and lots of family-friendly fun in between the action. 

Then, the weekend continues with qualifying events, fundraisers, and more! View the full schedule here.

Jumpfest & The Interlaken Inn 

All the ski jump activities are done at Satre Hill, in the heart of Salisbury which is less than 10 minutes from us. The hill can be a bit hard to find if you’re not familiar- so you can plan to head down Academy Street and just follow the traffic & excitement. Parking is free on a big empty lawn, so plan for muddy conditions there! Then, it is a bit of a walk to the main event area, but it is well-lit and easy to find when you are following the crowd. 

We recommend booking rooms in the main building for easy access to the restaurant, screening room, fitness center, and main parking lot for getting in and out to the events.  If you have a crowd, enjoy an apartment-style setup in a townhouse where you will have in-unit laundry, perfect for drying your winter gear after being outside.  Or, make the weekend even more fun and book the Countryside Cave which includes a pool table, poker table, dartboard, widescreen smart TV, nintendo console, and a cozy fireplace! 

Regardless of your room type, you will be spending most of your time outside, so be sure to pack your warmest winter gear. From there, your room at the interlaken will be the perfect cozy reprieve in between events.

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