How to Choose Your Wedding Venue in CT

Connecticut is by far one of the smallest states but is jam-packed with history and beautiful places to visit. When it comes to getting married in this little state, people don’t seem to know that there are so many options, making it hard to know how to choose your wedding venue in Connecticut.

Today, we posted on our Instagram about one of our couples, Karen & Misha. These two created a beautiful wedding website on The Knot that wonderfully portrays Interlaken and clearly shows how they chose their wedding venue in Connecticut based on what they wanted. So, here is how to choose your wedding venue in Connecticut if you have the same goals as Karen & Misha did!

Get Everyone Together (for more than a few hours)

Like most couples getting married these days, Karen & Misha formed their relationship throughout the pandemic. When they got engaged in 2022, they wanted to ensure their wedding venue in Connecticut allowed their guests to gather like they hadn’t been able to in years.

“We'd love to make our weekend an opportunity to spend a good time together, and we've chosen Interlaken Inn as our venue in the hopes that it can offer a lakeside getaway with outdoor spaces to sit and catch up, lawn games, and tennis courts, and access to canoes and kayaks on the lake.”

So, choosing The Interlaken Inn as their wedding venue gave Karen & Misha the opportunity to offer a nice long gathering for their family and friends, rather than just a few hours of dinner and dancing. It’s hard to catch up while doing the electric slide! It is also nice that guests have the option to stay or just come for the wedding. This way, everyone can celebrate their love according to their own comfort level and schedule.

Have An Indoor & Outdoor Wedding

It helps to narrow down the many venue options in Connecticut when you know whether or not you want an indoor or outdoor experience. When it comes to having an Interlaken Inn wedding, you get a little bit of both! We do our ceremonies by the lake, cocktail hours in the gardens, and receptions in the tent.

The tent is open but attached to our Atrium Building to allow for a flow in and out. This lets you have the best of both worlds and a comfortable wedding any time of the year! For Karen & Misha's spring wedding, they advised guests of the weather and what to expect:

“Spring in Lakeville is usually warm during the day, but evening temps can get down to the 50s or high 40s. We advise dancing as an easy remedy to this, and the tent will be adjacent to an accessible indoor space, but please also plan to bring something to keep you comfy and warm if we get a cooler spring evening for our wedding night.”

The best part though, is that we can easily convert the Atrium or any of our meeting spaces into beautiful wedding areas. So, if you want a fully indoor wedding or if the weather gives you no other choice, we have options!

Work with An All-Inclusive Wedding Venue

Karen & Misha are very guest-oriented and want to make sure their loved ones have an excellent time at their wedding. However, by choosing The Interlaken Inn they make planning pretty easy for themselves too!

Our wedding weekend includes everything a typical celebration does, minus the extra travel or excessive downtime in-between events. We do the rehearsal dinner, ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, after-party, and farewell breakfast- all just steps away from guest rooms and parking!

Plus, we provide the little things that are so complicated to gather like linens, silverware, plates, glasses, etc. Our property becomes a blank slate for couples to decorate and transform our spaces based on their own reality and taste.

Get Personal Care & Service

One thing has stayed true for us after 30 years of weddings, our couples love our venue because of the staff they get to work with. We are a group of people dedicated to creating happy experiences and that shines the brightest when we do weddings. We pride ourselves on being friendly, flexible, and enthusiastic when planning & executing all of the events. We truly love to do it, so it’s easy!



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