Christine & Brian's DIY Wedding Details

The Interlaken Inn is family-run establishment, so for us, nothing beats a DIY and especially when we know it was done together, as a family! Christine & Brian's January wedding was curated with so many sweet creations from them and their three children, making their day all the more special. Here are some of your favorites!

 Pallet Wood Heart & Ceremony Signs

This structure made of recycled pallet wood was the sweetest thing to have at the lakefront ceremony to hold the blankets! Each one was even wrapped with a pretty ribbon and a card. It let their guests know right away they were were being taken care of and appreciated for attending the wedding. Plus, each sign shown here and throughout the entire event was handmade as well!

Tree Seating Chart

We see a lot of creative seating charts, but this will be a forever favorite! These birch wood light-up trees held pieces of real wood, each with names on the front and a table number on the back. The added heart charms was the little extra thing they needed to make it unique and we just loved it! Plus, they made a great keep-sake for guests to take home along with their favors.

Drink Toppers

If there is one thing our staff is known for, it is for being on top of clean-up, especially at our weddings! So, having these DIY drink caps was a smart and safe way to make sure drinks weren't wasted during dance breaks. We also loved the touch of trees and mountains too, of course!

DIY the Details

The things that Christine & Brian got to include are typically what would be skipped to save cost, but cost was not a limitation since they were doing it themselves! We are so happy that this sweet couple go to do everything they wanted to for their wedding day.

When it comes to having an Interlaken Inn wedding, we are always excited to incorporate whatever we can to make the day perfect for you and your family. Learn more about weddings here or contact our wedding team at!


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