Berkshire Corporate Retreats

Interlaken Inn has teamed up with Berkshire Corporate Retreats (a division of SAVIA Leadership) to help teams transform the way they interact, communicate and perform through powerfully facilitated, customized retreats. By combining fun activities with facilitated group discussions and workshops, we enable leaders and teams to regroup and refocus so they move forward from a position of strength, alignment and shared vision.

The best corporate retreats leverage time out of the office to look at challenges and opportunities from a more empowered point of view. They are a great way to open up dialog between team members and build trust and connection. Because distractions are minimized, there is a renewed energy and focus to set new and common company goals, initiate valuable training, and facilitate better communication.

We customize... An ‘off-the-shelf’ experience has little lasting impact. We work with you to integrate real - life scenarios, company values, and relevant exercises into your retreat itinerary. We move you forward... We use our many activities as catalysts for meaningful group discussions and facilitated working sessions. We make it fun... Go beyond the typical retreat and elevate your experience with unique activities. We make it easy... You tell us what you need and we get it done!

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