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Photo Safari team building activity 
Photo Safari team building - meet the General Manager 
Photo Safari team building - touch the birch tree 
Photo Safari team building - another idea! 
Photo Safari team building - Connecticut 
Photo Safari team building - group photo

Perfect for groups ranging from 10 -100, Team Photo Safari

Group is divided into teams, each team is given a digital camera and the following list of items to find and take a photo of their team with/doing in 90 minutes.

At the end of the Safari we conclude by viewing each team’s photos and deciding as a group whether they get the points and the team with the most points wins! The photos get put onto a CD for your group to take with them.   Here is a partial list of the photos that each team will be scored by:

  • Find the cow on property, take a photo of two of your mates milking the cow.  75
  • Take a team photo of everyone sitting in the same chair. Yes, it has to be a chair and not a sofa. 50
  • “Baptizing” a team member in a body of water…yes, you have to get wet. 100
  • Entire team with an Interlaken Staff member 25
  • 4 team members swinging at the same time.  50
  • Entire team singing on the Front Steps of Interlaken 25
  • Entire team posing a scene from a Disney movie at the Lakefront 65
  • 4 team members helping to make a bed 50
  • Using sugar packets, build a house, take a photo 50
  • Human Pyramid on Lawn in front of Prancing Horse Sculpture 100
  • 5 team members smelling the same flower 25
  • 4 team members engaged in a tennis match (with proper equipment) 75
  • Every team member in the vending machine room  50
  • Team salute to US Flag  50
  • Using your bodies, form the word LOVE, under the Garden Pavilion 75

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Photo Safari team building - group photo