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True sportmanship required! Fly Fishing on the Housatonic has enjoyed a permanent place in the folklore of the hills here. From the banks of Norman Rockwell's beloved Housatonic, the Outfitters afford us the opportunity to relive the splendor and tranquility of the ageless pastime.

If there was a single activity that could bring a person to their senses, this may be it. From complete outfitting of gear and equipment, through group or individual instruction, this unique sport is gaining immense popularity. Both relaxing and challenging, this activity is suited for 'power thinking', when you feel the need to put issues into perspective, or you need to give wing to ideas.

The Housatonic Outfitters will tailor various activities to your parameters, and will provide a turn-key program that is handled by their professionals, from the time that they arrive here to transport your group away, to the time they are delivered back.