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The Lakeside Blog is happily written by Michelle Bousquet at the Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT. She writes about what there is to do at Interlaken and why you should come stay with us, fun local events, great places to visit and cool things to do – in and around Lakeville & Salisbury Connecticut.

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Ideal skiing conditions!

The local ski mountains are stating great ski conditions, so now is the time to book your ski package and get on the slopes! I booked 6 packages today between the Mohawk package and the Butternut package – so I thought I’d share with you the conditions at each mountain:

Mohawk Mountain, just about 20 minutes away in Cornwall, CT, has 17 trails open, all packed powder – 20% expert, 60% intermediate, 20% beginner. Mohawk is the largest Ski mountain in Conneticut! Mohawk does offer night skiing. Check their website at http://www.mohawkmtn.com/CMX/index.php for hours and more information.

Ski Butternut, just 30 minutes in Great Barrington, MA, has all of their 22 trails open, packed powder as well. They also offer tubing, some fun for the entire family. Although Butternut offers skiing just during the day, their tubing trails are open this weekend 10am to 8pm. Their website is http://www.skibutternut.com/ for more information.

Book your package today for savings to both mountains!


Sunsets = Romance!

When is the last time you actually sat and admired a beautiful Sunset?  I don’t mean the one that you see when you are driving and you look over at it and say “oh, that’s pretty” – but one where you are just sitting and watching it?  Just watching the sky around it, reflected with amazing color, and then see it dip below sight?  I usually watch sunrises (thanks to Sunrise Earth on HD Theater) but rarely do I get the chance to watch actual sunsets – but now I (and you!) can catch them right here on Interlaken property!  As you can see, we’ve got two chairs waiting for you right on our Sunnyside porch so that you can have a front row seat!  You can admire it after your return from your Sleigh Ride in the Northwest Hills and before joining us for dinner in Morgan’s restaurant, by the fireplace, with Scott Heth playing the piano in the background.  Sunsets – just another reason to take a break from the busy world and take in the beauty Mother Nature offers us!  Come visit us soon!


Some updates at Interlaken!

I was just walking the property (yes, bundled up, it’s cold out there!) and wanted to share with you some changes taking place this week at Interlaken!   The bathroom areas in Woodside have been updated – ladies, you will appreciate our new incandescent lighting as well as the larger mirrors.  In the Main Building, we are totally re-vamping our handicapped accessible room, and we are finishing up a replacement of all the windows in the Townhouse section of the property.  Our new ATM in its beautiful mahogany case will arrive on Thursday, and our enhanced property surveillance system will be completed by the end of the week as well.   There are more renovations to come this winter season, I’ll update you as we move forward!


The next holiday...

I know, the season just ended, and we all need a break – so who wants to think about the next holiday now, right?  We all know January will fly by, and you will be scrambling to make plans early February, and everything will be sold out. So really, now is the time to make your Valentine’s Day plans, then you can relax and not have to think about it again.   Our New Year’s party was a fun time, and Valentine’s Day will be just the same.  Our package is an all-inclusive one: overnight accommodations, a romantic dinner for two in Morgan’s, dancing with Scott Heth’s trio, and breakfast for two the next morning.  We will also provide your lady with a red rose as well. Since Valentine’s falls on Sunday, we will be celebrating the holiday on Saturday, the 13th.  Come a day early or stay a day late for just $139 plus tax!  Give us a call, make your plans, and we’ll see you in February!


Happy New Year!

Before the fun begins...

There’s so much activity at the Inn today, and our staff just loves taking care of everyone! I spent some time in the lobby today, and all of the Guests were in such a festive mood, getting ready for the New Year to arrive. I met so many nice people!

We have a wedding happening under our pavilion for about 90 Guests, with the Atrium area set up for the evening ceremony. I met some of those attending at breakfast, and they said it’s sure to be a celebratory evening – and all they have to do is walk back to their Guestroom afterwards, no driving necessary! Our restaurant, Morgan’s, is hosting our annual New Year’s Eve party for about 35 couples with dinner, drinks and dancing to Scott Heth’s trio through Midnight. The menu looks fantastic! We have several parties returning from last year, and some new faces as well this year. One large group of 18, returning from last year, are just a ball of energy as they move from the lobby, to the restaurant, out to the game room, back in for lunch – just laughing and having a good time. This will be the 8th year for one couple visiting us, and this year they brought along a new couple with them, and hopefully they will return each year as well! I just took their picture by the fire in our lobby. We also have some families here skiing and tubing up at Butternut – so they love the few inches of snow that fell this morning. I met some couples visiting their families that live locally, with dinner plans with them for the evening. There’s also one gentleman who plans to propose this evening!

There are so many different things happening here today, and Interlaken is the perfect spot for all of these Guests that are looking to be surrounded by their family and friends. Thank you, everyone, for choosing to ring in 2010 at the Interlaken! Happy New Year to all!

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