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The Lakeside Blog is happily written by Michelle Bousquet at the Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT. She writes about what there is to do at Interlaken and why you should come stay with us, fun local events, great places to visit and cool things to do – in and around Lakeville & Salisbury Connecticut.

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Are there any dates left this summer for the Lake Cottage?

The answer is YES!

But just one 5 day period – and that is check-in on Monday, August 9th and check-out Friday, August 13th. That gives you 5 days and 4 nights in this cozy cottage situated on Lake Wononpakook with your own private lake frontage. The Interlaken cottage has one King bedroom, a kitchenette, a living area and a bathroom. It also has a screened-in porch with chairs and a wooden swing to admire the lake – bug free! There is also a bonfire pit and a charcoal grill available for your use. You even have your own canoe – what more do you need?! Just time off from work on Monday, August 9th to Friday August 13th to be able to enjoy this special private getaway!


Can I build a raft at Interlaken?

The answer is “you sure can!”

One of our teambuilding program includes a Raft Expedition – sounds challenging, doesn’t it? One may think of an expedition as handling the rapids on a raging river – but the raft expedition at Interlaken actually challenges your creativity to make a raft with “interesting” items and then stay afloat! The pictures below show it best!






A fun time was had by all with this group that stayed with us last week – give Kristy Barto, our Corporate Sales Manager, a call at 1-800-222-2909 or email her at kristy@interlakeninn.com to start planning your corporate outing today!


How many Wedding Guests can the Interlaken accommodate?

A very popular question amongst our engaged couples looking at our property for their wedding celebration!

The answer is up to 250.

WOW you might say, but depending upon the set-up the dance floor, whether you have a band or a DJ, a head table or a sweetheart table, our wedding pavilion can hold upwards of 250 Guests. Typically, our wedding counts range from 150 to 200 Guests, and this would be utilizing the standard set-up of the pavilion that most couples love. Tables can be arranged on the bricks under the pavilion as well as up on the deck area, and all tables are surrounded by lush greenery and glorious blooms this time of year. For those choosing a wedding in the cooler months, the sides of the tent would be up and heat would be available if necessary. Come see our pavilion to see if it’s perfect for you! Contact Brandon Scimeca to make an appointment!


How deep is the pool?

A great question and one often asked by parents of small children!

The answer is 3 feet graduating to 9 feet.

The pool at the Interlaken is set right in the middle of our courtyard area behind our main building.  Many of our rooms have distant views of the pool, but it is also well hidden behind beautiful gardens.  There are many chaise lounges (for lounging of course) and umbrellas to keep the sun away, and we just received another order of pool towels so they are abundant as well.  The pool itself is crystal clear and heated to a temperature of 80 degrees.  The 3 feet on the shallow end is perfect for the younger crowd, while those that want to dive and cannonball in have the deep end available. The pool opens at 8am and closes when the sun sets.  Everyone needs to take a dip on these hot summer days!



How many can the Townhouse Suites sleep?

The answer is SIX.

The Townhouse Suites are the Interlaken’s only 2 level units that have a full kitchen, dining room, and living area on the first floor.  The living area also has a fireplace and a sofa sleeper that opens up to a full-sized bed.  There is also a half bath and laundry facilities on this level.  Off the living room is a deck that sits upon the courtyard with distant views of the pool and our pavilion/garden area.  As you move to the second level, you have a loft bedroom that has 2 double beds and then a full bathroom as well.  Please keep in mind that while in the loft bedroom you can look down below at the living area, so the sleeping arrangement there is not private.  If you would prefer a private bedroom, you can purchase the adjoining Townhouse room and receive even more sleeping space.  The adjoining room has 2 double beds and a full bath.  The deck area from this room connects with the deck area from the Suite for more outdoor sitting.  The Townhouse units were meant to be sold in this fashion, so purchasing the Suite and the adjoining Room is preferred.  When the Suite and Room are both purchased, pets are allowed as well (a $100 fee does apply), so that is an extra bonus!   These units are ideal for families traveling together that are looking for some gathering space after the kids are put to bed.  There are still some dates available in the next 6 weeks in our  Townhouse area, so make your reservation on-line by clicking here or call us at 1-800-222-2909!

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