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The Lakeside Blog is happily written by Michelle Bousquet at the Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT. She writes about what there is to do at Interlaken and why you should come stay with us, fun local events, great places to visit and cool things to do – in and around Lakeville & Salisbury Connecticut.

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Have you taken a tour yet?

I just passed Kristy, our Sales Manager, walking around with two ladies that came from New York City for a site visit today.  They are here to see if the Interlaken property will meet their needs for their corporate outing coming up this October.  They just finished looking at the meeting room options, and they were checking out our Main Building rooms and will need 20 of them, each with two Queen beds to accommodate their 40 Guests.  Kristy was telling them about the Culinary Challenge – and I was inclined to interrupt and tell them how much fun it is, but decided to be polite and just kept walking!  Heading back to my office, I overheard Brandon, Food & Beverage Director and Wedding Coordinator, setting up an appointment for a wedding site visit this coming Sunday at 1pm.  In additon to the Guestrooms, Brandon will take the couple out to the wedding pavilion and talk to them about the set-up, the menus (YUM!), recommended vendors, what other couples have done, etc.  He’ll then take a leisurely stroll with the couple to the lakefront for the ceremony site, and it’s always love at first sight for those wishing for a lakeside nuptial exchange!  

Now for those of you who are just looking to getaway for a little R&R with your family, you probably won’t come and see us beforehand, but you can still take a tour of our property!  If you go to our homepage (click here) and click on the Virtual Tour button you will be able to see the Interlaken almost as if you were standing right on property!  You can also view our Guestrooms and other public areas.  The virtual tour will give you a general idea of Interlaken, but of course you will feel it all when you arrive!

Whatever tour you decide to take, I hope you like what you see and will decide to come and stay with us!


Comments like these just MAKE MY DAY!

You may be tired of reading what I write about the Interlaken property.  Of course I’ll say nice things – I work here!  I am always saying how beautiful it is, how clean and comfortable our rooms are, how amazing the entrees are in Morgan’s, how friendly the staff is, how lovely a canoe ride is on the lake, how peaceful the property is, I go on and on… but I am NOT the only one saying these things!  Guests who stay with us tell me about their experiences here, and so I thought I’d share with you what Guests are saying about their most recent Interlaken stay!

  • Thank you for asking – we had a wonderful stay with you.  Our room was very comfortable and the view was beautiful. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The continental breakfast was great and I liked that the hot item was different everyday. I hope to organize a girlfriend weekend away at your resort.
  • The staff was excellent, as was the restaurant food.  Townhouse bathrooms could be larger.  Enjoyed relaxed & peaceful atmosphere.
  • We had a wonderful stay at the Interlaken Inn. 
    Many Thanks,
  • We had an excellent stay and would stay again.  We have recommended it to our family members.  The breakast buffet was great, the beds were comfortable and it was quiet.  The lake access was a big plus with kayaks and row boats available.  We prefer outdoor pools as well.  We’ll be back, maybe next year.  Thanks for asking.
  • We enjoyed our stay very much. Your staff was consistantly warm and helpful. Our 3 dinners were quite good. What we would have appreciated in our room were black-out curtains on the door and skylight, and a drying string in the bathtub. We will look forward to another stay soon. Sincerely, Amy
  • Dear Interlaken Friends, We had a wonderful time staying with you these past few days (Sun, Aug 15 – Wed, Aug 18).  I am from the area and love coming up as often as possible.  We always stay with you and feel at  home.   Your new improvements are great!!!!  Our mornings were so much easier with the included “continental plus” breakfast.  It is a terrific “value-added” item.  It was so much better than having to run out early and half-asleep.  Everything was delicious and displayed nicely.  (I was wishing we had it again this morning at home!)  The staff at breakfast (esp. Libby on Mon and the young man on Tues) were wonderful.  The new life jackets, boats, beautiful swings, and beach chairs at the lake were great.  I had brought up life jackets (adults and kids sizes) because the old ones at the lakefront were getting so worn, and was pleasantly surprised to see we didn’t need to use them.  As always, the gardens were gorgeous and we enjoyed the pool, game room, lake, grounds, doing things all around the area, you-name-it.   Thank you and best wishes, Barb

Come try Interlaken for yourself so I can post your happy comments on my blog!


I am just happy to get away!

I am going away for a couple of days with my family, and I am so excited.  It’s “interesting” for us to go away to other hotels because we are always comparing the hotel and its services we are staying at with the Interlaken.  Will there be enough towels at the pool area?  When I get to their pool, and there are no more towels, I will simply ask for more.  I don’t care – I am just happy to get away with my family!  If the breakfast buffet is low on eggs, I will tell the server, or skip them and avoid the risk of salmonella.  I don’t care – I am just happy to get away with  my family!  What if the front desk person doesn’t smile at me upon arrival?  I will just assume that they are having a bad moment, or maybe I forgot to smile at them first?  I don’t care – I am just happy to get away with my family!  What if the room is smaller than I thought?  If it’s clean, and the basics are covered, then I don’t care – I am just happy to get away with my family!  What if the air conditioner is too loud?  I will be thankful it is still keeping my room cool so I can sleep comfortably in the warm weather – because I am just happy to get away with my family!

Maybe people are just too stressed in their daily lives to just be happy to get away with their family! 

Come stay at the Interlaken and relax with your family – take a dip in the pool, take a canoe out on the lake, arrange for a one hour massage, go for a hike on the Appalachian Trail, ride a bike on the Harlem Valley Rail Trail, have an amazing dinner in Morgan’s, leisurely, while listening to Scott Heth on piano, read a book in an Adirondack chair in our courtyard, admire the beautiful landscaping from Salisbury Garden Center.  Sleep late, or get up early and go for a walk!  Do whatever you want – just be happy to get away with your family!


June brides – take a look!

Brandon just took a site tour last weekend for a couple that was interested in June of next year.  Just a few days ago, the deposit check was received and the planning begins!  June is a perfect month for an outdoor wedding – daytime temperatures average about 70 degrees in Lakeville, CT, with nice cool evenings.  The landscaping is lush and all of the annuals are planted.  Everyone is happy as the school year is ending and summer is right around the corner!

Here are some photos of a June wedding held here a couple of years ago. 

Photos from Eric Limon


A Southern-style wedding at a New England Resort

My Saturday ritual on a day there’s a wedding at Interlaken:  I grab my camera and head out to take pictures of the pavilion all set and ready to go.  You may think “it’s the same old thing” as centerpieces are centerpieces, and cakes are cakes, but that is not so!  There are so many different flowers that can be arranged in so many unique ways, and cakes that are round, square, tall, short, with flowers, without flowers, well, you get my point!  I am always anxious to see how the couple has taken our neutral outdoor setting and made it their own for the evening!  It seems like each time there is just something I haven’t seen before – and today was no exception.  Bowls of peaches.  Yup, as simple as that, but just enough for me to say “how cute” and of course – what’s the significance of peaches?  Read on to find out what Brandon Scimeca, Food & Beverage Director and Wedding Coordinator, had to say about this!

 The groom is from Alabama, so they wanted a Northern wedding location with a Southern feel.  Peaches are perfect!  They also worked with Brandon to incorporate some Southern dishes into the menu.  Southern favorites such as pimento and cheese, wild salmon with green tomato peach relish, shrimp and grits, slow roasted fresh leg of pork, and buttermilk biscuits were Southern favorites chosen for the evening.   In addition to the cake, chocolate chip cookies,  brownies and seven layer bars were all served, and were all family recipes.  

In case you didn’t know, Brandon loves to customize menus to someone’s heritage or background, or even just personal family favorites.  Family recipes can also be incorporated into the menus to make the wedding more personal and unique.  Can you imagine sharing your favorite Aunt’s recipe at your wedding with all of your family and friends?  Brandon can pretty much do anything you want, so be sure to contact him to start planning your personalized wedding today!

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