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The Lakeside Blog is happily written by Michelle Bousquet at the Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT. She writes about what there is to do at Interlaken and why you should come stay with us, fun local events, great places to visit and cool things to do – in and around Lakeville & Salisbury Connecticut.

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Stay connected anywhere!

I would love to work like this all day, wouldn’t you?

Interlaken Resort and Conference Center

Complimentary wi-fi service, even outside!


My weekend wedding walk

If you’ve been reading my blog all week, then you know I will find any and every reason to blog about something that requires me to go outside on a beautiful fall day!  We are having another good weather day at Interlaken, so it’s the perfect time for me to grab the camera and head out!  It’s also a perfect day for a wedding, and of course Interlaken has one happening right now.  As most couples do, they decided to get married at our lakefront, so I decided to take a walk as a “wedding attendee” and take some pictures on my way.  If you decide to get married at Interlaken, this is what your Guests will see as they stroll down to the beautiful Lake Wononscopomuc and the ceremony site!

Just walked across Route 112 on the new crosswalk
The sun peaking through the trees

Getting closer....

Almost there....

Here I am at the lakeside ceremony site!

Who is that I see in the distance as I walk back up to the property?

The groomsmen of course!




International Housekeepers Week

We have been celebrating it all week long with special meals and surprises for all of the Interlaken’s international staff members and guest room attendants.  It is the perfect time to show appreciation to those hard working staff members that keep Interlaken clean and comfortable!  A fun way to celebrate anything is through food, and we’ve been doing just that!  The Internationals put together some of their favorite recipes of dishes from home to share with everyone, and have worked with the Chefs to present a fabulous lunch each day.  Chinese, Romanian, Bulgarian, Indian and Chilean cusines have been shared this week, and we’ve loved learning about the dishes, and better yet, tasting them!   Thank you, Helen, for the constant coordination, set-up and clean-up of each event – and for the intense word puzzle the other day!  As the last day of Housekeeping Week wraps up, we will continue to appreciate and celebrate the wonderful and diverse staff that Interlaken is fortunate to have!


Where Am I, Part 3!

Continuing on with my wonderful walk of the Interlaken property!  The weather this weekend in New England will be gorgeous – sunny and high’s in the low 70′s.  Gorgeous!  You should come to where I am!

I am walking from the pool area across the courtyard
I am right below the Welcome Center window, looking out

I am in our newly renovated lobby! Read the morning paper with a cup of Harney Tea!

I am on Morgan's deck where we serve our weekend breakfast buffet. What a pretty view! (And a neat picture with the reflection of the table!)




Where Am I, part 2!

Still roaming the Interlaken property on another gorgeous fall day – let us see where I am today!

I am standing at the top of the Sunnyside staircase, looking out over the property
I am sitting on the patio outside of Room 302 in Countryside
I am at the main entrance, checking to see if I can see the lake between the trees yet!
I am heading around the side of the main building, looking up at the bright sun and admiring that blue sky!
I am sitting in a chair near the patio, looking straight ahead.

I am still sitting in that chair, and I turned to the left!

No matter where I am, everything is green and pretty against the beautiful blue sky!  Just wait until the colors start to arrive – there’s nothing like New England Foliage!  Trees are starting to change, so book your visit in the next few weeks so you can be where I am!


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