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The Lakeside Blog is happily written by Michelle Bousquet at the Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT. She writes about what there is to do at Interlaken and why you should come stay with us, fun local events, great places to visit and cool things to do – in and around Lakeville & Salisbury Connecticut.

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Corporate Camaraderie- Interlaken Style

Today I pass over the Blog Reins to Kristy Barto!

There are many ways to experience Interlaken and one that is growing rapidly in popularity is to host what I’m calling a “Camaraderie Retreat”. We use fun, energizing, team building activities to create socialization within your group! Every company needs to give their employees the opportunity to get to know one another at different levels- for instance, who knew that Robert in Accounting would be so GREAT at “bobbing for apples” during our Radical Race Team Building activity! And that is just one of 13 different tasks that are associated with clues that the team must solve in order to get to their next destination somewhere on Interlaken property (we have 30 gorgeous acres and two lakes). What I like best about the Radical Race is that there is something for everyone to do- someone will be good at directions, someone will know a song that includes the word “green” and can teach it to the rest of the group well…and then perform it, and someone will be skilled at canoeing or kayaking. On top of all of this, you are all in it together; you have to stay with your team and work as a team to get to the end.

Verizon Wireless’ Regional Sales team came last week for a day of team building fun and after doing the Radical Race in the morning they had a traditional BBQ luncheon on our Terrace. After a relaxing lunch, we went full speed ahead into the “Rafting Excursion”. This isn’t your typical rafting event; our rafts are made by the participants with supplies they must purchase from our “Raft Store”. All teams receive the same amount of money at the beginning of the activity- but then they have to participate in a relay race to determine who gets first dibs in the store. Items are limited so it’s important to listen and follow instructions during the relay race. Every team makes a flag for their vessel and works to construct their raft. The finale is a rafting race to test the “sea-worthiness” of their craft- as a team they decide which two people will partake in the race (group knows in advance they will get wet). It’s amazing how creative people can be using the same type of materials to make their rafts. My favorite part of this activity is the bartering for items that goes on between groups as they are in the midst of construction- its fun to see the teams interacting and brainstorming together.

Interested in a team building experience for your group that will open doors and solidify relationships as well as create lasting memories?

Call or email me anytime.

Email: Kristy@InterlakenInn.com

Phone: 800.222.2909 ext 777


Do you like my new look?

I was looking a little haggard, and boring if I might say.  My pretty lakefront picture disappeared about a month ago, and I was tired of the same old white background.  Thank you, Dan Bolognani, for making me prettier than ever!  I can’t wait to decorate myself with every changing season!
The Lakeside Blog

The Blog is not the only one with a new look!  Here are other things that got a new look this year:

Morgan’s Fall dinner menu! 

Early Harvest Butternut Squash Soup

Crispy Falafel with Labne, Local Grape Tomatoes, Avocado, Cucumber, Sweet Potato Gaufrette

Late Summer Garden Basil Pesto with Spaghettini, Grilled Tiger Shrimp, and Local Vegetables

Roasted Free Range Half Chicken with Local Autumn Vegetables and Lemon-Herb Butter

Organic Strip Steak, Sweet Potato Puree, Sauteed Baby Spinach, and Sherry-Demi

The main lobby

ELLORA Spa and Sanctuary

LCD’s with DVD players in all Townhouse Units

Wedding reception chairs

Cedar Swings at the lakefront

More new is planned for Interlaken – stay tuned for updates!



"Foliage Central"

I love that this part of Northwest Connecticut is referred to as “foliage central” and was also named a top rated destination for all leaf peepers – thank you Yankee Magazine!  The towns of Kent and Litchfield were named specifically, and Interlaken is located very close to these quaint New England villages – just choose Route 7 South or Route 63 South and you are there!  Thanks to Mother Nature, the fall foliage season has started early and if we continue to get warm sunny days the colors will linger into November.  If you ask me, the autumn season could never last long enough!  Anyway, now is the perfect time to plan for that hike you’ve been wanting to do all summer but never did, and your reward will not only be the fantastic views but you will be able to admire the amazing vibrant autumn colors!  Why not see as much as Connecticut as you possible can?  Bear Mountain is the tallest peak in CT, and can be hiked to via the Undermountain Trail for 2 miles, then connecting with the Appalachian Trail for about another mile to the top of  Bear Mountain.  It’s been deemed as a strenuous hike by the www.berkshirehiking.com website, but well worth the adventure.  If hiking is just not your thing, then maybe just sitting on a cedar swing at the Interlaken’s lakefront is more your style!  The trees are now touched with color – the next few weeks should be amazing!

Admire the beauty - no energy required!


Stay connected anywhere!

I would love to work like this all day, wouldn’t you?

Interlaken Resort and Conference Center

Complimentary wi-fi service, even outside!


My weekend wedding walk

If you’ve been reading my blog all week, then you know I will find any and every reason to blog about something that requires me to go outside on a beautiful fall day!  We are having another good weather day at Interlaken, so it’s the perfect time for me to grab the camera and head out!  It’s also a perfect day for a wedding, and of course Interlaken has one happening right now.  As most couples do, they decided to get married at our lakefront, so I decided to take a walk as a “wedding attendee” and take some pictures on my way.  If you decide to get married at Interlaken, this is what your Guests will see as they stroll down to the beautiful Lake Wononscopomuc and the ceremony site!

Just walked across Route 112 on the new crosswalk
The sun peaking through the trees

Getting closer....

Almost there....

Here I am at the lakeside ceremony site!

Who is that I see in the distance as I walk back up to the property?

The groomsmen of course!



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