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Every VOTE counts at Interlaken!

I vote for fresh air…..fill your body with it as you walk to Interlaken’s private lakefront

I vote for a good night’s sleep…..enjoy a nice slumber on a Sealy Posturepedic Plush mattress

I vote for being good to your body….sign up for a Pilates class every Saturday morning with Rachel, right here in our Countryside building

I vote for natural beauty….you can see the beautiful & colorful Litchfield Hills and the Berkshires at the top of Bear Mountain, the Appalachian’s Trail highest peak in Connecticut

I vote for relaxation….arrange for a deep tissue massage at ELLORA Spa & Sanctuary

I vote for Harney & Sons….come have the perfect cup of tea while you read in our lobby

I vote for surprising your girlfriend….with a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries in your room upon check-in

I vote for surprising your boyfriend…..with a few Sam Adams and a 55″ TV in our gameroom to watch the Patriots on 

I vote for laughter….pick a comedy you haven’t seen in years from our complimentary selection of movies on display  in our lobby

I vote for an extraordinary dinner…..come see why so many of our Guest’s are talking about Morgan’s restaurant

I vote for spending time with your family…..finally arrange that family reunion you’ve been talking about for years

Interlaken gets my vote!


Saxon's Stay at Interlaken

Saxon, a very handsome Ariedale Terrier, stays at Interlaken quite often.  This past weekend he visited us with his parents (celebrating their 20th anniversary) and attended the Little Guild Gala, celebrating their 50th anniversary.  If you attended the Gala, then you may have met him as he was tending the AKC Good Canine Citizen Test booth with his owner.  Let’s see what Saxon’s weekend was like at Interlaken!


An Invitation

On my drive into work this morning – all 48 minutes of it – I kept seeing the new Interlaken lobby wherever I looked – front yards, back yards, along the road, across the valley – and mostly – the mountains.  You are probably wondering, ummm, how could that be?  And another thought might be why would I spend time thinking about the lobby on my ride into work?  But I couldn’t help it, and let me tell you why:  the rich warm colors of this wonderful season are the colors you will find in our new lobby.  These warm colors just invite you to pour a hot cup of your favorite beverage (Harney & Son’s Irish Breakfast for me), sit down next to the fireplace, just relax – and read.  Take a break from the laptop (although we do have wireless access in our lobby and all Guestrooms) – and read.  A paperback, a magazine, a newspaper – whatever you choose – just be sure to put something in your travel bag to read because as you enter our new lobby it will invite you to sit down and relax – and how can one refuse a nice warm invitation? 

Thank you, Marie Carhart from Design Nouveau, for making our new lobby such a warm and inviting one!


Thank you, Facebook Fanners!

Just seven short days ago we asked all of our Interlaken Facebook Friends to FAN us as we opened up a new business account to provide you with more photos, more information, and more Facebook fun!  We are proud to have over 130 FANS already, with the hopes that these numbers will grow each day.  To kick off our new FAN page, Vanessa decided to do some special offers for those in-house Guests this past week – one of them being a little bag of local favorites (fresh apples from Ellsworth Farm being one of the items in that cute little blue bag!) – and the other being a FREE night’s stay!  Both offers have currently expired – but please, stay “FANNED” both while at home and especially while you are here because you never know what Vanessa has up her Interlaken Blue Oxford Shirt – chances are it will make you smile and make your stay an even better one!


Come back and CELEBRATE at Interlaken!

I was just talking with Lizzy and Jake who got married here a couple of years ago, and are back this weekend in celebration of their wedding anniversary.  What a perfect way to reminisce one of the most wonderful moments in their lives by revisiting the place where it all happened!  They also visited Ellsworth Farm today and picked the last of the apple crop, stopped in Millerton for the Fall for Art event, will have a romantic dinner in Morgan’s this evening, and then head to the movies to conclude their night.  One celebration happening at Interlaken!

Out on Morgan’s deck we have a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary with family and friends.  Being married that long requires a very special sit-down luncheon, and they did just that with choice of butternut squash and ginger soup, traditional greek salad with feta, herb crusted salmon with red wine butter sauce, roasted chicken breast with rosemary lemon and grilled rib-eye, red and white wine and of course a champagne toast.  What’s so neat about this couple was that just a short 25 years ago they were celerbrating their 25th wedding anniversary here at Interlaken – and here they are 25 years later celebrating with us once again.  Two celebrations at Interlaken!

Another couple who stayed with us in May for the first time loved it here so much that they decided to come back tonight and celebrate their wedding anniversary with us.  A romantic evening in Morgan’s is planned for them also - the third celebration at Interlaken!

Lastly, one more couple arrives later this evening for the PawPurrazzi Gala happening tomorrow in celebration of the 50th anniversary of  The Little Guild.  They are here to support this wonderful organization, and will also be celebrating 20 years of marriage by extending their stay a couple of nights.  The fourth celebration at Interlaken!

What do you have to celebrate?  Come celebrate at Interlaken – I’d love to add you to the list!

Showing 466 - 470 of 637 Articles

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