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"It's Better than a Cruise"

Interlaken is – according to Harriet, who booked Interlaken today for her family gathering next June.  There are five celebrations in her family in 2011 – a 50th birthday, a high school graduation, a 75th birthday, an 80th birthday, and a 55th wedding anniversary – major milestones all in need of a wonderful celebration!  Really, they could have chosen anywhere (a cruise being one of them as she said) but Harriet thought of Interlaken and felt we would be the perfect spot to spend quality time with her family.  She has been staying at Interlaken on and off over the past 25 years (the first time being a day at Lime Rock Park), and thought it would only be appropriate for all of the many outdoor and cultural activities in the local area for her family to do together.  They have booked several rooms in the Sunnyside Victorian House, and look forward to some family time both in the lobby area of the building and outside on the wraparound porch.  Onsite, Harriet, her daughter Karen and the rest of their family intend to swim in the pool, play basketball, play tennis (on our brand new courts!), volleyball, have a softball game in the Sunnyside field, arrange Spa appointments at ELLORA, and have celebratory meals in Morgan’s Restaurant.  They will also spend much time at our lakefront, where they will go kayaking, canoeing and do more swimming – and of course, enjoy a picnic lunch lakeside one of the days!  Offsite, they intend to hike (Bash Bish Falls, the Appalachian Trail, Monument Mountain, Sunset Rock), bike ride (Harlem Valley Rail Trail), and see some shows (Infinity Hall, Tanglewood, Jacob’s Pillow, Tri-Arts, Norfolk Chamber Music Festival, Edith Wharton House).  It’s certainly a jam-packed 5 nights, 6 days of fresh, clean country air in the relaxed environment found just South of the Berkshire Hills!   

You certainly can’t do all of this on a cruise, Harriet is quite right about that. 



Remember that song by the J. Geils Band?  One of my favorites, along with Freeze Frame of course.  (now you know I’m a kid of the 80′s!)  Guests Matt and Jessica just stayed at Interlaken for 3 nights, ending their last night at a concert at Infinity Hall in Norfolk, CT with none other Peter Wolf, lead singer of the J. Geils Band!  Matt and Jessica said the show was great, and that theaters like Infinity just don’t exist anymore.   Infinity hosts shows year round – click here to see their entire schedule to find a show that may take you back to younger days (as Peter Wolf would for me!)

Matt and Jessica decided to take a break from their home in Manhattan before Thanksgiving and come and visit this beautiful part of the country.   In addition to the Infinity Hall “Night on the Town” package, they also chose the Millbrook Vineyard Tour package another night of their stay.  This gave them tickets to the Vineyard along with dinner for two in Morgan’s (which they told me was “excellent”) , two glasses of wine (most likely a Millbrook selection!), continental breakfast for two and of course their overnight accommodations.  They had a good time traveling in the area checking out other vineyards, other restaurants (Matt said @ the corner in Litchfield was fantastic) and just relaxing in the country!  A well needed break for the two of them.

If you need a break with your sweetheart, then maybe Interlaken is the place for you.  We’ve got many packages to offer, many great places to eat in addition to Morgan’s, great vineyards, great concerts, much antiquing, many hiking trails, great local shopping, and wonderful fresh air for you to enjoy!

Click here to view all of the packages we offer!


A gift is just a phone call away

OK, let’s face it.  The holiday shopping season is upon us.  As soon as the home stretch of Thanksgiving appears, the houses become decorated with holiday lights – and the Black Friday madness begins!  I went shopping with my mom this past Friday, and I’d venture to say the day could have been called “dark gray Friday”!  I was surprised at how many people were out and about, creating long lines that I just wasn’t in the mood to be in.  We decided to cut our day short and head home, and do some on-line shopping instead!  Interlaken can help you do some holiday shopping – perhaps not on-line at this point (2011 will bring us that option – among other cool on-line options) – but by simply giving us a call at 1-800-222-2909.  We can offer you gift certificates in any demonimation and for anything you’d like – from a simple overnight, to a romantic dinner for two, to an overnight with a romantic dinner and a massage.  Or, check out all of the packages we offer at our website (click here) and pick the perfect package for that special someone – Millbrook Wine package, the Petaway package, Night on the Town – we have so many choices.  If you’d rather do just a flat dollar amount, we can of course do that too.

Although I love to go to stores and shop (there are some great little shops in and around the Lakeville/Salisbury, CT/Millerton, NY area), sometimes it’s nice to take the option of sitting at home in your cozies and still be able to find and order the perfect gift.  Interlaken will make it simple for you – just give us a call!

1-800-222-2909, anytime.


My new favorite dish!

I was fortunate enough to dine in Morgan’s last night for dinner, and needless to say, and once again, I was overwhelmed when the vegetarian dish came out and was placed in front of me. 

“Crispy falafel, labne, naan bread, grape tomatoes, avocado, cucumber and sweet potato gaufrette”

I regret not having my camera with me as what I wanted most to do at that moment was take a picture and run to my blog to talk all about it! 

The naan bread was layered with the avocado, the tomatoes, cucumbers and then topped with the falafel balls – yummy!  Next to it were the most amazing sweet potato gaufrette – you have got to try them!  I’ve never had them before and will certainly plan to have them again!

Morgan’s Restaurant – be sure to try it when you visit Interlaken! 


Be Creative with your Memories!

I have many favorite group and Guest moments at Interlaken, and one of them is when the Creative Memories group led by Teri Meiers is in the house!  She is here along with Margaret, Jamie and about 25 other scrappers, surrounded by their many scrapbook products – paper, cutters, adhesives, pens, the latest tool, embellishments, ribbon, albums, edgers – and most importantly – precious photos of their family and friends.  Being a scrapbooker myself, there’s nothing quite like preserving special moments (and even every day moments) through the use of papercrafting.  Creative Memories makes it easy for you!  They have a huge selection of coordinating products to help you get more pages done in the already limited amount of scrapbooking time we seem to have.

It’s only appropriate that Creative Memories partners with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help grant wishes and make dreams come true for seriously ill children.  Along with hefty yearly contributions, proceeds from the sale of the Creative Memories Make-A-Wish line are also given to make amazing memories for these special children in need.

Supporting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is another goal for Jamie, a Creative Memories Mom who has a son with this disease.  She sells adorable stuffed animals at every Creative Memories event she attends and the money is given to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for research to find a cure for this horrible disease.

The supportive nature of Creative Memories continues on as buckets of soda caps are collected and offered to the St. Jude Research Center.

If scrapbooking and helping children struggle with disease are your passions, Creative  Memories would be the perfect fit for you.  We welcome the group twice annually here at Interlaken, but some Independent Consultants in the group are branching out and organizing more weekend scrapbooking retreats.  The next one is scheduled for January 21st and 22nd, 2011, and is being led by Kristine Shaw.  In addition to the basics (a quiet and relaxing atmosphere, great workspace) you can count on the usual weekend fun:  raffles, demonstrations, inspiration, and as one woman said: WINE!  There are spaces still open for this weekend, so be sure to contact Kristine at KrisKreations@hvc.rr.com for more information!

Thank you, Teri Meiers, for continuing to bring yourself, the ladies, all of your supplies and knowledge to Interlaken every year.  We admire your support of so many worthy Foundations.  To meet Teri and visit the Creative Memories website, click here!

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