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The Lakeside Blog is happily written by Michelle Bruck at the Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT. She writes about what there is to do at Interlaken and why you should come stay with us, fun local events, great places to visit and cool things to do – in and around Lakeville & Salisbury Connecticut.

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Can you feel the HEAT?

I certainly could when I tasted the first preparations of the vegetarian chili made by Interlaken Chef’s Nick and Kody last night!  They were just bringing the ingredients together and I happened to be walking through the kitchen, so lucky me, I was able to try it and give my opinion.  It started with a “yum, what’s that flavor?” to “oh  my, this has got some heat!”  All good, though, as chili should have a kick to it.  Wait until Chef Shawn adds his suggestions to it – that is a man who knows hot!  They aren’t preparing this chili for Morgan’s, but they are creating it for the annual Chili Cook-Off Contest being held this Sunday, October 10th at Noon on the Green in Salisbury, CT.  Sponsored by Noble Horizons, all proceeds of the Chili Contest will benefit Salisbury Winter Sports Association (SWSA) Junior Olympic Ski Jump Competition.  This is just one event that is happening this weekend at Salisbury’s annual Fall Festival!  Be sure to stop by the Green at Noon on Sunday and place your vote by 1:30pm!  And remember:  Morgan’s at Interlaken!


Look Who's Talking!

Interlaken Guests are talking, that’s who!

“Everything was lovely, thank you”

“Thank you, very nice”

“Everything was great, thanks”

“Wonderful TV’s to watch the games on”

“Cookies were delicious, thank you!”


“Wedding was wonderful”

“Everything was very nice”

“Everyone put the wedding together with panache”

Come stay at Interlaken so you can talk to us too!


A HUGE sigh of Relief….

has been heard across New England by every couple (and their family and friends) who are getting married today!  Lakeville’s forecast for today is a high of 62, sunny and – this is the important part – O% chance of precipitation!  The sky couldn’t be bluer and the colors on the trees are just so intense in contrast to that blue sky.  I woke up extra early today just so I could get in a walk through the woods before my day began at Interlaken, and am so glad I did.  Even though the rain was pretty intense these past couple of days, there are still plenty of green leaves on the trees, and my walking path was covered with golds, yellows, oranges and reds.  The sun was peaking through the trees, the air was crisp – I couldn’t think of a better way to start my day!  I hope everyone takes the time to appreciate this amazing weather here in this part of New England this weekend!


My last canoe ride

The other day I took my last canoe ride out onto Lake Wononscopomuc – for this season anyway!  Even though the day was cloudy at Interlaken, it was still warm, and the lake was as peaceful, tranquil, quiet and beautiful as always.  The trees were dotted with color, with the peak season still yet to come!  The canoes and kayaks will be available for our Guests at our private lakefront until about mid-October, so if you are visiting in the next few weeks be sure to get your last canoe ride in for this season as well!



You bet Interlaken does!  Check out the latest dessert menu at Morgan’s restaurant!

Fall Harvest Spiced Pumpkin Crepes with apple-currant compote, whipped cream and spiced local cider shot

Profiteroles with chocolate-rum syrup and vanilla ice cream

Chocolate Beignets with cherry creme anglaise and cherry ice cream

Crispy Apple Fritter with spiced pumpkin-rum-raisin ice cream

Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee

Local cheese board with herbed crostini

Selection of ice creams and sorbets are homemade using quality seasonal ingredients

Make a dinner reservation by calling 1-800-222-2909!

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