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The Lakeside Blog is happily written by Michelle Bousquet at the Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT. She writes about what there is to do at Interlaken and why you should come stay with us, fun local events, great places to visit and cool things to do – in and around Lakeville & Salisbury Connecticut.

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Look Who's Talking 2!

Remember last blog I wrote “Interlaken Guests, keep the comments coming”?  They are still coming!  Read this one I received today:

We recently held a two day management conference at Interlaken Inn. We appreciated the professionalism and personable approach of all your staff including Kristy, Stephanie and Eric in the restaurant. The meeting facilities and events were well organized. The accommodations and the food were excellent.

We would definitely return to Interlaken Inn and recommend it to others. Please extend our appreciation to your staff.

Best Regards,

Bob S.

Thank you, Bob – it was our pleasure to service your group!  We hope you return soon!

Let our staff take care of your group – contact Kristy Barto at 1-800-222-2909 to make corporate arrangements today!


Look Who's Talking!

Interlaken Guests are!!

“It’s such a warm and cozy place”

“Your young chef is excellent, as is his creative menu”

“The food was fabulous”

“You have the nicest towels here”

“We had a great time”

“Thank you so much for having Brandon – he is incredible”

“Great chocolate croissants, the best I ever had”

“Perfect weather for a wedding in December”

“Your staff was just so comfortable and welcoming.  Everyone was just always there to please.  Thank you SO much”

Thank you Interlaken Guests – I am always all ears – so keep the comments coming!


Winter Woodland Wedding

At Interlaken today – let the pictures show you how sweet it is!


The Gift of Time

I love talking with Guests that are looking to surprise their significant other with “The Gift of Time”.  I spoke with a nice young lady the other day who was looking to give her new husband “the gift of time” with a night away as a Christmas present.  She started her internet search with “shows in Connecticut” and came across Infiity Hall over in Norfolk, CT, just 20 minutes from the Interlaken.  “The Sounds of ABBA” caught her eye, as well as the Interlaken “Night on the Town” package we offer that includes overnight accommodations, tickets to the show, and breakfast for two the next day.   She booked the package at Infinity, and upon further conversation about “the gift of time” (I get excited when someone wishes to surprise someone else, especially like this), we talked about other packages we offer and ended up booking another for February!   Our “Sleigh Ride” package fit the bill perfectly for her – a romantic sleigh ride at Loon Meadow Farm (also in Norfolk) and two tickets to the Norman Rockwell Museum.  She was thrilled about that one as Norman Rockwell is her husband’s favorite artist, and who can beat a sleigh ride?  Let’s hope for lots of snow in February when she comes! 

If you wish to give the “Gift of Time” this year to your special someone, please give me a call – I’d love to plan it with you!


Ski season is here!

Yes, it’s cold in New England, very cold.  I think the only ones who might be real happy about that are the skiiers!  We always boast about the three ski mountains near Interlaken, and SKI BUTTERNUT is the first moutain to open up this year.  I spoke to Keith from Butternut, and he says the 178 guns have been going 24/7 for quite some time and it will be a winter wonderland by the time they open on Friday, December 10th.  They hope to open with a minimum of seven trails, and maybe even up to ten, thanks to the addition of 30 more Top Gun snowmaking tower snowguns this year.  Wouldn’t it be cool to see them all in action right now?!  My question is:  Is the lodge open, and is it serving hot cocoa?  Keith told me to stop whining, bundle up and try snow tubing with my daughters.  In addition to skiing and snowboarding, Butternut has a great family oriented tubing center (hot cocoa is nearby) that is available on weekends (it opens later this month).  I’ll be sure to try it and blog about it with pictures after I do, so be sure to check back later for that!  In the meantime, for all of you skiiers – the season has officially started near Interlaken – so if your schedule allows, head to Butternut tomorrow for their grand opening and throughout the weekend as well! 

Click here for more information on Ski Butternut!

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