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I am such a FLIRT!

Hello all,

My name is Flirt.  I am an eight year old smooth-coated Collie.  The other day I knew something was up as my adoring owners packed up the van and started heading Northwest.  I was hoping deep down inside my doggy stomach that we would end up in one of my favorite places.  Sure enough, as we headed around the bend on Route 112 past Hotchkiss School, there it was.  The big INTERLAKEN INN sign!  My tail started to wag - but wait, where were the pretty flowers?  Usually when I come here I see grass and shrubs and flowers, but now I see big piles of snow, just like at home.  Oh well, I am still so happy as I get so see my friends at INTERLAKEN!  I know the routine:  in we go, right to the front desk, where I step up to the counter and put on my best doggy face and sure enough, a treat is tossed my way!  (if Winston is there, MANY treats are tossed my way!) 


Y U M !
My owners talk for awhile with the staff as I sit and hope for more treats, but then we are off!  Back into the van, heading around the main building, towards the new pet friendly room in Sunnyside.  I can’t wait to see it, as I was told the room now has a new wood floor, new bedding and very soon a new couch and new look for the bathroom.  Even though the Inn does provide very posh pet beds, my owners have packed my special bed from home – and the room is large enough for me to have my own space – there is even a little alcove area where my meals are prepared.  I love the new look, by the way, even though it’s still in progress. 

OK, time for a nap.

What, nap time is over and it’s time for my one of at least three walks of the day?!  The field behind Sunnyside is awesome – plenty of snow there but hard enough that I can run right on it!  I love the smell of the fresh country air!  And today you can feel that Spring is coming.  I hope we get to walk down to the lake later, another favorite place of mine.

OK, time for another nap.

Ahh, another walk – this time over towards the Woodside building, the only other pet friendly accommodation at Interlaken.  (Not many places accept pets you know, even as cute as we are.)  I love staying in Woodside too because this is my chance to meet other canines – including Crystal from New Jersey whom I met last summer.  If memory serves, she was Guest blogger one day last year too!  She’s right, it is hard to type with these big paws…

Anyway, the staff is really friendly here.  They seem to really care that we have a good time and are comfortable.  Even the Guests that have left their dogs at home seem happy to see me and want to pet me.  I really like coming to Interlaken, and am glad my owners now come in both the winter time and the summer time.  We won’t get to go there this time, but in the summer we’ll definitely take a long walk on the Harlem Valley Rail Trail and other great hiking trails in the local area.

Dogs, take it from me – it’s definitely PAWS UP FOR INTERLAKEN!


As sad as I am to see it go….

the Crispy Hempseed Falafel, Labne, Naan, Local tomatoes, Avocado, Cucumber and Arugula vegetarian entree on the Morgan’s menu at Interlaken has been replaced with…drumroll please….

Chickpea Crepes stuffed with White Beans, Wild Mushroooms, and Leeks. 

Sign me up!

My other new favorite on the latest menu is .Pistachio-crusted Wild Salmon with Coconut Scented Rice and Gingered Spinach… oh and fresh fish taco with papaya-hemp salsa and lime to start!

Thankfully, the crispy Shrimp Tempura with blood orange-red curry glaze and coconut-kaffir sauce is still being offered.  Chicken lovers can enjoy the Free Range Organic Half Chicken with Quinoa Pilaf and Cider-preserved lemon broth.  Grilled Hanger Steak, creamy potato gratin, swiss chard and red wine butter - perfect for the meat lover!  There are more amazing and creative dishes on the new menu – I can’t give it all away – you will have to come and see for yourself!

Morgan’s at Interlaken -  open nightly at 5:30pm, reservations are requested!  800-222-2909

A table in front of the fireplace is my favorite spot!


SWSA Jump Fest 2011!

OK, so I just got back and can sum it up with one word:  C O O L !  Unfortunately, my day didn’t go quite as planned at Interlaken and I got over to Satre Hill much later than I had hoped, but I was still able to see the target jumping.  It’s really so cool (there’s that word again) to watch young men (17 and under) swoop down the jump, fly into the area, and look to land on the little orange and blue neon eyeball (a.k.a. the target) on the snowy hill, with cowbells ringing, cheering them on.  There’s a fire pit (which I stood near of course), a little snack bar (hot cocoa of course), some bleachers, many dogs (pet friendly like Interlaken!), and many spectators and supporters from the local area and beyond.  On the way out, announcements were made about Sunday’s events (the actual competition begins at 1pm) and of course about the Junior Olympics just a week and a half away – you could feel the anticipation of it in the cool air!



Socially speaking….

Oh how easy it is these days to communicate with our Guests, and to have our Guests communicate with us!  Gone are the days of printed comment cards in Interlaken Guestrooms, and an abundance of printed ads in publications for advertising the Interlaken in various markets.  Woo-hoo for all of the technological advances to bring us where we are today!  Like this BLOG.  How would I ever be able to share with you all the information about what is happening here, what’s newly renovated, our latest package offering, the weather in Northwest Connecticut, my love of Harney Tea, wedding photos, the nightly special in Morgan’s - all in a timely fashion –  if I didn’t have this blog?  Like Facebook.   How would the mother of the bride be able to share with everyone her thoughts about her daughter’s wedding held here at the Interlaken last weekend without Facebook?  Like Twitter.   Come on, we all love the 140 words or less – short to read and simple to write! 

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  Keep reading me for the latest happenings at Interlaken!


SWSA is HOT this year!

Interlaken supports SWSA!

As I was heading to work this morning, passing the Green in Salisbury, CT, I was reminded about the annual Nordic ski jumps held at Satre Hill in Salisbury, CT the weekend of February 11th – 13th.  SWSA has hosted this event for 85 years, and this year, Satre Hill unveils its $700,000 community funded, Olympic size steel ski jump.  (there’s a reason for this new jump, read on!)  The weekend is full of many fun and interesting events, and concludes with the U.S. Eastern Championships on Sunday.  But the jumping doesn’t end there for the season!  Here’s the reason of the new steel ski jump versus the wood one:  SWSA is proud to be this year’s host of the coveted USSA (United States Ski and Snowboard Association) Junior Olympics in Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined competition!   The event includes both ski jumping at Satre Hill and cross country skiing over at Mohawk Mountain.  Last year, the Junior Olympics (for ages 17 and under) were held in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and previously in Alaska.  Needless to say, this small town of 4000 residents is quite excited to host this premier 5 day event!  It all begins on February 22nd and lasts through February 26th. Oh and more good news:  Interlaken is happy to be deemed the “Olympic Village” for both opening and closing ceremonies! 

February is definitely SWSA’s month to shine, and Interlaken is happy to accommodate everyone who plans to visit these wonderful events!  Click here for more info on SWSA, Jump Fest and the Junior Olympics!

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