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The Lakeside Blog is happily written by Michelle Bousquet at the Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT. She writes about what there is to do at Interlaken and why you should come stay with us, fun local events, great places to visit and cool things to do – in and around Lakeville & Salisbury Connecticut.

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A public Thank You!

Sometimes there's just one simple thing that will make your day, and I'd like to share with you what did it for me today, on this last Tuesday in April.  It wasn't the extremely warm temperature in New England today, nor was it the bright sun shining down, nor was it the smathering of spring flowers popping up in the gardens around the Interlaken front entrance as I drove in this morning.  It wasn't the beautiful Spring trees in bloom, nor was it the neighboring courtyard trees that are full of buds, nor the grass that is getting greener by the minute.  It wasn't even my perfectly brewed cup of Irish Breakfast Harney and Sons tea!  Now, although all of these things did make me happy, it wasn't until I read an email that a co-worker sent me that did it for me:  a Guest chose to stay at the Interlaken because of my blog!!  (this is where I would insert smiley faces if I knew how!).  Of course I monitor stats and clicks and such in regards to the blog, and am happy with the numbers (thank you), but this is the first time I have ever heard the comment that Guests actually made their decision to stay here because of this blog.  And, to top it all off, she had a great time!  So here's my public thank you:

Sivi - THANK YOU! 

Thank you for reading my blog, for choosing to stay at the Interlaken, and for making my day!!




Every day is Earth Day at Interlaken!

Still being the only hotel in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut as a certified Green Hotel, Interlaken continues on its mission to save energy, conserve water, utilize green cleaning initiatives, and practice other environmentally sound techniques. We have implemented a variety of programs to maintain this mission, and with Earth Day being just two days away, it's only appropriate to list some of those items here today:

  • Recycle bins are in each Guestroom, as well as large recycling units around the property
  • Installation of an ozone machine in our laundry room to guarantee that our towels and sheets achieve the whitest and safest clean technology without throwing harsh chemicals into the earth
  • Our Chefs continue to add food scraps (such as from fruits and veggies) to the composting bins.  The organic matter is then used in the new raised herb beds that will grace your plate in Morgan's restaurant
  • New plantings from Salisbury Garden Center are low maintenance, hardy and of native varieties.  The gardens around the property are populated with grasses and perenniels, and annuals that require significant water and fertilizer are limited
  • The amenities in our Guestrooms come in Biodegradable bottles
  • Use of green cleaning products in all Guestrooms and public areas
  • All rooms have 2.0 GPM (gallons per minute) aerators on bathroom sink faucets
  • Purchase at least 20% of food from local farmers (in season) for Morgan's, such as Skyfarms greens and lettuce, Fleisher organic meats, fruits and veggies from Farm Girl Farm, among many others
  • Automatic light sensor shut-offs for meeting rooms and office space
  • Participation in the Clean the World program, where remaining soap bars from Guestrooms are collected, recycled and redistributed to poverish countries around the globe.  Read below for some words from Shawn Seipler from Clean the World:

As we recognize Earth Day with celebrations around the globe, let’s pause to realize something quite powerful. By participating in the Clean the World hospitality program, our nearly 900 hotels and bed-and-breakfast partners throughout North America have helped divert in excess of 550 tons of hotel waste from polluting local landfills.

Think about that for a moment. Without your participation in Clean the World, more than 1.1 million pounds of soap and bottled amenities would be trashed. That’s a lot of garbage and, in the truest sense of the term, a great waste of valuable resources.

By teaming with Clean the World, you’ve helped turn trash into treasure, providing soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions and gels for people in need. And you’ve improved sanitation conditions for communities everywhere.

Enjoy Earth Day. You have reason to celebrate because you’re helping Clean the World.

 Check out CTvisit.com for our green certified listing, and check out Interlaken's facebook page for Kathy's video on being Green!  And watch as Interlaken continues to move forward with more green initiatives this coming season!





Interlaken welcomes Symphrose and Consalata!

Interlaken was honored to be chosen as a host property for a Rwandan businesswoman and her associate as part of Bpeace, a non-profit network of business professionals who volunteer time and skills with entrepreneurs in conflict-affected countries including Afghanistan, Rwanda and El Salvador.  If you are aware of the genocide of 1994 in Rwanda, then hearing Symphrose's story of her survival and rebuilding of her life and dream are even more amazing.  She is now the proud owner of Le Petit Prince Hotel with 25 guest rooms, a conference center, a swimming pool, and a restaurant, all sitting on beautiful landscaped grounds in the now peaceful country of Rwanda.  They are here for 2 full days, gaining knowledge and sharing knowledge with Interlaken staff members about the hotel business.  I loved spending time with them this morning talking about staffing issues, Guest feedback programs, and of course, social networking.  It's always in apprencticeship programs like this that those that "teach" learn as well!  I shared how Interlaken is now proud to be a CT Green Lodging Certified hotel, and they informed me of "Vision 2020", the country's plan for a green economy.  They advised me if I should ever visit Rwanda to leave my plastic bags at home as they are not allowed at all in their country - contents included!

It was a pleasure for Interlaken to be a part of their two week learning visit to the US!

Rwanda visits Interlaken



Bring home some local color!

So yesterday Salisbury Garden Center brought Interlaken the beautiful colors of Spring to its front entrance - thank you Emily from SGC!  I was able to talk to Emily earlier today about the upcoming season at Interlaken (their 7th one here making our gardens look lovely!) and as usual, I am quite excited to see the lush greens and colors of the season appear once again!  In addition to the beautiful hangers on the Sunnyside Porch, the ferns at the Woodside Building, the grasses at Countryside, the window boxes at the Townhouses, the huge colorful pots at the outdoor heated pool and the multitiude of color around the Wedding Pavilion, Emily and crew have other new plantings in store for us.  Once summer comes, you will notice new grasses at the Woodside building, a new garden at the walkway up to the victorian Sunnyside building - and my personal favorite - a new look at the front entrance to the main building.  I won't give any more details than this - you will just have to come up this summer and see for yourself! 

Do you want to get some color from Salisbury Garden Center too? The store is conveniently located on Route 44 a mile east of the center of the quaint village of Salisbury, less than 10 minutes away from Interlaken property.  They are open every day from 8:30am to 5pm, offering a wide selection of annuals, perennials, house plants, trees and shrubs, along with garden equipment and gifts.  If you are in the mood for pansies, SGC is the place to go!  Beginning this Saturday, April 16th and for many Saturdays following through June, they are offering a "Saturday Design Series" with designer Christine Krause, who will offer one-on-one consultations to make your garden be the best it can be!  To get more information about this program, visit SGC's website by clicking here.  I know I can't wait to get my thumb green once again this season!  Visit Salisbury Garden Center to get your spring plantings started today!



Interlaken has got C O L O R !

Spring at Interlaken

And here's proof!  Thank you Salisbury Garden Center for bringing beautiful color to our front entrance!

  Spring at Interlaken

Spring at Interlaken

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