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The Lakeside Blog is happily written by Michelle Bruck at the Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT. She writes about what there is to do at Interlaken and why you should come stay with us, fun local events, great places to visit and cool things to do – in and around Lakeville & Salisbury Connecticut.

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"GREEN is the new WHITE!"

This is the saying outside on the sign at Salisbury Garden Center, the wonderful people who make the Interlaken gardens so pretty!  Now it was true to its word last week as we were heading to GREEN as much of the WHITE stuff had melted, but welcome First Day of Spring and 3 inches of the WHITE stuff!  Bye bye GREEN!  I wonder if SGC went out and changed their sign?!  Anyway, along with the new WHITE stuff blanketing the Interlaken property this morning comes 20 Queen beds up on our second floor in the main building with all new cozy WHITE duvets topped with what color accents?  GREEN of course!  This is the only WHITE I wish to see for the next several months, so Mother Nature please take note!  And it's always GREEN at Interlaken as we are a Connecticut certified GREEN property... hope you like the new look!



Merry Madness!

Merry comments from our Guests make the Interlaken staff very Merry!  Here's what I've heard this past week:

  • This is the 4th year I have stayed at the Interlaken.  I must say that your restaurant is fabulous!  The menu is varied and the food is delicious.  My friends and I especially love the shrimp, beet with goat cheese salad!   The price is fair and the ambiance is peaceful, perfect for enjoying your meal.  The group that I visit with uses the rooms downstairs.  The bathrooms are clean and well stocked and always working.  The front desk staff is responsive and pleasant.  They are also helpful with any requests.  The beds are comfortable and the rooms are clean. I always have an enjoyable stay.
  • My son and I had a wonderful visit to the Interlaken Inn.  We hope to return next year when he has an official visit/interview for Hotchkiss.  Everyone was extremely kind and the food was yummy.  We hope to see you soon.
  • Our stay was great.  We have stayed here a few times.  We feel that a movie, 3 course dinner for 2 and a room to stay is such a good deal for the price.  Thanks so much for a great stay!
  • Yes, I was there for our annual scrapbooking weekend. It is a perfect place for us to go and scrapbook. The food is good , the hotel is quiet and quaint, and the people are nice.  Thank you and hope to see you again next year!
  • Thanks for reaching out. My dad had purchased a "Date Night" package for my girlfriend and I.  We had a wonderful time.  The room was very comfortable and our dining experience at Morgan's was superb!  Thanks for everything.
  • I am happy to say that our stay at the Interlaken was very satisfying. We were victims of an ice storm and were basically displaced from our home for that particular evening. The gentlemen that I initially spoke with and made the reservations with was both professional and courteous. The woman in the evening when we checked in as well as the woman that checked us out were informative and helpful! It was a difficult week for us and they all helped make it easier!
    We were also pleasantly surprised with the rooms!

Come and be Merry with us!


Vanity madness!

Thirteen new vanities are being installed into the bathrooms of the Victorian-styled Sunnyside house at Interlaken! Nice granite tops, brushed nickel faucets, wood shelving - just one part of the Sunnyside bathroom renovation.... once complete, photos to follow!


BLOG Madness!

Someone asked me the other day "Where's your blog"?  I was like "What do you mean where is my blog"?  I mean, I did go away on vacation for over a week, so I didn't do any new writing, but by no means did I want my blog to disappear! 

I have been writing the Interlaken blog since September 2009 - writing about all the fun things that happen at Interlaken that I love.  I love weddings.  I love hearing when a wedding books, then I love seeing it all come together on that magical day, and am ready with camera in hand to take photos and post them and then tell you what is unique about each one!  I love quilting and scrapbooking weekends - I love seeing familiar faces of these crafters - I always feel inspired by their creativity - it fills the entire place!  I love seeing couples sneaking away for the night on one of the many packages we offer - the "Night on the Town" package seems to be gaining in popularity!  I love seeing a race enthusiast polishing their "baby" in the parking lot.  I love seeing a dog lover vacationing with their pet in one of our pet friendly accommodations, walking them to the lake or tossing them a ball in the field behind Sunnyside.  I love seeing families that are looking to explore the local area, such as taking a hike up to the Appalachian Trail just a few miles away.  I love seeing parents visiting their children at Hotchkiss School, or parents visiting with their children and in hopes they'll become a Hotchkiss student!  I love long-term stays, like Memaw from last summer - it was great to see her every day for 6 weeks - such a nice lady!  Oh my, I went off on a tangent for sure! 

So back to where I started....so it was true my blog couldn't be found for a few days so I stopped writing as I wanted to make sure if what I was still writing could be found!   It is, and my new blog home is now entirely on our new website!  Bear with me as the blog postings are completely uploaded (right now we have through August 2010 listed, and then this month) - it will all be put back together by the end of this month.  If you are looking to visit us in a certain month, be sure to pull up my blog archives as you can read what has happened that may be of interest to you!

Beginning tomorrow, I will continue on with my March Madness of new things happening at Interlaken this season, so be sure to check back in!


Mobile-enabled Webpages?

Mobile enabled web pages.  Yup, Interlaken is creating pages from our new website (did you visit it yet?) that are adapted for smart phones and other portable devices.  Look for interlakeninn.com to be mobile along with reservation applications.  Wherever you go, you will have access to Interlaken, imagine that?!  Gee, I wonder if this blog will be accessible as well?  I’ll have to ask Dan about that!  Anyway, those days of scrolling over your device to see the entire page of Interlaken are almost over – should be up and running in the next week to 10 days.  Can’t wait!

My new home blog you like  it?  www.interlakeninn.com

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