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School's out - Summer vacation, here I come!

Well, not for me, but certainly for my kids!  As my daughters finish up their last day of school today, I can’t help but feel a little nostalgic – back to the days of being their age and having that wonderful feeling of the whole summer ahead of me.  My “Guest friend” Cindy and I were talking about this the other day, remembering that feeling on the very last day of school, and feeling it again by sleeping late many mornings after.  I can only feel that emotion through my children, and I’m happy to live it through them at this point!  As we make lists of what we want to do this summer, I thought I might share how you and your children can enjoy a couple of days of summer at Interlaken!

Although my girls would find the pool and the lake at Interlaken as certainly enough fun, I realize that you may be looking for a bit more than that.  In addition to swimming and boating, we also have tennis courts, a basketball court, a game room, and a DVD library with a large choice of family movies.  All of our rooms have LCD TV’s with a built-in DVD player for your watching pleasure!

If you wish to venture into the local area, let me make some kid friendly recommendations: 

 Miniature golf & batting cages, soft serve.

 Action Wildlife.

 Millbrook Zoo.

 Biking on the Harlem Valley Rail Trail.

 Robin’s Candy Store!

 Explore an aerial forest ropes course at Catamount Adventure Park.

 Hiking to Lion's Head (short hike, great views).

 Cosmic bowling at the Cove.

 Bash Bish Falls.

 Horseback Riding through the Litchfield Hills.

If you want more information about any of these activities, just give us a call and we'd be happy to plan a whole day of fun for you and your summer vacationing children!


Flower Power!

WOW. This is what I said when I arrived at the Inn today.  I said it as soon as I saw all of the parked cars, traffic being directed, boxes being carried in, vases and watering buckets, and greenery, greenery and more greenery!

I said WOW again when I walked into the building.  I wish I could do a "scratch and sniff" right here so you could smell what I smelled as soon as I opened the door.  It was like sweet Earth.  A greenhouse scent with sugar on top.  And I am fortunate enough to smell this for the next couple of days!

I said WOW one more time when I walked into the meeting room where the Flower Show was taking place.  Talk about eye candy!  (you've probably figured at this point that I do love flowers).  I admire flowers and shrubs of all kinds where ever I go, so to have such unique displays right at my fingertips, well instead of saying WOW again, let's say LUCKY ME!  My favorite was the "Breakfast in Bed" category - tea cup and all!  In addition to the flower show, participants can enjoy self-guided Lake Nature walks, boutique shopping on-site, tours of Connecticut and New York gardens, roundtable discussions, award ceremonies and plenty of meals through-out the three day event.

Interlaken Inn Millbrook Garden ClubInterlaken Inn Millbrook Garden Club

Interlaken Inn Millbrook Garden Club

Interlaken Inn Millbrook Garden ClubInterlaken Inn Millbrook Garden Club

OK, what group is here, you probably want to know, right?  I have been looking forward to this week for quite some time - it's the week that Millbrook Garden Club is hosting "Country Life" - a GCA Zone III Flower show.  I have been here for many years and have seen many groups come for many reasons - scrapbookers, quilters, wood carving, bridge, men's club, religious retreats - but for me this one is a first!  It just goes to show you how versatile the meeting space we have is.  The Interlaken property certainly compliments the Garden Club's activities by surrounding the buildings with such pretty gardens maintained by Salisbury Garden Center.  There are flowers all over the place - I love it!  What a way to start the official first day of summer!

Give Kristy Barto, our Corporate and Retreat Sales Manager, a call to talk about what event you can host at the Interlaken!

P.S. Want to see what I am seeing?  The boutique is open to the public Thursday, June 23rd from 8am to 12pm!


Interlaken Chit Chat

Today I thought I'd share with you some of the wonderful comments I received back from our Guests about their recent stay at Interlaken!

Appreciated how helpful everyone was at reservations, checkin, etc.

My room was lovely and clean.

It was almost like going ‘home’ as we had the whole house to ourselves most of the time.

My stay with you folks was wonderful.

Nothing was a problem and everything was done with true sincerity to please the customer.  EXCELLENT!

Our room was great - loved the little screened in porch - too bad we didn't have time to use it...maybe next time!

The wedding dinner was wonderful!  Kudos to the kitchen!!!! 

Staff is friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable.

We had such a wonderful weekend at Interlaken sharing our friend’s wedding.  What a wonderful location, it was very unique and we will definitely have very special memories of our stay.

We had a great stay - as always!!  215 is like going to our 2nd home!!  It's great that we can get our car/trailer in the parking area there also.

The rooms were comfortable and well decorated.

I loved my room and all the wedding events and I would definitely come again.

We could not have been happier with our wonderful suite and look forward to coming again.

The food at the Audi Club banquet was very good and your staff was delightful.

Everything was great. I would be happy to come back if I am in the area

Food was surprisingly good at restaurant.

We especially enjoyed using the canoes on the lake.

Breakfast was good and the restaurant staff was attentive.

I stay at Interlaken Inn every time I do a Porsche Club Drivers Ed day at Lime Rock.  Plan to do it a lot more times.

My stay with you folks was wonderful.  I’m looking forward to coming up again.

I highly recommend the Interlaken.

Come stay with us so you can share your comments with me too!


An unsunny day

Even though all my pictures usually show blue sky and sunny days, let's be realistic here - there are rainy days at Interlaken.  Today is one of them. 

Interlaken Rainy Day

No worries!  We can turn your outdoor plans into indoor plans until the rain moves out of here!  Save your gas and keep your car parked as we can keep you busy right on property.  Relax with a deep tissue massage at ELLORA Spa and Sanctuary.  Rent a movie from our complimentary DVD library in our main lobby.  Visit our Executive Lounge area for lots of indoor fun!

Interlaken Game Room

Challenge your significant other to a game of pool, ping pong or air hockey.

Interlaken Executive Lounge

Relax with a book from our extensive library.

Interlaken Executive Lounge

Or play a board game at one of our card tables.

Do you wish to head out and visit the local area? 

  • Tea taste over at Harney and Sons Fine Teas in neighboring Millerton, NY.  Try their "tea of the moment", most likely a tea you've never had before.  Shop for tea accessories in their gift store.  Do a little antique shopping on Main Street, and stop at Kamilla's Flower Boutique to see "more than just flowers".
  • Want something a bit stronger than tea?  Visit Millbrook Vineyards and Winery in Millbrook, NY, a pretty 30 minute drive through the Hudson Valley. 
  • Head to the Berkshires and visit the Norman Rockwell Museum, open daily from 10am to 5pm.  Learn about Mr. Rockwell's life and view his many famous illustrations.  While in the area, enjoy some retail therapy at the Lee Prime Outlets, or swing by the center of Great Barrington for some unique shopping experiences.  Strike out at the Cove Bowling Lanes right on Route 7.
  • Bring home a souvenir for your favorite pup by stopping at Petpourri in Lakeville, CT.  Head across the street and visit The White Gallery to see more of David Dunlop's amazing work.  I say "more" because if you've noticed the amazing artwork in our lobby, you've already seen his work!  Amazing is an understatement, I might add!

After your day out, remember to end it with a terrific meal prepared by the Interlaken Chefs at Morgan's!



Time for a Dip!

On a steamy hot day in the summer - or like today in New England - a consistent refreshing activity is always a dip into the POOL! 

Interlaken Inn Outdoor Pool

Ours is ready to go and has had many visitors this week!  I wandered out earlier, hoping I would feel refreshed just looking at it, and sure enough, I was.  The blue water is crystal clear - well, the water isn't really "blue" of course, but it is crystal clear! 

Interlaken Outdoor Pool

 The low end is 3 feet deep and the deep end is 9 feet.  There are plenty of chaise lounges around the pool, along with colorful flowers and pretty shrubbery for privacy from the distant buildings that surround the courtyard area. 

Interlaken Outdoor Pool

We have umbrellas also to provide some shade as necessary.  There are plenty of towels at the pool (Geoff will be happy to hear this!), so there's no need to bring any from your room, or from your home for that matter!There is also a vending machine right there offering cold drinks of Dasani water and Vitamin water.  The restaurant is a short walk from the pool if you are in need of a bite to eat! Looks like we've got you covered - just a little SPF and you are good to go!  

Interlaken Outdoor Pool

Showing 391 - 395 of 637 Articles

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