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The Lakeside Blog is happily written by Michelle Bousquet at the Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT. She writes about what there is to do at Interlaken and why you should come stay with us, fun local events, great places to visit and cool things to do – in and around Lakeville & Salisbury Connecticut.

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Proper Property Use

I just walked around the property on this lovely warm day and was happy to see the property being used just as it should be!

Interlaken Courtyard Pool

Center stage of course is the pool.  Not that you would know it as it's hidden amongst the greenery!

Interlaken Courtyard Pool

But it's there, and in use by many.  Some basking in the sun, some relaxing under the umbrellas.  Some splashing, some diving, some jumping.  Some at the vending machine, and others enjoying some ice cold Coronas with lime, Rum and Coke, and Grey Goose vodka with a splash of cranberry.  Many ways to get refreshed on this nice warm day. 

Three young men playing basketball.  A woman walking her beautiful Golden Retriever.  A dad and his daughter tossing a ball in the lawn.  The bride and groom getting married tomorrow enjoying a picnic in the courtyard under a big shady maple tree.  A couple just arriving from NYC relaxing on the porch of Sunnyside.  A couple walking down to the lakefront.  A man outside our newly renovated Woodside pet friendly prototype room, petting his dog resting on his lap.  A woman heading over to ELLORA Spa and Sanctuary for a one hour full body massage.  Kids playing pool and ping pong in the Game room.  A family reunion catching up with each other over drinks at the bar.  And I saw all this within my 10 minute walk!

So many ways to properly use the Interlaken property!


Weather Forecast for tonight: Dark

Well spoken, George Carlin!  But if you are at Interlaken this weekend with plans to see the Fireworks Spectacular over at Lime Rock Park tomorrow evening, then the sky certainly won't be dark!  Gates open at 6pm for picnicking, and the show in the sky starts at 9pm.  Sorry to our pet friendly Guests as dogs are not allowed.  $15 per carload.  A wonderful evening to relax on a blanket and celebrate the 4th of July! 


Lighten things up!

On Mondays, that is!  I wanted to let you know of a change in our menu in Morgan's for the rest of the season, and perhaps beyond! 

We are offering a lighter fare for your tastebud enjoyment.  The hours are the same (5pm to 9pm) and the bar is fully stocked and ready to go as usual.  The new menu consists of the following:

Skyfarm Organic Baby Greens with strawberries, feta and strawberry flax vinaigrette

 Morgan's Caesar Salad with romaine, croutons, and herb chicken breast

 Warm Turkey Club with crisp bacon, swiss, tomato, lettuce and horseradish sour cream

 Grafton Gold Cheddar Grilled Cheese with tomato and bacon

 COMFORT FOOD choice! 

This COMFORT FOOD item of our menu will change weekly, but whatever it is it will be sure to comfort you!  Dinners you remember having as a child.  Last week we offered a Roasted Organic Half Chicken with mashed potatoes and haricot vert (aka green beans), and this week we offered Southern Fried Chicken with coleslaw and french fries.  I'm holding out for homemade macaroni and cheese!

Lighten up with us by dining on Monday nights!



School's out - Summer vacation, here I come!

Well, not for me, but certainly for my kids!  As my daughters finish up their last day of school today, I can’t help but feel a little nostalgic – back to the days of being their age and having that wonderful feeling of the whole summer ahead of me.  My “Guest friend” Cindy and I were talking about this the other day, remembering that feeling on the very last day of school, and feeling it again by sleeping late many mornings after.  I can only feel that emotion through my children, and I’m happy to live it through them at this point!  As we make lists of what we want to do this summer, I thought I might share how you and your children can enjoy a couple of days of summer at Interlaken!

Although my girls would find the pool and the lake at Interlaken as certainly enough fun, I realize that you may be looking for a bit more than that.  In addition to swimming and boating, we also have tennis courts, a basketball court, a game room, and a DVD library with a large choice of family movies.  All of our rooms have LCD TV’s with a built-in DVD player for your watching pleasure!

If you wish to venture into the local area, let me make some kid friendly recommendations: 

 Miniature golf & batting cages, soft serve.

 Action Wildlife.

 Millbrook Zoo.

 Biking on the Harlem Valley Rail Trail.

 Robin’s Candy Store!

 Explore an aerial forest ropes course at Catamount Adventure Park.

 Hiking to Lion's Head (short hike, great views).

 Cosmic bowling at the Cove.

 Bash Bish Falls.

 Horseback Riding through the Litchfield Hills.

If you want more information about any of these activities, just give us a call and we'd be happy to plan a whole day of fun for you and your summer vacationing children!


Flower Power!

WOW. This is what I said when I arrived at the Inn today.  I said it as soon as I saw all of the parked cars, traffic being directed, boxes being carried in, vases and watering buckets, and greenery, greenery and more greenery!

I said WOW again when I walked into the building.  I wish I could do a "scratch and sniff" right here so you could smell what I smelled as soon as I opened the door.  It was like sweet Earth.  A greenhouse scent with sugar on top.  And I am fortunate enough to smell this for the next couple of days!

I said WOW one more time when I walked into the meeting room where the Flower Show was taking place.  Talk about eye candy!  (you've probably figured at this point that I do love flowers).  I admire flowers and shrubs of all kinds where ever I go, so to have such unique displays right at my fingertips, well instead of saying WOW again, let's say LUCKY ME!  My favorite was the "Breakfast in Bed" category - tea cup and all!  In addition to the flower show, participants can enjoy self-guided Lake Nature walks, boutique shopping on-site, tours of Connecticut and New York gardens, roundtable discussions, award ceremonies and plenty of meals through-out the three day event.

Interlaken Inn Millbrook Garden ClubInterlaken Inn Millbrook Garden Club

Interlaken Inn Millbrook Garden Club

Interlaken Inn Millbrook Garden ClubInterlaken Inn Millbrook Garden Club

OK, what group is here, you probably want to know, right?  I have been looking forward to this week for quite some time - it's the week that Millbrook Garden Club is hosting "Country Life" - a GCA Zone III Flower show.  I have been here for many years and have seen many groups come for many reasons - scrapbookers, quilters, wood carving, bridge, men's club, religious retreats - but for me this one is a first!  It just goes to show you how versatile the meeting space we have is.  The Interlaken property certainly compliments the Garden Club's activities by surrounding the buildings with such pretty gardens maintained by Salisbury Garden Center.  There are flowers all over the place - I love it!  What a way to start the official first day of summer!

Give Kristy Barto, our Corporate and Retreat Sales Manager, a call to talk about what event you can host at the Interlaken!

P.S. Want to see what I am seeing?  The boutique is open to the public Thursday, June 23rd from 8am to 12pm!

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