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The Lakeside Blog is happily written by Michelle Bruck at the Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT. She writes about what there is to do at Interlaken and why you should come stay with us, fun local events, great places to visit and cool things to do – in and around Lakeville & Salisbury Connecticut.

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Interlaken in Review!

As we approach year end, it’s time to recap what was new this year at Interlaken!  There’s so much to mention - so pour yourself a cup of Harney Tea and read on!

  • Wedding/banquet chairs – beautiful and comfortable seating
  • Softub for one of our Honeymoon Suites – relax and look up at the stars
  • ATM – no need to travel into town
  • Recycle containers – so you can help us help the world
  • Lakefront furniture – to view the serene Lake Wononscopomuc
  • LCD’s – all rooms have them!
  • Trees in front of the main building – to keep our ramp entrance shady!
  • LOBBY!  This was a big one – so many of our Guests have commented how warm and welcoming it is – come see for yourself!
  • Complimentary Wi-fi – to keep you connected free of charge!
  • Complimentary mid-week Continental Breakfast – This was another big change our Guests really liked this year!  An assortment of continental items and one hot item per day – set-up in our Vineyard room every morning  until 9:30am!
  • Woodside Queen Mattresses – for that perfect slumber
  • Resurfaced Tennis Courts – I never even blogged about this this year!  We did them at the end of the season – BLUE – just like the U.S. Open!  I’ll post pictures soon!

If the last time you stayed with us was in 2009, then by all means – be sure to visit us soon to see and enjoy all of these new additions from 2010!  2011 has a list of goodies planned as well!


One more favorite thing….

S N O W . 

OK, for anyone who knows me you know I am way fibbing here!  But honestly I did LOVE it on Sunday when I had no where to go and I watched it fall all day and into the evening.  So pretty.  And then overnight.  And then into the morning until about Noon.  Still, I had nowhere to go on Monday either, so I was still lovin’ it!  My true feelings for snow set in as the shoveling began, but again I’m over it as the ride to work this morning was so pretty since E V E R Y T H I N G was covered in snow!  Now let the winter fun in New England begin!  There’s so much to do: skiing, snowboarding, tubing, ice skating – just going for a trudging walk in it is invigorating!  Head behind the Sunnyside house and build a huge SNOWMAN!  I bundled up and headed outside to take some pictures of this wonderful snow!


Another one of my favorite things….


As of yesterday, Interlaken only had paper gift certificates available for purchase, but as of this morning we now have virtual gift cards as well!  I am so excited about this, as we all have been in that situation where we need a last minute gift and it’s 10pm the night before the event, and panic sets in.  (most likely self inflicted panic as why would one wait until the night before?)  But now it’s virtual gift cards to the rescue!  It’s so easy to get them – you can go right to our website and look for the above picture, click on it and you are in!  You will need the email of whom you wish to send it to and they’ll have it instantly.  There are a choice of demoninations as well, so if you were thinking of $100 towards dinner at Morgan’s or $500 towards a 2 night package, the choice is yours.  Someday we hope to offer our many packages as well for gift card purchases, but until then,  you’ll have to plan a bit ahead of time and give us a call so we can still mail that out to you in time.  Still in need of a last minute gift?  Let Interlaken’s new virtual gift cards be your solution! 

How cute is this to show up on your special someone’s mobile device?!


A few of my favorite things

Sunnyside at Interlaken

If you have ever spoken to me on the phone for a reservation and have ever asked “what is your favorite building?” then you already know my answer.  It’s Sunnyside.  Now, I probably wouldn’t choose this particular building if I had my two daughters with me, since each room does have a King bed.  (then again, snuggling with them in one big bed does sound fun!).  The building originates to 1891, and as you view it on the hill and walk up the wide steps leading into it, you can feel the Victorian-ism even before you step inside.  I have blogged about Sunnyside before, so chances are if you are a faithful reader then you know of its wraparound porch, winding staircase, old pictures, victorian furnishings, and the big backyard.  Less than 2 years ago we did a renovation including new linens, draperies, carpet, and new flat screen LCD’s.  I am writing about Sunnyside today for one main reason, though, and that is more renovations!  Let me fill you in on what is planned for Spring 2011:

  • Each bathroom is getting a facelift!  New vanities (much more space for your toiletries), better lighting, bigger mirrors, and rainfall showerheads
  • The Suite in Sunnyside is being redecorated!  Over the last few years, this Suite has become popular as the “Mom of the Bride” Suite, so it would only be fitting to add a sweet corner dressing table for mom, daughter, and the gals to get pretty at.  The Suite also has an adjoining sitting room where new carpet and a new pull-out sofa will be placed.
  • One room has become pet friendly!  No need to wait until 2011 for this one!  Many of our pet friendly travelers were looking for a king bedded room, so we decided to take Room 150 and make it specifically for owners and their pups.  The carpet was removed the other day and was replaced with a new wood floor.  The stone wall in the room gives it a rustic feel, and the furniture is mission-styled – you won’t find Victorian-ism in this pet friendly room!  New bedding and drapery is also on the way!


Winter at Lake Wononscopomuc

Interlaken’s lakefront on Lake Wononscopomuc – beautiful at any time of the year.


Amazing Winter Wedding photos!

I was able to take some pictures from this past weekend’s winter wedding (I posted them on my blog on Saturday the 11th) – but let’s be honest – absolutely NOTHING compares with a professional!  Michael Dominique was the photographer who caught all of the festivities for the entire weekend at Interlaken, starting with the rehearsal dinner on Friday to the farewell brunch on Sunday.  Although he is still logging in the pictures from the weekend, you can view most of them by visiting his website at  www.mdominique.zenfolio.com.  Click on “All my photos”, then “Ben and Chelsea’s Wedding” – the password is Interlaken.  I highly suggest pouring yourself your favorite beverage (you know mine – Harney and Sons Tea) and taking a few moments to check out these photos – they are simply gorgeous!  Michael captured every  moment perfectly.  I particularly love the shots at our lakefront – who says the lake can’t be involved in the colder months?!   The ceremony in our Atrium – see how pretty it was!  Enjoy!

P.S. Do these photos want to make you start planning your winter wedding weekend?  Email weddings@interlakeninn.com to contact Brandon about available dates for the 2011/2012 winter season!


Look Who's Talking 2!

Remember last blog I wrote “Interlaken Guests, keep the comments coming”?  They are still coming!  Read this one I received today:

We recently held a two day management conference at Interlaken Inn. We appreciated the professionalism and personable approach of all your staff including Kristy, Stephanie and Eric in the restaurant. The meeting facilities and events were well organized. The accommodations and the food were excellent.

We would definitely return to Interlaken Inn and recommend it to others. Please extend our appreciation to your staff.

Best Regards,

Bob S.

Thank you, Bob – it was our pleasure to service your group!  We hope you return soon!

Let our staff take care of your group – contact Kristy Barto at 1-800-222-2909 to make corporate arrangements today!


Look Who's Talking!

Interlaken Guests are!!

“It’s such a warm and cozy place”

“Your young chef is excellent, as is his creative menu”

“The food was fabulous”

“You have the nicest towels here”

“We had a great time”

“Thank you so much for having Brandon – he is incredible”

“Great chocolate croissants, the best I ever had”

“Perfect weather for a wedding in December”

“Your staff was just so comfortable and welcoming.  Everyone was just always there to please.  Thank you SO much”

Thank you Interlaken Guests – I am always all ears – so keep the comments coming!


Winter Woodland Wedding

At Interlaken today – let the pictures show you how sweet it is!


The Gift of Time

I love talking with Guests that are looking to surprise their significant other with “The Gift of Time”.  I spoke with a nice young lady the other day who was looking to give her new husband “the gift of time” with a night away as a Christmas present.  She started her internet search with “shows in Connecticut” and came across Infiity Hall over in Norfolk, CT, just 20 minutes from the Interlaken.  “The Sounds of ABBA” caught her eye, as well as the Interlaken “Night on the Town” package we offer that includes overnight accommodations, tickets to the show, and breakfast for two the next day.   She booked the package at Infinity, and upon further conversation about “the gift of time” (I get excited when someone wishes to surprise someone else, especially like this), we talked about other packages we offer and ended up booking another for February!   Our “Sleigh Ride” package fit the bill perfectly for her – a romantic sleigh ride at Loon Meadow Farm (also in Norfolk) and two tickets to the Norman Rockwell Museum.  She was thrilled about that one as Norman Rockwell is her husband’s favorite artist, and who can beat a sleigh ride?  Let’s hope for lots of snow in February when she comes! 

If you wish to give the “Gift of Time” this year to your special someone, please give me a call – I’d love to plan it with you!

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