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The Lakeside Blog is happily written by Michelle Bousquet at the Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT. She writes about what there is to do at Interlaken and why you should come stay with us, fun local events, great places to visit and cool things to do – in and around Lakeville & Salisbury Connecticut.

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Not your average hotel food...

Hotel restaurants have a stigma, you know, and many times for good reason.  Certain hotels with restaurants usually have banquet facilities as well, so it’s almost assumed by the Customer that the food they are eating in the restaurant is the same frozen prepared “heat and serve” product that was being prepared for the banquet.  Now, I certainly understand that this may be the best option when you are serving several hundred people for a large event, but not here at Interlaken!  All of our food is prepared from scratch (for both our restaurant AND for our weddings/banquets) using the finest, local and organic ingredients as much as possible.  Our menu changes many times during the week to add the freshest ingredients from our local farms, such as Farm Girl Farm, Feather Ridge Farm, Sky Farm, and Coach Farm.  Our Culinary-trained Chefs love to produce creative items using the finest products we can find.  Here are what our Guests have said about Morgan’s:

Food was delicious

Food is yummy

A great dinner at Morgan's

Dinner was excellent

We greatly enjoyed the dinner

The food was top notch and the service was just the right amount of friendliness and privacy

The one meal we had at the restaurant was very good

The food was delicious

We especially enjoyed the cuisine of the restaurant

The food is great!  All three of us are huge fans of the Morgan Burger

The food delicious (this is a popular one!)

Dinner at your restaurant was better than expected.

Don’t you want to eat at a restaurant with reviews such as this?  Come try us.  You will be pleasantly surprised.


Morgan's at Interlaken



We are note friendly

Question for you:  When is the last time that you hand wrote a note to someone, expressing your gratitude?  I'm guessing most will say "it's a been a while".  Now, when is the last time you left a handwritten note for the Manager of a resort you have stayed at?  I'm going to guess all will say "it's been quite a while" - or perhaps never! 

In today's world of texting, emailing, and voicemailing - hand written notes are a rare thing!  Now, not to say there's anything wrong with any of these above ways to communicate (as a matter of fact, we receive many positive comments via email from our Guests, and love it!), but there is something especially touching about a hand written note.  Maybe because it is such a thing of the past, and something that doesn't happen often.  This rarity happened at Interlaken this week:  a Guest just stayed with us in our Lakeside Cottage and enjoyed their time so much that they left the following note at check-out:

Interlaken Resort Note

Now, not only did this Guest write a note, but their DOG wrote a heartfelt note as well!

Interlaken note from Dog!

Now, how cute is this?!  Thank you Caryl, George and Riko!

The Lakeside Cottage is written about quite often on my blog, on our Facebook page, and on Tripadvisor.  For those of you wishing for peacefulness, tranquility, a connection back to nature, a connection back to your family or complete privacy, this is the accommodation for you. 

Interlaken Lakeside Cottage

There are a couple of dates still open this summer and fall. Give us a call - you might love it enough to write a hand written note as well. (although emails are happily accepted too!)


A wedding hunt

I was doing my daily walk around the property, camera in hand, hoping to meet some Guests enjoying the property.  I love seeing families at the pool (cold drinks anyone?) and people sitting on their patio with their dogs.  In addition to meeting a family all the way from Denmark (visiting us in between their trip in NYC and Boston) and a group of ladies (who have known each other since they were 12!) here on a girlfriends getaway - I saw this:

Interlaken Wedding Scavenger Hunt

Pretty, right?  But besides it being pretty, I noticed the horse sculpture was holding something.  The horse usually does not hold anything... So I got closer:

Interlaken Wedding Scavenger

Not close enough:

Interlaken Scavenger Hunt

OK, this is when I realized it was part of the Scavenger Hunt that the Bride and Groom created for their Wedding Guests!  A little extra fun to challenge friends and family to see how well they truly know about the happy couple, and also to make sure Guests are discovering all aspects of the Interlaken property!  As clues were collected by each Guest, they would fill in the crossword puzzle at the farewell brunch on Sunday, and a gift to the winner was awarded!  Very cute, I just love these neat ideas!

Interlaken Wedding Pavilion

It was a perfect day for a wedding and a perfect weekend to make it a destination one!

Interlaken Wedding Pavilion - cocktail hour 

Cocktail hour


Sweet sunset

Interlaken Lakefront Sunset

Interlaken Lakefront Sunset

Interlaken Lakefront - it's waiting for you.



L O V E is in the Interlaken Air!

Last night there was a proposal in Morgan's restaurant.  How romantic is that?  They had an 8:30pm dinner reservation, and when they were done with their entrees, a dessert menu was presented to the bride-to-be with one, sweet item on the menu: 

Diamond Engagement Chocolate Cake

*comes with a real diamond ring

I wondered if she ordered it....YES of course she did!  So the staff brought over two glasses of champagne and then gave the couple some private time. 

Right now as I type this, they are out on a canoe at the Interlaken's lakefront...   

Interlaken Lakefront Engagement

I hope this couple realizes that Interlaken is a wedding destination property...

Congratulations to you both!  Thank you for letting Interlaken be a part of such a special moment in your lives!

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