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QUILTing time is a TREASURE!

Interlaken Inn CT Quilting retreats

This was us last Saturday!

It has been a very long week for everyone living in Connecticut and other parts of New England thanks to last Saturday's snow storm.  Although many parts of Connecticut are up and running, there are still thousands without power.  The Quilting group staying with us this weekend called often this week to check up on our power status - sewing machines are a necessity when it comes to quilting!  By Tuesday evening 80% of our property had power so we had good news to report!  I was fortunate enough to speak to one woman who was traveling from Rochester for the quilting weekend, a weekend that she looks forward to every year.  With the roads clear and the power up she wasn't going to let Mother Nature interfere with her special weekend.  She came early so she could spend some time with her mom, aunt and sister before the quilting time began - it was a pleasure to meet you and your family, Deb! 

Interlaken Retreats CT Quilting

If you read my blog then you know I am big into the creative weekends - scrapbooking, quilting, knitting - such wonderful hobbies!  As Deb's sister told me, and of course I had to agree - our property is the perfect place to hold any one of these kind of retreats - we have plenty of rooms, plenty of good food and plenty of work space! 

This Quilts & Treasures group has been coming to the Interlaken for about 8 years now - and what a nice and friendly group of ladies and one man it is - always willing to share what they are working on.  They each made runners, had a show and tell - and how does a jelly roll race sound?  At first Deb said "the race" and I said "I'm out" but then she said the "jelly roll race" and I said "I'm back in!"  But, it wasn't the kind of yummy race I was thinking of - and all of you quilting folks will know exactly what it is! 

Interlaken Quilting retreat CT

This group got to know the knitting group next door to them, as well as some of the guys from the Electric Company.  Yes, we can accommodate just about any kind of group you've got - so give us a call so we can plan your group getaway!

Thank you to Deb and all the ladies who took the time to chat with me about their favorite hobby - we love having your creative spirit stay with us!





Woodside bathrooms.


Woodside flooring.

Second floor drapery.

The Newman room.

Second floor bathrooms.

Second floor corridor carpet.

Lobby carpet.

Renovations are happening at Interlaken!  Stay tuned for updates!!


Let there be light!

and power and heat - THANK YOU CL&P!!  The main building is now back up and running as are most of our outer buildings.  The restaurant will be serving a limited menu this evening, but will be ready for the weekend as we receive our food orders in the next couple of days for our regular Morgan's menu.  Many of you have called wondering how we are doing - Quilting groups - we will be ready for you, no worries! 


You heard it here first!

On Sunday, October 30th, the Interlaken's "Dashing through the Snow" package will be featured in the Travel and Leisure section of the New York Times.  Yes, it is hard to believe I am already writing the "s" word - SNOW!  What pretty little particles it can be, coming out of the sky, especially if you are in a sleigh taking a ride through the beautiful Litchfield Hills with your sweetheart.  Even though snow flurries are in the forecast for the next couple of days here in New England, it will hopefully be at least another 6 weeks before it accumulates to form the perfect amount for the perfect sleigh ride!  But you can book the package now for a future date - either on-line or by giving us a call!  For more info about the package, click here.  It is one of our most popular packages over the winter months - I am sure that doesn't surprise you - I mean, a "sleigh ride"?  How unique and wonderful is that?!  Sounds like the perfect holiday gift!


The verdict is in!

So if you have been reading my blog (thank you very much, by the way!) then you will know that we recently finished the two prototype bathrooms up on the second floor in our Main Building.  One was a "plum" theme and the other was a "spice" theme.   Both have mosaic tiles, granite-topped vanities, shower stalls - both are wonderful new looks!  Both themes have been well liked by our Guests, but the one that was chosen for the rest of the second floor bathrooms is.....   (drumroll please....)

Interlaken Lakeville CT renovation

The "SPICE" theme!  This renovation will begin this winter.  If you want to get a preview and are staying with us soon, request either Room 139 (spice theme, two queen beds) or Room 140 (plum theme, one king bed) - let me know what you think!

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