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Interlaken Earth

This is the Earth at Interlaken.


Interlaken Lakefront

Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT Lakefront

INterlaken Inn Courtyard

Interlaken Lakeville CT Route 41 views

Interlaken Inn view from Townhouses

Interlaken Courtyard Lakeville CT

Interlaken Lake Wononscopomuc CT

Interlaken Courtyard Lakeville CT

Interlaken Inn Lake Wononscopomuc Sunset



Every day is Earth Day!

Interlaken Green Lodging Property

As Earth Day approaches this weekend, Interlaken is already celebrating.  In fact, we celebrate all year long!  Being one of the first hotels in the State of Connecticut to become a Certified Green Lodging Property (and the only one in the Northwest Corner), Interlaken Inn Staff is proud to work in an earth friendly environment!

  • Recycle bins are in each Guestroom, as well as large recycling units around the property
  • Installation of an ozone machine in our laundry room to guarantee that our towels and sheets achieve the whitest and safest clean technology without throwing harsh chemicals into the earth
  • Use of an in-room House TV Channel describing our amenities and the local area (no paper use)
  • Our Chefs continue to add food scraps (such as from fruits and veggies) to our composting bins.  The organic matter is then used in the raised herb beds that will grace your plate in Morgan's restaurant
  • New plantings from Salisbury Garden Center are low maintenance, hardy and of native varieties.  The gardens around the property are populated with grasses and perenniels, and annuals that require significant water and fertilizer are limited
  • The amenities in our Guestrooms come in Biodegradable bottles
  • Use of green cleaning products in all Guestrooms and public areas
  • All rooms have 2.0 GPM (gallons per minute) aerators on bathroom sink faucets
  • Purchase at least 20% of food from local farmers (in season) for Morgan's, such as Skyfarms greens and lettuce, Fleisher organic meats, fruits and veggies from Mr. Church, among many others
  • Automatic light sensor shut-offs for meeting rooms and office space
  • Participation in the Clean the World program, where remaining soap bars from Guestrooms are collected, recycled and redistributed to poverish countries around the globe.

We will continue on with our mission for 2012 and send a big thank you to all Interlaken Guests who also support the preservation of our natural resources!




Truly an Interlaken "Guest" Blogger

I know you've met this beautiful boy before: 
Interlaken Pet Friendly Inn CT
It's Saxon!  Saxon and his owners stayed with us this past weekend.  I asked Virginia if she'd be interested in being my first ever actual "Guest" blogger and she happily agreed.  Here is what she had to say about her weekend getaway!
We have been going up to the Interlaken Inn for many years now, and we do not know how it is possible, but it keeps getting better and better. 
We arrived Thursday to get a little R&R before the Weekend Getaway Life discovery Series on Saturday.  It was so nice to see Winston and Helen and Kevin and Michelle on arrival.  It touched us to feel so welcomed. 
We did our usual jaunt down to Millerton for a stroll on the Rail Trail and look at the shops.  We came back later in the afternoon and the sky was so dark.  It was starting to get very windy and it was raining.  So we went down to the lake and low and behold..a beautiful rainbow was there and it was so close to us.  I have never seen a rainbow so close..it was right where the docks go when they are in the lake.
Lakeville Lake Rainbow
Then we had dinner at Morgans with the new menu...The new dill rolls are so good..they are dangerously good.  My hubby had the strip steak that was cooked perfectly and I had the homemade ravioli.  For dessert there were fresh apple fritters that were the best we have ever tasted.  Also the homemade ice cream offerings are fabulous.  There was a pianist as well.  Lovely!
Friday morning we were greeted by the lovely Brenda at breakfast. There were tasty offerings of pancakes, croissants, cereal, etc. Brenda was so nice to us and she never met us before.
So what else to do?  Great Barrington is short drive and a cute town to walk around in.  There are a lot of stores and on the way up so many places to stop and shop as well.  Antique stores, garden stores, junque shops..so many.  Driving, walking and shopping can earn some rest.  Time to get back to the Interlaken  to rest on the adirondack chairs with a nice drink and this is ultimate RELAXATION.  Dinner at Morgan's offered a favorite request which we asked for prior to our arrival and grilled lamb chops.  The Arugula and strawberry salad is nice with just the right amount of dressing.  The grilled Asparagus are so good.  Morgan's is a four-star restaurant.  If you have a special dish you love, or a restricted diet, if you ask before your arrival, they will make it for you.
The opportunity of the getaway packages make the Interlaken a wonderful value.  They even have the life discovery series to appeal to a wide variety of subjects, quilting, cooking, poker, dog training tips..so many options to enrich your stay.  The staff is always friendly and offer suggestions.  I had seen a posting on the blog for a hike to Sunset rock.  Michelle let me know where it was.  We drove there and hiked up to the rock.  The views were lovely and it was worth the trip! 
Sunset Rock near Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT
We kept busy and the pool and canoes were not up and running for summer yet.  We will have to get back up to enjoy these as well.  Our Dinner at Morgans was wonderful again..The roasted organic Chicken was perfect.  The live music was great..good jazz sets.
As a dog lover, I spoke with many of the folks who brought there dogs and every couple were impressed by the newly renovated pet friendly rooms in Woodside.  They all are going to come back.  This should be good for the Interlaken.  They are pet friendly and re-doing Woodside is a great benefit. 
Woodside pet friendly Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT
If you like golf, bring your clubs...Hotchkiss school has a lovey course and there are driving ranges near buy, and the Interlaken has a green to practice on as well. 
I guess you can see why we love The Interlaken Inn.  The grounds are beautiful and the plantings and sculptures are fabulous.  The rooms are great and they are updating there like crazy. To top it off, you can't get a better staff...Kevin, Michelle, Sue, Winston, Eric, Dustin, Brenda, Helen, Carlos and of course Brandon made our stay one the best ever..and I thought that the last  time.  Also..thank you to all of the staff we do not see because they keep things going great to make us all happy! As I started this..they keep getting better and better. 
We do have one complaint...we always have to leave and go home!
Pet friendly Inn Lakeville, CT
Thank you Virginia, Stephen, and Saxon for being such loyal Guests of Interlaken!


Taste of Spring - again!

I may be pushing the new Spring menu a bit much, but really, each time I try a new dish I just have to share with you just how amazing it is!  Here is today's creation - sorry it is blurry!

Grilled Organic Salmon, Marinated Leeks and Cucumbers, Garden Chervil, Yogurt Sauce

Morgan's restaurant at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

So let me start by saying I don't even like salmon, but let me tell you how much I love this dish.  The salmon melted in my mouth, so tender.  The leeks and cucumbers were the perfect compliment, dipped in the yogurt sauce.  I felt so clean and healthy after this meal - I felt like going for a run! 

 It sure makes a difference when the right people take the time to create a dish using the right products. You can always count on the Chef's in Morgan's to do so!


A new tasty treat in Morgan's Restaurant

The Chef's in Morgan's restaurant are at it again, making delicious changes on the menu.  Now, this one isn't actually on the menu, but it is something you will enjoy when you order one of the many fresh and creative entrees:  Cottage Cheese Dill Rolls.  Everyone loves to snack on a little something before the meal comes, and these little guys are the perfect item.  So light, so delicious, so buttery - trust me, you will love them!  I ate them so quickly I didn't even have time to stop and take a picture.  Dine in Morgan's and you can taste them for yourself!

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