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The Lakeside Blog is happily written by Michelle Bousquet at the Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT. She writes about what there is to do at Interlaken and why you should come stay with us, fun local events, great places to visit and cool things to do – in and around Lakeville & Salisbury Connecticut.

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The dock is back!

Lake dock at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

Here it is, newly constructed and just waiting to be placed in its proper home at Interlaken's lakefront for the summer season.  This new dock will make several of our repeat Guests very happy this summer as I know they missed having a dock to swim to last season.  I promised them all the return of one this season and here it is.  Now we just need warmer weather to officially arrive!

Thank you Adam!


Resist me

You know you can't.

Morgan's Restaurant at Interlaken Inn

I may look like just an ordinary roll, but I compare with no other.  Although I was introduced into Morgan's several months ago, I've been tweaked by the Chefs to ultimate perfection.  I am moist and delicious and the ideal start to your wonderful dinner in Morgan's.  Just one bite and you'll agree (just like the sign says).  Don't even try to resist me.


Bye Bye Bathroom...

Here's your last look at our 1st floor main building Guestroom bathrooms!

Renovations at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT 

I am always thrilled about renovations at Interlaken, but this one is truly a very long anticipated one.  Last year we completed our second floor Guestroom bathroom renovations and they turned out spectacular!  (it's ok for me to brag about this, right?!)  Although everyone praised the new look, a couple of our Guests did mention a disappointment:  lack of a bathtub.  I remember this specifically as I met a couple last summer who, although they appreciated the complimentary upgrade to the second floor, the wife was looking forward to relaxing in a nice hot bath.  This first floor project will upgrade to a very similar look as the second floor, but all of the bathtubs will remain intact.  I am looking forward to the couple's return this summer so she can still have her hot bath but be surrounded by warm earthtones of the granite countertops, rich vanities and soothing artwork.

The renovations began this morning and all rooms will be complete in just a couple of weeks.


Love is in the Fall Air

Brandon just told me he booked another wedding for this September (surprised to hear there was even a date available to book!), so naturally I had to reach out for some great fall wedding shots to remind you (and myself) of the touches of color that will be back with us in just 6 short months.  Engaged and looking for the perfect wedding venue?  Email us at weddings@interlakeinn.com so we can check to see if your preferred date is still available! 

Photos by Kelly Prizel.

Lakeside Wedding Destination Interlaken Inn CT

Wedding Weekend at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

Wedding Weekend Destination at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

Wedding weekend destination at Interlaken Inn CT

Lakeside wedding at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

Lakeside Wedding at Interlaken Inn in Lakeville CT

Lakeside ceremony at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

Lakeside Wedding at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT


Paradise at Interlaken


Scrapbooking Weekend in CT at Interlaken Inn

Scrapbooking weekend in CT at Interlaken Inn

I may not be using the word 'paradise' properly here for many of you, but for true scrapbookers this weekend is certainly paradise!  An entire weekend away from the hustle and bustle, the routine, the chores - to escape to the country and do nothing but scrapbook all weekend long.  Well, many of the ladies do make time for this massage chair and, of course, cocktails too, but essentially the weekend is spent preserving memories in a fun and creative way.  It's no secret that I am a scrapbooker myself and am always quite envious of the ladies (50 this time!) that are able to take part in such a fun weekend.  I wander through the meeting rooms to gather some ideas and make promises to myself to scrapbook more regularly.  We all know how it goes, though, so to have weekends available like this is such a wonderful option!  If your routine keeps you from your favorite hobby, join Kim from Creative Memories the last weekend in February 2014 and escape to scrapbooking paradise.  Call us for more details!

Scrapbooking Weekend at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

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