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The Lakeside Blog is happily written by Michelle Bruck at the Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT. She writes about what there is to do at Interlaken and why you should come stay with us, fun local events, great places to visit and cool things to do – in and around Lakeville & Salisbury Connecticut.

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Looking you up and down

Yes, that is what I did to this tree!  There is so much color popping in and around Interlaken as we head toward the fall foliage peak season.  This beautiful intense tree welcomed me as I walked into work today.  Check out the sky!  We've had some dreary weather lately so when the sky is clear it provides the perfect background to the beauty Mother Nature is giving us.  Now is the time to make your plans to visit us - you know the ride to us from wherever you come from will be pretty and will certainly remain that way as you wander the vast Interlaken property.  Come and kick up some leaves with us!  Peak season has even yet to arrive.

Fall Foliage at Interlaken Inn CT

Fall Foliage at Interlaken Inn CT

Fall Foliage at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT


Go Bearcats!

As you travel west on Route 112 coming down the hill, one can't help but notice the beautiful football field on the Hotchkiss School campus, right next door to the Interlaken property.  As this one (meaning me) is driving past it heading east I can't help but take a picture of the Bearcats in action.  Another sure sign of fall!

  Hotchkiss School next to Interlaken Inn

We look forward to the arrival of all Hotchkiss families for the upcoming Parents weekend!  Interlaken is open year round so you can visit anytime.


Stars of September

As much as I love going out to dinner this time of year, I also find dining out in the fall time to be stressful.  It is so hard to choose between all of the amazing flavors!  How can one choose between pumpkin and butternut squash ravioli, or an heirloom tomato salad vs. baby arugula with fresh pear?  And dessert is certainly a challenge as well - pumpkin bread pudding, maple walnut cake or fresh apple cobbler?  I suppose one way to win this little battle is to dine out often to catch all of the wonderful options!  Have you caught any local flavors at Morgan's yet?  Let's see what those dining in Morgan's chose the most in the month of September:

The entree star of September was:  Grilled Grass-fed N.Y. Strip with House Worcestershire, Horseradish, Garlicky Spinach.

The second star was the Pasta Bolognese:  Pappardelle Pasta with Locally Raised Beef Ragu made in a traditional style.

Tied for third:  East Coast Red Snapper with Red Pepper Crust, Local Sweet Corn, Young Scallions and Grilled Wild King Salmon, Marinated Cucumbers and Leeks, Saffron Yogurt, Pistachio.

(I had the pleasure of enjoying this dish!)

Morgan's Restaurant Wild King Salmon

The dessert winner - and I knew what is was going to be before I even looked:  Local Apple Fritters with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream!

I was curious as to the most ordered appetizer in the month and it looks like our Guests went traditional: 

Classic Caesar Salad with Housemade Dressing, Marinated White Anchovies, Croutons

Morgan's is open every night and also has nightly specials.  Reserve a table today!


Yes, color in New England has arrived!

There always seems to be one tree that stands out amongst the rest, and this one, even on a dreary New England day, is the perfect representation of the vibrant autumn colors just starting to grace Northwestern Connecticut and the Southern Berkshires.  Just picture it with a bright blue sky behind it and it can knock your fall socks off!  Even though this tree is fully changing, no worries, we haven't hit peak season yet.  Now is the perfect time to plan a fall foliage getaway to Interlaken! 

Interlaken Inn Fall Foliage Packages CT

Notice the little guy in the photo enjoying the signs of fall as well.

Fall Foliage at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

Attention couples getting married at Interlaken this month - the colors are here in the courtyard area and more will be coming!  The lakefront is dotting with color as well, just waiting for you to arrive!

Fall Foliage near the Wedding Pavilion at Interlaken Inn

Interlaken Wedding Pavilion in the Fall


74 Interlaken Road, Lakeville, CT

Take a sneak peak at the new Interlaken property map that is in the works!  We admit the current one presented to you at check-in does work, but this one is way prettier.

Interlaken Property Map


The Plunge!

Eric Limon Photographer/Wedding at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

Take it at Interlaken!


What's in your Inbox?

Here's what was in mine today, right in a row:

We had a lovely time while staying at Interlaken. We enjoyed some relaxation while walking around your lovingly maintained property and canoeing on the peaceful lake.

Our dinner at Morgan's was delicious and we thoroughly enjoyed our champagne in our room.  Our room was clean and the furnishings were just right. We spent time on our private balcony and were able to enjoy the fresh air while sipping our champagne.

Thank you for a lovely time. We look forward to more visits to Interlaken Inn in the not too distant future!


I really like your Inn. I have nothing negative to say. You are my hotel of choice.

Followed by:

Our stay at Interlaken this past weekend was perfect. It was an important occasion: The stay was a mini-vacation gift to our 10 year old son, Gram, who is a motorsport fanatic. It was his first official experience witnessing live racing (with the Saturday SCCA finals at Limerock Racepark) so we were looking for a place to rest and enjoy his enthusiasm.

You delivered in full…the room, the grounds, the dining…all perfect. He especially loved the second floor balcony to the room.

A unit with two full sized beds can tend to be tight for two adults and a young boy but your lodging is wonderful. We’re curious about the other lodging options and fully intend to explore the potential there at our next visit to Interlaken and Limerock.

Thank you again for being part of such a terrific family experience.

Thank you to these Guests for making the Interlaken staff smile!  We look forward to serving you all again soon!


Golfing with a view

Interlaken Inn - Copake Country Club

This is the first time I've posted a photo of a lake this not part of the Interlaken property.  I must admit it feels rather strange!  Let me move on and tell you how it relates! 

Golfing with a view is true:  from the 7th and 18th holes at Copake Country Club you can see the beautiful Copake Lake up in Columbia County, NY, about 25 minutes from the Interlaken.  The drive to this course is quite a pretty one as you head north on Route 22 and admire the beautiful mountains and valleys with trees just starting to pop with some color.  You must drive along this beautiful lake to get to the entrance of the golf course located on a hill that provides amazing views of not only the lake but this very pretty sunset as well.  I believe the view only can get better as the season becomes more vibrant.  There are many golf courses near the Interlaken (including Hotchkiss Golf Course right next door) so come and stay with us soon to get at least one more round in before the season ends!


A gallery of Wedding Photos

 Interlaken Fall Wedding Weekend CT

"A picture is worth a thousand words".  The age old adage is so true!  View this photo (taken by Eric Limon) and many others at our new photo gallery on our wedding page - click here to take you there.  Wedding couples, continue to check back often as we continue to update the gallery with thousands of beautiful words!


Daily Dose of Omega 3's

What a wonderful way to get it.

Farm to table at Morgan's Restaurant Interlaken CT

Grilled Wild King Salmon, Marinated Cucumbers and Leeks, Saffron Yogurt, Pistachio

Find this and and other wonderful healthy creations from the Chefs in Morgan's restaurant, open 7 days a week for a fine dining experience.

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