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The Lakeside Blog is happily written by Michelle Bruck at the Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT. She writes about what there is to do at Interlaken and why you should come stay with us, fun local events, great places to visit and cool things to do – in and around Lakeville & Salisbury Connecticut.

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This is how many pieces the band will be for our upcoming ballroom dance weekend.  Now that is a BIG BAND!  Although I mentioned this new package to you back in November, the first ever ballroom dance weekend at Interlaken is now just one month away!  It falls on the most perfect weekend in February, of course, the weekend Interlaken is celebrating Valentine's Day.  Hold your partner close all weekend long as you learn to dance and then show off your moves as the 18 piece band helps glide you around the dance floor!  Check out the details of this super fun and calorie burning weekend by clicking here!

Learn to ballroom dance


Happy New Year!

Welcome 2013! 

I feel like we just started 2012 yet here we are, another full year ahead of us that will hopefully be a happy and a healthy one.  'Tis the season for the usual resolutions - did you pick the same one as last year?  If it was "I plan to go get away more often" than that is certainly worth a repeat for this year!  When a 7 day beach vacation just doesn't fit into your busy schedule (or your budget), frequent weekend or weekday getaways just might do the trick.  Interlaken offers several getaway packages that will help you keep your resolutions this year.  We've got the usual favorites plus NEW for 2013 - read on!

  • Romantic Interlude, Romantic Escape, Romantic Date Night and Instant Romance Package - Sweethearts, we've got you covered.  Send the kids to grandma and grandpa's for a one night away to reconnect.  Choose the package right for you - sweet and simple or one a bit more elaborate.
  • The Weekend Getaway Package - Sneak away for one or two days and "live and learn" at Interlaken!  A variety of topics, including the Art of Floral Design with Kamilla Najdek, a Songwriter's Workshop with Jimmy Wayne (yes, THE Jimmy Wayne) and Your Cup of Tea with John Harney, will acquainte you with something that has perhaps always peaked your interest.  We've got a unique workshop almost every weekend right through March 9th.  
  • Connecticut Cooking Classes - who does not like to eat?  I am sure there are no hands raised here, but if the question was "who does not like to cook" there may be some arms in the air!  Let Interlaken's own Chef Brandon Scimeca will share his passion for food and change your mind.  We've got three weekends each in January, February and March - pick one!
  • Escape & Indulge and Couples Massage Package - Of course one must renew and revitalize their body at the beginning of the new year!  ELLORA Spa & Sanctuary will cleanse and energize and pamper your soul.
  • Sleigh Ride Package - the title says it all.  Take a horse-drwan sleigh ride through pretty hills of Litchfield County.  I really could have listed this with the romance packages because really, how romantic does this sound?  Weather permitting of course!  A Carriage Ride will be substituted if Mother Nature has not provided enough snow.
  • Nothing here that interests you?  No worries, there's more!  See our complete list of packages by clicking here.

Resolve to keep your resolutions by visiting Interlaken!



A "Hoppy" Guest

If I said that Interlaken has rabbits now, this is probably what you would have thought of:

Pet friendly resort in Lakeville CT

You'd be right of course as these rabbits have been hopping around on Interlaken property for awhile now.  But what if I showed you this?

Pet friendly hotel in Connecticut Interlaken

Meet Ollie!  Yes, a real live cute little bunny named Ollie hopped onto Interlaken property a few weeks ago and very much liked his stay with us.  Ollie enjoyed the bananas that someone gave him at the front desk and he also sampled some fresh Connecticut kale from the local grocery store.  It looks as though he liked being out of his cage in one of our Woodside pet friendly rooms.

Ollie the bunny!  Pet friendly, Interlaken CT

Ollie is not the only one who enjoyed their stay!  This is what his owners wrote:

We had a great weekend with our pet bunny at your resort! The entire staff in the hotel and restaurant were friendly and welcoming. The pet friendly room that we stayed in was perfectly clean, cozy, and we really enjoyed the updated bathroom! I would not have expected such a nice facility to be pet friendly! The restaurant was amazing!!! And we also took advantage of the workout room. Hope to visit again soon!!

Although much of our pet friendly literature talks about and refers to dogs, this proves we welcome pets of all sorts!  Thank you, Ollie, for staying with us!  


White Wedding

If you happened to be driving by the Interlaken at 5pm today (or walking to the front entrance to check-in) then this is the pretty sight you saw:

Winter Wedding in Vineyard at Interlaken Inn CT

A sweet and festive wedding ceremony in our Vineyard room!  A light dusting of snow happened early on in the day to provide the perfect setting of a white wedding.  Remember an earlier blog this month introduced you to another reception location, the Will Rogers Room?  I have another intimate option to share with you:  the Continental Room.  Typically used for meetings and social retreats, this room also dresses up perfectly for a cozy evening affair.  Although I do love my little blog camera, it was unable (I should say I was unable) to capture the beautiful glow in the room the lights and candles created.  I ask that you please use your imagination now and look forward to photos in 2013 from the professional photographer for this one!

Winter Wedding Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

Winter Wedding INterlaken Inn CT

A table for the bride and groom was perfectly placed in front of the fireplace as about 60 of their friends and family surrounded them.

Winter Wedding Lakeville CT

Winter Wedding Lakeville CT

Winter Wedding Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

Winter Wedding Interlaken Inn Patio Room CT

The big globes in the patio room are typically white, but not for this event!  Each one had a colored light and it so popped this room where cocktails were served and everyone kicked up their heels with the sounds of the DJ. 

If you have a smaller special event to plan please keep these intimate options in mind!  Stephanie can give you complete details - email her!  Weddings@interlakeninn.com.



Exceeding expectations

We like to do it.  We did it for this Guest:

My stay at Interlaken exceeded my expectations. I only wish I had more time to stay and enjoy myself. It was a wonderful experience. The staff was delightful, the food was exquisite and scenery was awesome. The spa services were enjoyed very much as well. I will be returning in the future and I will try to do so during your off season again. It's the perfect getaway from the daily hustle and bustle. Thank you for the wonderful experience. 

Come stay with us so we can strive to exceed your expectations as well!


Winter Wedding warm up

If you see "wedding" in any of my blog titles I am sure you immediately picture our decorated cloth tables underneath the big white pavilion surrounded by lush gardens in our courtyard area.  You should think that as most of our large weddings in-season are held in that fashion.  Even though that big pavilion is available year round for any event for 100 or more people, for those looking with a smaller affair have other options as well. 

Here is one.  

This room (called the Will Rogers Room) is usually set for conference groups, quilt or scrapbook retreats, and learning seminars, but let me tell you:  it transforms so nicely into a gathering place for a wedding of 70 people!  I was so pleased as I walked in to take a few photos, and I even snapped these before the sun went down and the lights were dimmed, so just imagine that ambience as well.  I loved the touches of evergreen and pine cones (which New England spotlights this time of year) - can you see the favors at each place setting?  Yes, evergreen tree seedlings to grow over the years of marriage.  And the recipe tree!  How cute is that, to receive from your favorite family and friends the recipe for endless love and a lifetime of happiness! (and probably some yummy treats and comfort foods too) 

Winter Wedding at Interlaken Inn CT

Interlaken Inn Winter Wedding CT

Interlaken Inn Winter Wedding Ideas CT

Learn more about our intimate affair options by reaching out to Stephanie @ weddings@interlakeninn.com!


Long time, no see!

Ah, returning from vacation, back to familiar faces and places - always a good thing! But new things can be good things too and these are new since the last time I've written!

  • A new email from a recent Guest:  Our weekend at Interlaken was very nice, the staff was professional  and very helpful, the room was clean and quite comfortable, and the food was amazing ! I'm sure you will be seeing us again.
  • A new comment from a recent Bride: To the staff at The Interlaken... Matt and I wanted to thank you for all that you did for us on our wedding day. We had THE BEST time!!! You are all so amazing!!! A special thank you goes out to the best wedding planner/coordinator EVER Steph, you ROCK!!!!!!!!
  • A new entree on Morgan's dinner menu: Mediterranean Bouillabaisse: Monkfish, Mussels, Shrimp, Fennel, Potato, Rouille
  • A new project lined up for 2013:  Main building first floor bathrom renovaton, similiar to the second floor
  • A new "Cooking in Connecticut" package - have fun cooking with our own Chef Scimeca!
  • A new possible project for adding a deluxe Suite!  (More details to follow if this wish comes true!)
  • A new and imrpvoed wedding slide show
  • A new option for corporate holiday entertaining - click here for fun & festive party ideas!
  • A new soon to be member of the Interlaken pet family!  Can't wait to meet you, Basil!

Interlaken Pet friendly hotel Lakeville Ct


Live Chat and Vegan Dining Options

You are probably thinking what does one have to do with the other, right?  Let me share:

Yesterday I sign onto the Interlaken's website as available for a "Live Chat".  (You've seen them on some websites, and now we are experimenting with it too.)  So anyway I am hopeful as I "invite" a person who is on our website to chat with me - "Could I assist you further?" I ask.  Well how excited was I when he starts typing to me, and about my favorite thing:  FOOD!  He said he was interested in coming to visit us from New York City and was looking at our menus in Morgan's restaurant to see what dining options we had for vegans.  Thoughts started racing through my head:  "Of course we have vegan options" "Our Culinary Graduates would be happy to prepare vegan meals for you" "We can do anything you'd like" "I'm a vegetarian myself!" "Do you have specific favorites" "Chef Scimeca trained under Alice Waters at Chez Panisse" "Chef Scimeca cooks vegan meals for his family all the time".  Well the one thing about Live Chat that I learned quickly yesterday was you've got to type back fast, and I mean fast!  (I want to rename it fast chat) I can't think my thoughts, I have to write my thoughts quickly so the Guest knows I am alive and breathing on the other end and am anxious to answer his question.  So to the vegan couple looking to come from NYC to visit us and are wondering if we can feed you the answer is a big YES!  Give me a call so I can truly "Live Chat" with you!


You talked, we listened!

A few weeks ago we received a few emails from our Guests as part of our Guest Feedback program that asked us to "update our fitness room".  You talked to us and we listened!  In addition to the already new Treadmill and Functional Trainer added in August, here are our two most recent purchases, with one more on the way:

Interlaken new Fitness equipment

A complete set of kettlebells from 5 pounds to 25 pounds, perfect for a total body fitness routine.

Interlaken Inn Fitness equipment - recumbent bike

A recumbent bike!  If you've seen recumbent bikes but never tried one before, here is your chance to see how you like it.  Having an upright stationary bike at home, I immediately felt my entire body was more comfortable and my upper body was way more relaxed as well.  This bike was fun to ride, and it's important when fitness is fun!  If I had my ipod with me I could have plugged that in as well.  This bike has many programs that it will give you a different route and a different workout each morning you wake up with us!  Take a walk to our Atrium building to try it yourself!

The last and final piece to our new fitness room will be a Stair Climber to arrive in a few more weeks.


First Thanksgiving from Home

Ah, a private Penthouse room for families big and families small.  This cozy set-up was perfect for a family of ten on Thanksgiving Day.  A traditional Thankgiving dinner in front of the warm fireplace, the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade on the widescreen TV, and the ability to take advantage of the not-so-chilly temperatures out on the Penthouse roof.  

If now is the time to break tradition from cooking every Thanksgiving but still keep the coziness of home at your fingertips, then I highly reommend asking about the Penthouse room for next year.   You will have everything but the mess!  You will smell the wonderful Thanksgiving Feast as you enter the building and then help yourself to the buffet located on the sunny deck in Morgan's, complete with a Chef carving station of turkey and ham.  Fresh whipped mashed potatoes, sweet potato and marshmallow casserole, roasted winter vegetables, whole cranberry sauce, an assortment of salads and breads, the list goes on!   Be sure to save room for dessert as we offer a wide assortment of pies, freshly baked cookies and even pumpkin mousse.  You will definitely have that full belly feel just like you were sitting at your own dining room table as you head to the sofa or oversized chairs to watch either the annual parade or the football game.  It's a private room - so yes, naps are allowed!  Come for the day or spend some overnights with us - it's your choice.  I hope to see you at the next 4th Thursday, November 2013!

Thanksgiving Penthouse Dining Interlaken Lakeville CT

Interlaken Carving Thanksgiving Dinner

Interlaken Thanksgiving ham

Interlaken Inn Turkey Centerpiece

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