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The Lakeside Blog springs forth from the creative mind of Michelle Bruck at the Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT. She writes about events, great places to visit and cool things to do – in and around Lakeville & Salisbury Connecticut.

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YES! She said YES!


And was she surprised and happy?  YES!

Interlaken Wedding Proposal CT 

Michael and Jennifer are the newest engaged couple at Interlaken!  I was fortunate to meet them at check-out today, and just had to find out all of the exciting details…  dinner in Morgan’s went as planned for Michael, and when it came time for dessert – Jennifer sure did find a SWEET surprise in hers!  Wes was busy snapping photos, capturing the special moment.  I had to take some myself just so I could show you the happy couple.  Michael and Jennifer had stayed with us back in July, so he decided it would be a nice romantic place to come back to.  I am so glad he picked us as we just love being a part of such a sweet and special moment.  Mike and Jen were going to head back home today, but stop at a few of the local wineries to raise several glasses to the next step in their lives.

It was a pleasure to meet you both!  Thank you for choosing the Interlaken for such a special occasion. 


Did she say YES?

In our restaurant, Morgan's, within the next 60 minutes, there will be a proposal!  I love it!  "Michael" just spoke with our server, Wes, to make sure everything was in place for this once-in-a-lifetime moment.  Naturally Wes had to share this with me as he knows how I am about this kind of thing!  The last time an engagement happened here was also in Morgan's, this past July (July 10th - read my blog!) - and it was a complete and wonderful surprise for Jody.  We absolutely love being a part of such a special occasion.  And did I mention, Michael and Simon, that we do weddings here also?!  I just love this kind of thing, and can't wait to meet the happy couple at breakfast tomorrow!

How about a lakefront ceremony amongst the birches?

Lakefront Wedding Ceremony Lakeville CT

Perhaps a fall wedding with a colorful lakefront background:

Lakefront wedding Lakeville CT

Or maybe a PEACEful ceremony in the grassy field behind the Sunnyside building:

Interlaken Lakeside Ceremony CT

You can also choose an intimate indoor setting in our Vineyard room:

Interlaken Lakeside Ceremony CT

Come and see the choices for yourself - schedule a visit to our property by contacting weddings@interlakeninn.com!



Renovation Review!

As the clock continues to tick tock towards the end of 2011, it is time for the annual review of all of the renovations that took place this year to provide you, our Interlaken Guests, hopefully with a more comfortable stay and a better overall Interlaken experience.  Let me recap our renos!

  • The Townhouse sections, both Suites and adjoining rooms, received new carpet
  • A pet friendly king-bedded room became available in our Sunnyside building
  • A State-of-the-Art Key Lock system was implemented (be sure to return your key card at check-out as they can be re-programmed for the next Guest)
  • The bathrooms in our Victorian-styled Sunnyside building got a new look with granite tops and wood vanities to provide you with more space for all of your toiletries
  • White duvets are now on every bed in the Main Building, accented with pillows and a bed scarf
  • Two prototype bathrooms were installed on the second floor of the Main Building
  • The Suite in the Sunnyside building got an entire face lift, both the bedroom and sitting area.  Perfect room for the Mother of the Bride!
  • A "peninsula" at the front of our building was created and landscaped with beautiful trees and shrubs
  • One room in the main building is transitioning into a very special room, inspired by a special Guest who always stayed in that room while visiting Interlaken and Lime Rock Park.  The drapery and carpet is already in....
  • And finally is Woodside, certainly the largest of the renovations of 2011!  A completely new bathroom, larger, installed with glass enclosed shower units and granite topped vanities.  Cozywhite duvets for each Queen-sized bed.  A back door that will lead (in 2012) to a sitting area for all of our pets and pet owners.  Lastly, good-bye carpet and hello wood floor!

Be sure to check back regularly for a preview of what we have planned for 2012!! 


"Winter Wonderland"

If I had to guess, I would say that Felix Bernard (music) and Richard B. Smith (lyrics) wrote this wonderful song after they witnessed freshly fallen snow like we had here last night.  It's the kind of snow that covers every branch, every twig, from base to tip, on every tree.  The drive into work was "a beautiful sight". I decided to take the long way in, and took Route 41 where the views north of and heading into Salisbury were spectacular.  I am not sure if the trees will stay covered over the weekend, but there will surely be white stuff on the ground, which is perfect if you plan to head this way to cut your own Christmas tree.  One choice for cutting would be at the Seekonk Tree Farm up in Great Barrington, MA, just about 30 minutes north of the Interlaken.  You can take the scenic ride up on Route 41 that I just told you about, up into the Berkshires, to this lovely farm with a wide variety of trees - both big and small.  

"Sleigh bells ring, are you listening" - book the Sleigh Ride Package this winter for you and your sweetheart!

"In the meadow, we can build a snowman" - build one behind our Sunnyside building!  

"As we dream by the fire" - cozy up by the fireplace in your Townhouse Suite!

"The plans that we've made" - make some getaway plans for yourself this winter!

"Walking in a winter wonderland" - bundle up and walk to our pretty lakefront!

I like sharing my favorites with you - Winter Wonderland is my favorite Christmas song!  What's yours?

Winter Wonderland


12 Days of Infinity Hall

Be sure not to miss one of the twelve entertaining events happening at Infinity Hall before Christmas!  Pair it up with our "Night on the Town" package for a wonderful evening away!  Click here to check out the upcoming shows offered at this charming venue in Norfolk, CT, just 20 minutes from the Interlaken property.  It is certain to be a fun evening out!


Stop Shopping

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, hot deals, one day sales, get an extra 20% off when you use your card, 40% off today only, early bird specials, etc - "stop shopping" is not a phrase you have heard lately, but doesn't it sound nice to take a break from all the madness and find some peace and quiet for even just one night away during the holiday season? 

Have us make you a hot chocolate, then bundle up and take a leisurely walk to Lake Wononscopomuc, the deepest lake in Connecticut. 

Take in some fresh and cool mountain air by hiking up to Bear Mountain, the highest peak in Connecticut.

Take a safe jog on the Harlem Valley Rail Trail, 15 paved miles through rural Dutchess and Columbia County in neighboring New York State.

Drive through the quaint New England villages in the Northwest part of Connecticut to admire their festive holiday decorations.

Take a carriage or sleigh ride through Loon Meadow Farm, cuddled under a blanket with your sweetheart.

Arrange a couples massage with ELLORA Spa & Sanctuary so any and all holiday stresses are worked out of your body.

Spend some quality time with your pet in our newly renovated Woodside building.

Go to a movie, and then return for a holiday cocktail by the fireplace in Morgan's restaurant.

Don't let the holiday season hurry past you - take the time to relax and enjoy the true spirit of the season this year!

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