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The Lakeside Blog springs forth from the creative mind of Michelle Bruck at the Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT. She writes about events, great places to visit and cool things to do – in and around Lakeville & Salisbury Connecticut.

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The Plunge!

Eric Limon Photographer/Wedding at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

Take it at Interlaken!


What's in your Inbox?

Here's what was in mine today, right in a row:

We had a lovely time while staying at Interlaken. We enjoyed some relaxation while walking around your lovingly maintained property and canoeing on the peaceful lake.

Our dinner at Morgan's was delicious and we thoroughly enjoyed our champagne in our room.  Our room was clean and the furnishings were just right. We spent time on our private balcony and were able to enjoy the fresh air while sipping our champagne.

Thank you for a lovely time. We look forward to more visits to Interlaken Inn in the not too distant future!


I really like your Inn. I have nothing negative to say. You are my hotel of choice.

Followed by:

Our stay at Interlaken this past weekend was perfect. It was an important occasion: The stay was a mini-vacation gift to our 10 year old son, Gram, who is a motorsport fanatic. It was his first official experience witnessing live racing (with the Saturday SCCA finals at Limerock Racepark) so we were looking for a place to rest and enjoy his enthusiasm.

You delivered in full…the room, the grounds, the dining…all perfect. He especially loved the second floor balcony to the room.

A unit with two full sized beds can tend to be tight for two adults and a young boy but your lodging is wonderful. We’re curious about the other lodging options and fully intend to explore the potential there at our next visit to Interlaken and Limerock.

Thank you again for being part of such a terrific family experience.

Thank you to these Guests for making the Interlaken staff smile!  We look forward to serving you all again soon!


Golfing with a view

Interlaken Inn - Copake Country Club

This is the first time I've posted a photo of a lake this not part of the Interlaken property.  I must admit it feels rather strange!  Let me move on and tell you how it relates! 

Golfing with a view is true:  from the 7th and 18th holes at Copake Country Club you can see the beautiful Copake Lake up in Columbia County, NY, about 25 minutes from the Interlaken.  The drive to this course is quite a pretty one as you head north on Route 22 and admire the beautiful mountains and valleys with trees just starting to pop with some color.  You must drive along this beautiful lake to get to the entrance of the golf course located on a hill that provides amazing views of not only the lake but this very pretty sunset as well.  I believe the view only can get better as the season becomes more vibrant.  There are many golf courses near the Interlaken (including Hotchkiss Golf Course right next door) so come and stay with us soon to get at least one more round in before the season ends!


A gallery of Wedding Photos

 Interlaken Fall Wedding Weekend CT

"A picture is worth a thousand words".  The age old adage is so true!  View this photo (taken by Eric Limon) and many others at our new photo gallery on our wedding page - click here to take you there.  Wedding couples, continue to check back often as we continue to update the gallery with thousands of beautiful words!


Daily Dose of Omega 3's

What a wonderful way to get it.

Farm to table at Morgan's Restaurant Interlaken CT

Grilled Wild King Salmon, Marinated Cucumbers and Leeks, Saffron Yogurt, Pistachio

Find this and and other wonderful healthy creations from the Chefs in Morgan's restaurant, open 7 days a week for a fine dining experience.


International Housekeepers Week

Yes, we celebrated it at Interlaken! 

International Houskeepers Week Interlaken Inn

Every year the second week in September is deemed International Housekeepers week and we at Interlaken are so into showing our appreciation of the hard work the cleaning and service staff provides to you, our Guests!  As you can see, we all go to great lengths to make it as much fun as possible.  Helen Boyles is the queen of making all of us look our best!  Thank you Helen!

International Houskeepers Week Interlaken Inn

Not only does she alter our appearance (just a bit for some of the staff) she also challenges our abilities.  Here we are putting together wood puzzles as fast as we can so we can win a bag of M-n-M's!

International Houskeepers Week Interlaken Inn

International Housekeepers Week

International Houskeepers Week Interlaken Inn

She also challenged our knowledge of the property by putting together a little quiz of details she felt everyone on staff should know.  Just when we thought we knew all there was to know about Interlaken, Helen pulled out questions that stumped us all!

Now a celebration is not complete unless there is food involved, and boy, was there food involved.  Our Internationals friends gave us a taste of Bulgaria with shopska salad, kebapche, chicken noodle soup, cucumber and dill soup, salami dessert, creme caramel, and rice pudding, just to name some of the yummy flavors of their home country.  The Interlaken Chefs also treated us all to bountiful lunches featuring Greek and Southern cuisine.

International Houskeepers Week Interlaken Inn

Thank you to everyone on the Interlaken Guest Services Cleaning Staff for all you do!  And thank you, Helen for making it a super fun week in honor of them of all!



Meet Marconi!

Interlaken Inn pet friendly hotel in Connecticut

Another first at Interlaken:  Marconi had his first canoe trip on Lake Wononscopomuc this summer.  His owners tell me he spent alot of time wading in the lake and watching the birds go by.  "Doggy heaven" is the quote for this cutie!

Marconi's owners had a great visit with us too:

We loved our stay at Interlaken so much that we could not wait to tell our friends how great it was. We also posted some wonderful photos on Facebook and on the strength of our recommendation and photos, several of our friends have already booked their stay with you.  Your staff is so lovely and welcoming we will absolutely be back there again! 
Thank you, and we will see you again very soon.
There is still a good month left before the lake gets too cold for any sort of wading - so give us a ring soon to book your fall getaway with your pup!


Wedding ideas

You've chosen Interlaken as your wedding destination.  You have visited the wedding pavilion and have fallen in love with the large outdoor space surrounded by gardens.  Now it's time to make that space uniquely your own for your special day.  Let me show you how today's soon-to-be married couple added their personal special touches - perhaps they'll give give you some ideas for your future wedding at Interlaken!

Releasing the butterflies at the lakeside ceremony

Interlaken Lakeside ceremony - butterflies

Paper airplanes!

Fall wedding at Interlaken inn lakeside ceremony

Find your seat!

Interlaken Inn Wedding - Seating chart


Interlaken Inn fall wedding favors

For the sweethearts

Interlaken Inn sweetheart table at fall wedding

Little fishes for the kids table

Interlaken Wedding destination - kids table

Keeping the kids busy!

Interlaken Fall Wedding - for the kids


Interlaken Fall Wedding Cake

Fall Wedding at Interlaken cake pieces

Check out some of their other photos on Interlaken's Facebook page! (like the PLUNGE!)


Pavilion Proof!

Unique Meeting Venues at Interlaken Inn

Here is proof that we truly use the pavilion for many other events besides weddings!  Out with the dance floor and round tables and in with the eight foot tables and widescreen!  The pavilion is setup classroom style for a group of about 100 attendees.  A beautifully bright and airy spot - truly a unique meeting spot for a large group.  Actually, Interlaken has got several unique locations for any size meeting you'd like to have.  Contact Kristy Barto for further details!


Your First Visit

We all remember the many firsts that happen in our lives, so for all of you who have visited Interlaken can you remember your very first visit one?  How did you find out about Interlaken before making that first visit?  A recommendation from friends?  Maybe your child was accepted at Hotchkiss and they told you we were right next door.  You are an avid Race fan and heard we were only 6 miles from the Lime Rock Race Track.  Maybe your company sent you here for a conference.  Your friend was getting married and you were invited to attend his destination wedding.  And let's not forget the common Google search! 

The Guests that had their very first visit here back in 1974 found us through an ad that was placed in the New York Times.  The property was just what they were looking for for their young family and so the long relationship began and still continues.  If you do the math, that is 38 years!  Judy was kind enough to send me along a photo from that very first visit and here it is - the little boy in the photo is now 40!  (This may sound familiar if you read my blog a couple of weeks back - this is the photo she promised she would send.)

 Interlaken 1974 First Visit

I know many of you have been visiting us just as long as this family has so I would love to hear about your very first visit - please feel free to share with me at michelle@interlakeninn.com

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