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The Lakeside Blog springs forth from the creative mind of Michelle Bruck at the Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT. She writes about events, great places to visit and cool things to do – in and around Lakeville & Salisbury Connecticut.

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"I'm local, too!" chimed in the tea bag

I knew at some point the Tea Bag from Harney & Sons would be saying this, and it is only appropriate with it being International Coffee Day today!  No one overshadows the Harney & Sons Tea Bag....

For my usual blog readers, here is your question of the day:  What is my favorite cup of tea?  (answer at bottom)

OK, back to the Tea Bag, and what a wonderful Tea Bag it is.  Bags, sachets, loose, you name it - Harney & Sons does it right, and has been doing so for over 25 years.  John Harney, Master Tea Blender, began this business in his basement right here in Salisbury, CT and has since moved his headquarters and adorable tea shop to the neighboring village of Millerton, NY. (remember, Frommer's Budget Travel calls Millerton one of the "10 coolest small towns in America").  If you are a tea lover or have one in your life, visiting the tea shop is a must do - it is a tea lovers dream!  We've been serving Harney and Sons Tea at Interlaken for as long as I can remember, and we certainly aren't the only ones.  Stay at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City and you'll find it there - and that is just one place of thousands that serves this fine tea.

I am sure that my love for Harney & Sons has something to do with it being born right here in Salisbury.  Knowing John Harney, watching his business grow over the years, watching his growing family becoming involved, hearing how they travel all over the world, both learning and giving seminars, opening a second tea house in SoHo, and constantly winning awards.  Mr. Harney was just presented the Cha Jing Lifetime Achievement Award.  I'll be sure to congratulate him the next time I run into him in town!  If you wish to find out more about Harney and Sons, click here.

If you haven't tried a cup yet, it is really time you did.  If you stay at the Interlaken, it is the only brand we will offer you so you will have no choice!  Start your day with English Breakfast while you enjoy our complimentary deluxe continental mid-week breakfast.  Time for afternoon tea?  Come have a cup of Earl Grey with me.  Complete your dinner in Morgan's with a cup of Japanese Sencha Green Tea. 

Any time of day is the perfect time for a cup of Harney Tea!

Interlaken Harney & Sons Tea CT

  Answer: Irish Breakfast


"I'm local", said the egg

That is what the egg in our restaurant said the other day.  It was stamped in hot pink "I'm local".  It was really the cutest egg I ever saw.  I took a picture of it but it is hard to read - have you ever taken a picture of an egg before?  This is not the only local item in our restaurant or on our restaurant menu.  The majority of our menu choices include local ingredients, including Farmer Church's Sweet Corn Soup and Seared Breast and Braised Leg of N.Y. Duck with Cherries and Local Beans with Walnuts.  We support our local farms, including Coach Farm, Sky Farm, Church Farm, Feather Ridge Farm and Farm Girl Farm.  I love when the deliveries come in as their cars are full of fresh heirloom tomatoes, sweet corn, peppers, and other vegetables - it is a beautiful sight!  I think that would make a nice candle scent - "fresh vegetables".  Anyway, we all know what a difference using fresh ingedients when cooking can make, so come and try a dish in Morgan's to taste for yourself!  Our menu will be changing frequently as the fall season brings us a huge assortment of wonderful items, but click here to see the latest offerings!

Interlaken Inn Local Farm ingredients


International Day of Peace

According to Chase, today is International Day of Peace.  Of course peace means many different things to many different people, but let me share with you how Interlaken Guests reference the word PEACE:

We came here to get some peace and quiet for our dogs from the 4th of July fireworks in our Queens NYC neighborhood and you delivered.

It is such a beautiful piece of property and very relaxing.

Although it rained most of the time, we had a nice time touring the nearby towns and relaxing on the porch.

A very comfortable stay, clean and quiet.

The lake was beautiful and relaxing. We enjoyed a swim and a canoe ride around the lake.

We truly enjoyed our stay.  The setting is relaxing and beautiful to look at.

We could not have wished for more. The ambience, quietude, our room (Rm.120 in the main lodge) were all perfect.

My husband was at Lime Rock so I spent my day at the Inn.  Everyone was very nice, and I had a relaxing day.  

The grounds were beautiful and it was very quiet.

My husband and I had the most relaxing stay and are in love with the Cabin I would like to plan a week every year in June if possible.

Hotel staff was very courteous.  I went to recharge my batteries and found that everyone respected privacy

We really enjoyed our quiet weekend, and hope to come back again.

Our brief stay at your inn was very nice and relaxing.

Smores over the bonfire, exploring with the kids and quiet nights on the screened porch. Just what we needed.

We had a wonderful time.  The room was wonderful, the food was fantastic, and the location was quiet and peaceful.

and lastly...

It was fabulous.  Your hospitality was incredible and you pampered us every day.  I can’t wait to come back to your hideaway in heaven.


Color my world

Interlaken Lake Wononscopomuc

Picture these pretty trees speckled with color in just a few short weeks... how gorgeous will that be?  So many trees are already showing signs of gold and yellow and red, so by as early as next weekend the lakefront should be stunning - how about you take advantage of the special Romance package we are offering then and see this beautiful countryside for yourself?  Or come mid-week and take advantage of our new Fall Foliage package.  Either way, picnic lunch in it, wine taste in it, canoe in it, kayak in it, hike in it, bike in it, walk in it, apple pick in it, corn maze in it - just be out in it!


Get STAK-ed!

I could look at anyone's wedding photos, couldn't you?  Check out this slideshow from Sarah and Bill's wedding posted by Steven and Tak of STAK, frequent photographers to the Interlaken property for wedding events.

Sarah and Bill's July 2011 Wedding


What a mess!

A mess, though, that is welcome when it comes to getting a new look!  Two bathrooms on our second floor in our Main Building are getting just that - a new look.  The tub, the vanity, wallpaper - all of it has been removed to reveal a clean slate (well, that light still has to come down....) for construction to start in a few days. 

Interlaken Main Building Bathroom Renovation

One will be a "plum" theme and the other will be a "spice" theme.  Mosaic wall tile, a tiled shower unit (bye bye tub) - I won't give it all away right now!  Check back in late next week for photos of the brand new look!



WOW, what an absolutely gorgeous day today in Northwestern Connecticut.  I was fortunate enough to spend time outdoors in it, and I am here to report all the wonderful things happening at Interlaken today.

Number 1:  W E D D I N G ! I love a wedding anytime of the year, but you know (or maybe you don't) fall weddings are my particular favorite - even without the color change yet there is just that crispness in the air and that blue sky is just so much deeper.  I love it!  The ceremony site was still at our lakefront but was held between the birch trees - take a look! 

Interlaken Lakefront CT - birch trees

Interlaken Lakefront CT - birch trees

Now, not that you could tell from this picture, but the owner's pontoon boat needed to be moved out of the way for pictures of course!  So, someone had to do this dirty work, so off Kevin (the Innkeeper) and I went, out onto the lake on this beautiful day.  How lucky am I?  Just as lucky as all those Interlaken Guests enjoying the lakefront themselves - swimming, canoeing, kayaking, just resting by the water enjoying the wonderful breeze.  I took several shots of the lake, but will only post a few:

Interlaken Lake - CT

Interlaken Lake CT

Interlaken Lakefront Ceremony - CT

So after the ceremony is over, we head back in (sad face) but then as we are walking back up to the property I see this beauty!  Tux is his name.

Interlaken pet friendly - lakefront pose

Back at the property (almost indoors, prolonging that as long as possible) I take a few pictures of the wedding pavilion where all of the wedding Guests will soon be enjoying their evening with wonderful food and fun dancing!

Interlaken September Wedding Pavilion

Interlaken Wedding pavilion - September

As I sit at my desk (listening to the music during the cocktail hour happening now in the courtyard) I decide to check in with Ann, staying here with her family and her dog in our newly renovated Sunnyside pet friendly room.  She is enjoying this lovely weather as well, and was just heading out to the pool.  She is looking forward to her dinner in Morgan's restaurant this evening, and plans to visit Ellsworth Farm in Sharon, CT for some apple picking and early harvest fun!

Seems like everyone is enjoying a wonderful weekend at Interlaken!


I cannot wait...

I cannot wait… to see the lakefront trees turn color, and encourage our Guests to take a canoe ride around the perimeter to admire its beauty. 

I cannot wait… to tell Guests about how close the Appalachian Trail is to the Interlaken property, where views of the vibrant trees and mountains will take their breath away. 

I cannot wait… to tell Guests to put on a hoodie, rent a bike, and ride through the vibrant countryside on the Harlem Valley Rail Trail over in Millerton, NY. 

I cannot wait… to tell Guests about what is fresh for picking besides apples over at Ellsworth Farm in Sharon, CT. 

I cannot wait... to share the first version of the Morgan’s fall dinner menu, full of vegetables and ingredients of the autumn season. 

I cannot wait… to hear the Hotchkiss Football Team playing their first game, surrounded by both new and returning Hotchkiss families. 

I cannot wait… to see Emily and the crew from Salisbury Garden Center converting our summer gardens into rich wonderful colors of the season.

I cannot wait… to tell Guests about the many local farm markets, including Freund’s Farm in East Canaan, CT – just brimming with colorful mums and rich baked goods.

I cannot wait… to share with Guests the new renovations that will begin in just a few short weeks.

I cannot wait… to post pictures from each fall wedding here this season.

I cannot wait… to see a couple holding hands, walking down to the lakefront under a deep blue sky with a picnic basket in one hand and hot apple cider in the other.

I cannot wait… to see all of our Guests, for whatever their reason for staying at the Interlaken, enjoying all that the wonderful fall season has to offer!


Labor of Love

Or better yet, Labor DAY of Love!  There is a big wedding happening here today, and this couple added some unique touches to their special day.  I snapped some photos of course, but be sure to check our wedding slide show on our website in a few weeks for the professional shots!

Interlaken CT Lakeside Wedding

A trolley will bring Guests to the lakeside ceremony

Interlaken CT Lakeside Wedding

Interlaken CT Wedding Pavilion

Interlaken CT Wedding Pavilion

Table for two - I wish you could smell these roses!

Interlaken CT Wedding Pavilion

Interlaken CT Wedding Pavilion

Additional lighting and widescreen TV's will enhance the atmosphere

Interlaken CT Wedding Pavilion

White sashes add the perfect touch

Interlaken CT Wedding Pavilion

An amazing candy buffet!




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