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The Lakeside Blog springs forth from the creative mind of Michelle Bruck at the Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT. She writes about events, great places to visit and cool things to do – in and around Lakeville & Salisbury Connecticut.

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What's New

After a long summer of working in the flower beds and tending the vegetable garden, what a way to relax and rejuvenate your aching body and sun exposed skin with ELLORA's Spa & Sanctuary newest package:  "Lap of Luxury".  The title itself speaks wonders, doesn't it?  This package is ELLORA's most deluxe yet with 2 massages, 1 facial and a 15 minute scalp or foot massage.  Laura Hess-Hay, owner of ELLORA, claims this package is the best ever!  Treat yourself or a special someone to some major pampering to get ready for the busy fall and holiday season.


What's Local

Pan Seared Pork Loin over Chinese Rice & Red Scallions.

Order this special tonight in Morgan's and these "cute little scallions" will be in your dish.

Morgan's restaurant Interlaken Inn farm to table

Morgan's restaurant is open 7 days per week.


Q & A: Morgan's Skylight Deck

Morgan's Skylight Deck at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

Question: Where can I hold a private 25th anniversary celebration dinner for my brother and his wife?

Answer:  Morgan's Skylight Deck

Question:  My group would like to do the Culinary Challenge.  What room will that be  held in?

Answer:  Morgan's Skylight Deck

Question:  Where do you serve the full breakfast buffet on the weekends?

Answer:  Morgan's Skylight Deck

Question:  What room can we have my sister's baby shower for 50 people?

Answer:  Morgan's Skylight Deck

Question:  My corporate group would like a private lunch.  What room would that be served in?

Answer:  Morgan's Skylight Deck

Question:  Where do you have a bird's eye view of the courtyard and grounds of Interlaken?

Answer:  Morgan's Skylight Deck

Question:  What room has rays of sun shining in it?

Answer:  Morgan's Skylight Deck

Interlaken Morgan's skylight deck

Question:  Where could your next function be held?

Let Morgan's Skylight Deck be your answer! 

If you have any private dining functions in mind please keep Morgan's Skylight Deck in mind! 


Girlfriend's Getaway

Remember this group of ladies visiting us last year?

Girlfriend's Getaway Package Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

Although they all live within 10 minutes of each other, it is important for them to still make the annual Girlfriend's Getaway weekend, and we were so pleased they chose to come to Interlaken once again.  What a fun bunch of gals!  Last year they stayed in our main building, but this year they chose a Townhouse Suite with adjoining bedroom and found the space very cozy.  Although some of the ladies went to Millerton (can't miss Harney and Sons Tea Room) some just lounged around at the lake and pool.  As they headed back home they were going to stop at the Millbrook Vineyards and Winery for a tour and tasting, and some lunch at Vineyard Grille and Cafe.  We hope "94 Moms" return in 2014!

I was fortunate enough to meet another group of ladies that get together every year as well, with this being their 5th year of coming to Interlaken.   This nice group of seven ladies are all friends from college, and find Interlaken to be a convenient location for everyone to get to.  They, too, made sure they visited Harney and Sons Tea Room and they were fortunate enough to meet Mr. Harney himself.  They had a blast tasting teas and having lunch in the Millerton Tea Room )tea lovers check out their cute menu.)  Next year will be their 50th anniversary from graduating from college so it will certainly be a special time for all.  They have already booked for 2014 and we look forward to their return.

Now, Girlfriend Getaway Packages are not just for groups of Girlfriends.  I met a wonderful Mom and her daughter at our "Intermingle" this week (you know, our weekly cocktail party with complimentary HDO's and special cocktail every Wednesday) also on the Girlfriend's Getaway Package for a couple of nights.  The Mom said "we aren't Mother and daughter while we are away, but girlfriends".  (Moms, how cute is that?!) This was their first time visiting Interlaken, so naturallly I had to tell them about all the fun things they could do right here (canoe ride around the lake is a must) and in the area (bike riding on the Harlem Valley Rail Trail in Millerton).  I hope we will again be their choice next time they are looking for a getaway!


Morning, Noon and Night

Interlaken's private lakefront. 


Interlaken private lakefront at sunrise


Lakefront at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT\


Interlaken Inn Private Lakefront Lakeville CT

It's beautiful any time of the day.  Here's what our Guests have to say about our lakefront:

"We couldn't have found a better environment to chill out and relax while our dog was having crazy fun in the waters of your stupendous lake"

"The waterfront is a treasure. So beautiful.  We loved the ease of using your kayaks and canoes"

"Enjoyed just sitting by the lake"

"My children really enjoyed the lake and the kayaks"

"The beach and boats were really a special treat"

"The nice walk to the lake with the comfortable seating and boats you provided for your guests"

"We really enjoyed the access to the lake and the bon fire at night"

"We love the lake"

There is still time to enjoy the lakefront yourself.  Call us to make reservations to enjoy it before the season ends!



The color is coming...

We've been having some cool nights these past few days in Northwest Connecticut, and to be quite honest, it has been the perfect tease to the wonderful season just around the corner!  Although every season is special in this part of Connecticut, Fall is truly the most beautiful and bountiful.  The National Geographic Traveler states that the Litchfield Hills are one of the top leaf peeping destinations in the Country, and Interlaken is proud to be nestled here, as well as just South of the Berkshires.  Drive Route 7 North or Route 7 South and you won't be disappointed!  Be sure to bring your camera.

Autumn at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

Falling leaves

Fall at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

Gourds galore!

Fall weddings in Connecticut Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

Fall wedding

Hotchkiss School next door to Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

Hotchkiss School Football games!

Fall Lakefront at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

A walk to the lakefront

Fall foliage in Northwest CT Lakeville CT Interlaken Inn lakefront

Beautiful colors

Interlaken Inn Fall Wedding Lakeville CT

Take a relaxing and scenic canoe ride around the lake

To be able to see all of the beauty both right here at Interlaken as well as in the surrounding area, come stay with us on our Three Day Getaway package available Sunday through Thursday nights.  The best value package we offer!


The 1980's

The 80's - the decade of MTV, Pac-Man, leg warmers, E.T., Brat Pack films, perms and mullets - and this sign:

Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT 1985

Many of our longtime Guests will remember this sign.  I remember it driving by here as a teenager as well.  I have met so many Guests this summer that having been coming here for 25 - 30 years, so I thought seeing this would certainly remind them of the mid-80's.  I am always interested in old photos or hearing how Interlaken was "back in the day" so please do share with me if you have the memories!


What's Blooming

Salisbury Gardens at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

Oh, the beautiful Hydrangea, my favorite. 

What an amazing flower, and one that the Interlaken property has blooming all over, including our wedding pavilion garden.  With about 70 species of this wonderful shrub (and tree), hydrangeas can be white, pink, purple and blue.  We have primarily the white ones here, and plenty of them.  As you take a leisurely walk around the property and down to the private lakefront you will see these beautiful shrubs everywhere.


"Can't wait to go back"

Fresh from the Interlaken's Tripadvisor Review page:

I met college friends - we've been getting together for over 40 years - for 2 days and nights at the Interlaken Inn. Everything about our stay there was spectacularly satisfying, highlighted throughout by the extraordinary staff, whose warmth, hospitality, and attention to detail left a lasting impression. And the place is so beautiful, in its natural state, as lovely a setting as could be imagined, with unique landscaping details everywhere, clearly given high priority and lots of attention. The food, all of it, was delicious, with high grade service and presentation, Breakfast was a treat, with a wide range of offerings, really good coffee. I skipped lunch and looked forward very much to dinners, which made us all very happy. There's a big pool with water at an ideal temperature. From check-in to our reluctant departure - everything was handled graciously with a high degree of professionalism and competence. We are all very glad we came here and unanimously eager to return next summer. Room Tip: We all stayed in "Sunnyside", a gorgeously restored Victorian house with a wraparound porch. My room was spacious and comfortable, great bed, big TV with excellent selection, nicely appointed, comfortable porch furniture just outside the room, a stunning setting.

Mr. Hughes, thank you so much for posting this wonderful review about your experience at Interlaken!  I was walking the property today and had to venture up Sunnyside steps and snap this photo of where you spent some of your good times at Interlaken. 

Sunnyside porch at Interlaken Inn Family Reunion

It's ready and waiting for you in 2014!


What's New

Although we have quite a selection of special packages to offer our Guests, we found room to squeeze in one more, and this one involves food, and lots of it.  (this is my kind of package) 

We sort of teased you with part of the package by offering you just our Chef's Tasting Menu as an add-on amenity to your stay with us.  This consists of an exclusive six course Chef's 'farm to table' tasting menu for dinner in Morgan's Restaurant.  On your day of arrival Chef Scimeca will customize a private menu based on the bounty of the Berkshires, and there is plenty of fresh bounty in the Berkshires!  Chef Scimeca is a very talented and creative Chef, so to leave the choices to him are a very safe and rewarding bet.  He will come to your table and ask you if there are any allergies or specific foods not to use, and then you leave the rest up to him.  You will feel like royalty as course after course is delivered right to you, each one being a surprise and an enjoyment to taste as his creative skills are effectively at work.  One couple loved it so much the first night that they signed up for it again the next night!  So the good news is you can take advantage of this wonderful Chef's tasting dinner with our new "Tasting Menu Getaway" Package.  This special package is currently being offered Sunday, Monday and Thursday evenings so you can now take advantage of this delight mid-week.  Does the food taste better mid-week?!  You'll have to find out! 

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