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The Lakeside Blog springs forth from the creative mind of Michelle Bruck at the Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT. She writes about events, great places to visit and cool things to do – in and around Lakeville & Salisbury Connecticut.

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Hobby Happiness at Interlaken Inn!

The snow didn’t stop the traveling of these two groups to the Interlaken this weekend!  In fact, many decided to come a day early, just to make sure they made it and to get a head start on their favorite hobbies.  We have a knitting group from Westchester County joining us for their third year.  Picture this:  a large, cozy meeting room complete with fireplace, beverages (dark hot chocolate) and snacks (warm chewy pretzels) – and 30 women knitting, talking, laughing into the wee hours of the morning. The scrapbooking group has returned for the 4th year and this group is more of a ladies reunion – 15 women that have known each other for a very long time that get together around the topic of scrapbooking – their kids, their pets, their vacations, their everyday moments.  It’s so wonderful to have all these ladies returning to our property, cherishing all of their memories, and making new ones this weekend!


Connecticut Green Lodging Certification

We are in our final phase of it becoming official! We have completed all of the minimum requirements, and then some. In our latest meeting, we reviewed the programs we have in place, and talked about further improvements we can make. Looking forward to Spring, Brandon Scimeca, Food & Beverage Director and Wedding Coordinator, plans to use the composting material we’ve been building up all winter to make a raised herb garden -so when you see “freshly picked rosemary” on the Morgan’s dining menu, you will know exactly what that means, and you can’t get any fresher than that! All of the Chefs are excited about that, and Brandon certainly plans to expand the bed in the future to include vegetables as well.

We are also excited about the introduction of our new Guestroom Amenities from EcoFresh. Both the product itself and the container it comes in is biodegradable. This is a brand new concept that just became available, and we are proud to be putting these earth friendly items in our Guestrooms! All of our cleaning supplies also have the “Green Seal” of approval as well.

Let me tell you, it feels so GOOD being GREEN! Stay tuned as we institute more “Going Green” items at the Interlaken – and look for the official logo from the State of Connecticut on our website to be posted next month!


Fun Fun Fun!

This is how a 5 year old girl described the tubing center at Ski Butternut in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, just 30 minutes north of Interlaken. I ran into her and her family this morning in the lobby and they told me about the fun afternoon they had. Usually open on the weekends only, the family was able to go there yesterday because of the special hours this week due to winter break. There are 5 lanes and tons of tubes, and a lift to take you back up the hill.  You must ride separtely in the tube, so this young lady lady felt like such a “big girl” going all by herself!  She even loved being pulled back up the lift to the top!   The best part that the Dad of the family liked was not having to pull the kids back up the hill!   They also stopped and had some hot cocoa and a snack in the lodge – which is a must-do after being out in the cold! No one in this family skis, so tubing was the perfect option for them to get to head to the Berkshires and be out in the cool refreshing air. The center is open until 8pm tonight, and then from 10am to 5pm on Sunday.  The ski area is open for another few weeks, so there is still time to come and visit and do some tubing yourself! Visit skibutternut.com for more details. Now, for a family of four, I suggest staying right in our Main Building – each room has 2 Queen beds, and is close to our lobby area to pick out a complimentary movie, or a bite to eat in our restaurant. Non-skiiers make your plans!


Dining = Donation!

Morgan's Restaurant at Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT

I was just reviewing the contributions that I’ll be sending out shortly to several local organizations as part of the Morgan’s Dining program, and thought I’d share with you how this program works in case you are not aware.  Interlaken has and is always supportive of many local organizations, and a few years ago, we wanted to give back even more, so we created the Morgan’s Dining Program.  You don’t have to be a “member” or carry around a “club card” or anything - in fact, you simply need to treat yourself to a wonderful meal in our restaurant, select one organization of your choice that is listed at the bottom of your dining receipt, and we will send that organization 5% of your total restaurant check.   It’s truly a WIN-WIN for everyone:  you can enjoy one of the fabulous meals I’ve been blogging about as we give a donation back to your favorite local association!  Treat yourself and Give back!  Dinner reservations are recommended, so give us a call today at 800-222-2909!


A picture is worth a thousand words…

I just got my delivery from Snapfish for the wedding photos from 2009 held here at Interlaken.  Now I see this property almost everyday, and I know how beautiful it is for a wedding venue, but I am always anxious to see any and all photos taken from wedding days.  Eric Limon, a very talented photographer from nearby Massachusetts, was the photographer for many of the weddings held here in 2009, and below are just some of the photos he took.  Eric was able to capture the beauty of our property perfectly!  Now let the pictures speak for themselves!

A stunning shot of the Wedding Pavilion at Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT

A sunny day for a Connecticut lakeside wedding ceremony at Interlaken Inn

The famous first dance at the Wedding Pavilion at the Interlaken Inn

A cocktail reception in the Courtyard at Interlaken Inn

For more information on weddings at Interlaken, click HERE!  To learn more about Eric Limon, click HERE!


Reasons to visit Interlaken

There are so many Guests at the hotel this weekend, and there are about a dozen different reasons they are all here – and here they are:

1. Maplebrook School Staff and Parent’s Annual Retreat

2. Ski and Stay Package

3. Millbrook Winery Package

4. Looking for a house to buy in the area

5. Going to see “The Full Monty” at the Warner Theater

6. Visiting their child who attends Hotchkiss School

7. Checking on their house that is being built in the area

8. Celebrating an 8 year wedding anniversary

9. Heading to Infinity Hall for the Mardi Gras party!

10. Visiting the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA

11. Getting an Unstress Facial at ELLORA’s Spa and Sanctuary

And the last reason is..

12. Dining and dancing the night away on our Valentine’s package!


It’s not too late!

Valentine’s weekend is here, and we do have a few rooms still available, so no worries – just give us a call and we can still take care of you!  (1-800-222-2909).  But, just so you know, there are still rooms available on Sunday (actual Valentine’s Day of course) – and if you have President’s Day off from work, Sunday may work for you just as well.  A gentleman just called and he booked the Sleigh Ride package for Sunday night, and his sleigh ride is scheduled for 11am on Monday.  How romantic is that?  Although we didn’t get the 12 – 17″ of snow predicted, we did get a few inches, just enough to coat the hills of Northwest CT!  Perhaps visit the Millbrook Winery for a wine tasting, or stay on our Infinity Hall package – they have an event scheduled Sunday night at 8pm. There is still time to plan for an overnight getaway!  Click here to see what packages we offer, or give us a call – we’d love to make arrangements for you and your special someone!


Family reunions at Interlaken

The Interlaken property has been the host of family reunions for many years now, but this year is “the year of reunions” as we have 30% more booked than in any other year in my tenure at Interlaken.  That’s incredible!  I think there are many reasons our property is the perfect setting for them, one being location.  Now, location “first” meaning – 2 hours north of NYC and 2 hours west of Boston – a wonderful halfway meeting point, and “second” location being that we are in the beautiful foothills of the Berkshire mountains.  Even though the area is full of arts and culture and hiking and beauty, once here, many families choose just to stay here the entire weekend.  From kayaking on the lake (canoeing too!), swimming in the pool, a softball game behind Sunnyside, a pool game in our hospitality center, an evening bonfire complete with cocoa and s’mores – would there be any other reason to leave the property?!  The property is truly set up for activities that just bring and keep the family together.  How about playing catch with the nephew you haven’t seen in years in our Courtyard?  Or sitting on Sunnyside porch, sipping Harney and Sons Iced Tea, catching up with your Great Aunt?  Get the family together and start picking some dates, and then contact our Sales Manager Kristy Barto to make the arrangements – she’d be happy to create a package just for you!   Email her at kristy@interlakeninn.com or click here for more details!


The Full Monty – right here in CT!

At check-out this morning, a couple was raving about the performance they saw last night at the Warner Theater.  Being from NYC themselves, I asked them how it compared to Broadway shows, and they said it was excellent, and completely unexpected!    They loved just driving on country roads through Northwest Connecticut to the theater, located 40 minutes away in Torrington, CT.  The theater has undergone a major revitalization and according to this couple, is extremely elegant.  I have yet to go there myself, but will definitely get there this season!  The Full Monty runs the weekend of Valentine’s Day, and other upcoming shows include Doubt and Charlotte’s Web.  So now you can add this theater in, and along with Infinity Hall, as your entertainment options when staying with us!  Check out www.artsnwct.org for a full listing of events in the area.


Jumpfest 2010!

For the past 84 years, ski jumping has been held at the Satre Hill over in Salisbury, CT, just about 5 minutes away from the Interlaken.  It’s amazing to think that the Eastern National Ski Jumping Championships are held right here in this quaint Connecticut village!    And it’s so much more than the ski jumps – it is an entire weekend of fun for the entire family!  There’s a chili cookoff on Friday night, the jumps on Saturday at 1pm, an Ice carving competition, the Snow Ball Dance on Saturday evening, and then more jumping on Sunday.  I love to watch the ski jumping at the Winter Olympics on TV, but to see the ski jumps in person is so awesome!  The weather is predicted to be sunny with a high around 30 each day, with a slight chance of snow showers on Saturday – so dress warmly!  We still have rooms available this weekend, so come and stay with us and make a weekend of it!  Visit www.interlakeninn.com to make a reservation, and for more information about Jumpfest 2010, click here!

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