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The Lakeside Blog springs forth from the creative mind of Michelle Bruck at the Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT. She writes about events, great places to visit and cool things to do – in and around Lakeville & Salisbury Connecticut.

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National Margarita Day!

Double the celebration!

Margarita's at Morgan's Restaurant at Interlaken Lakeville CT

We are raising our glasses to celebrate National Margarita Day today! 

In addition to the classic Margarita, we are offering this yummy Blackberry one as well.  

It's 5 o'clock somewhere!  Visit us in Morgan's restaurant to honor this wonderful tequila, triple sec, and lime cocktail tonight!



Morgan's Restaurant - Berkshire Style


Look what's on the menu:

Housemade Pumpkin Gnocchi, Winter Squash, Walnut Pesto, Parmigiano

Look what you can make at home:

Housemade Pumpkin Gnocchi, Winter Squash, Walnut Pesto, Parmigiano

You are not seeing double.  Well, you are, but you are supposed to!

In this week's Berkshire Style, an online resource in and around the Berkshires, Chef Scimeca shares his special potato gnocchi recipe.  Although we'd still love to serve this dish to you, you now have the choice of staying home and creating it yourself.  Click here for Brandon's special recipe!

Are you curious about other wonderful dishes created by Chef Scimeca and the other Chefs at Morgan's?  View our  latest dinner menu here - we are open 7 days a week and reservations are happily accepted!  Don't forget to follow Morgan's on Instagram as well!


Love is in the Air

This is really cute. 

Interlaken Inn Valentine's Package Lakeville CT

We turned our Continental Room into a movie theater on this very special weekend, so when I peeked in to see what was going on, I saw this.  It is pretty dark, but look at the top of the photo and hopefully you can see the outline of it.  (I didn't want my flash to go off and disturb their moment!) 

A couple relaxing by the fire, watching a romantic comedy, the lady twirling her red rose given to her as part of our Valentine's Day Package, the couple just relaxing while the snow was falling outside.  No worries at all, just rest easy and we'll see you for your dinner reservation where a special lover's menu awaits!

And these are really sweet.

Interlaken Inn Valentine's Package CT

Each Guest on our Valentine's Day Package today will have a few of these waiting for them in their Guestroom, along with other appropriate little goodies to celebrate the holiday, such as Harney & Sons Valentine's Tea.

One Guest will walk away with more than this little basket, however, and that is with a new diamond engagement ring!  It happened with rose petals sprinkled in the snow, and the couple is just ecstatic.  I, of course, had to call them and congratulate them and let me just say that my waterproof mascara was put to the test - their love story was just so amazingly sweet and I was thrilled he shared it with me.  Although we are well known as a Wedding Destination property, it seems like we are becoming a proposal property too! 

Love is totally in the air at Interlaken! 



Recycling is Rewarding!

Isn't it rewarding to know that you, our Guests, contributed to the Recycling efforts here at Interlaken to have the Salisbury/Sharon Transfer station be named #1 in the State of Connecticut for the highest ratio of recycling per population?  I'd say so.  Proper disposal of plastic, newspapers, boxes, etc. into our in-room blue bins as well as recycling receptacles about the property certainly make a difference and we thank you!



We've been a Connecticut Certified Green Property for almost 2 years now and continue to work towards making a difference for the future of our environment.



A Happy Guest

Even though it is 14 degrees outside, my heart is warm inside:

We really enjoyed our stay last weekend as part of your Jump-Fest package.

From the moment Winston checked us in at the front desk we felt special and cared for. We enjoyed a delicious lunch in the Morgan Room and then settled in to our very pleasant room.  Later headed out to the Jump Fest under the lights, (per the comp tickets) attended the Chili-Cook Off ( which Interlaken Inn won hands down), and cheered on the Human Dogsled race and enjoyed Beer at the Beer Booth. That was a fabulous evening!

Sat morning we loved the the Buffet Breakfast, checked out and headed back to the JumpFest, another terrific experience, caught the ice carving in town, as well as a stop at Salisbury Bread. So delicious.! Managed to catch a bite at the Woodland and then headed back to the Interlaken for the Bourbon Tasting. That was the perfect touch to a great 1 day mini-get-away.! (Wish we would have had time for the free snow shoe rental)

Thanks so much, we loved Everything!



Chili Champs!

We are feeling the heat in our kitchen here at Interlaken today as Chef Jay and the kitchen crew are the proud winners of the SWSA Jumpfest Chili Cook Off contest last night!  With Chef Jay putting all the special ingredients together and with the input of Chef Matt and Chef Will, the creation was enough to take the winning spot over nine other entries.  Congratulations Kitchen Team!  I could have taken a picture of the happy Chefs with their victorious pot of chili, but we've got something even better - a chance for you to heat up your insides with some yourself!  Next Saturday, February 15th, we'll be featuring it as a special on our lunch menu.  Come and try it yourself between 11:30am and 2pm along with other special cocktails being served that day.

The 88th annual SWSA Jumpfest this weekend not only brought smiles to our kitchen today but also to Chef Scimeca as he, along with Lauren of Hillrock Estate Distillery are hosting a bourbon tasting and Chef Demonstration today as well.  Announcements were made at the Fest throughout the day so we've got quite the turn-out in Morgan's as we speak!

And that is not all that is happening this weekend at the Inn - we've got such a flurry of activity!  We are getting ready to host a special party this evening for a 10-year wedding vow renewal, we've got some ladies here for a Girlfriend's Getaway Package, we've got a couple enjoying some quiet time on our Winter Hibernation Package, a family skiing at Mohawk Mountain on our Mohawk Mountain Ski Package, a couple here for a menu tasting in preparation of their summer wedding at Interlaken, another couple touring the property for their possible fall wedding for in 2015, a Guest calling from Hawaii to book his reservation for his Family Reunion in May, another Guest calling to make reservations for his wife for a Spa service at ELLORA's next weekend for Valentine's Day - I could go on and on!  There are so many reasons to visit Interlaken - come join us!

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