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The Lakeside Blog springs forth from the creative mind of Michelle Bruck at the Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT. She writes about events, great places to visit and cool things to do – in and around Lakeville & Salisbury Connecticut.

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What's Local

Ice cream lovers rejoice!  Not only is July National Ice Cream month but today is National Ice Cream Day, so certainly double the fun should be in order! (I am sure my kids will hit me up twice to celebrate)

If you want ice cream at its freshest and its finest then do pay a visit to Morgan's restaurant where we make our very own using local ingredients.  (this is where the "What's local" part comes in)  We use milk from Ronnybrook Farm Dairy in Ancramdale, NY and fresh eggs from Feather Ridge Farm in Elizaville, NY to give you the ultimate ice cream experience.  Today may be the day to step away from traditional vanilla and chocolate (although both are yummy) and try one of our unique flavors such as sour cream.  Yes, you read that right:  sour cream!  Don't turn your nose on this one, it is truly wonderful!  We also offer such flavors as balsamic, pretzel, pistachio, and graham cracker.  These are all so rich and creamy on their own or paired up with our desserts such as the S'mores Double Chocolate Ganache Torte (as you see below) or Local Apple Fritters.  Enjoy a scoop anytime at Morgan's restaurant!

Morgan's restaurant at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT Homemade ice cream


What's new!

You will not need to count sheep when it's time for bed at Interlaken.  You can sleep easy with our new bedding ensemble.

Guestrooms at Interlaken Inn

We have a new look in our main building Guestrooms, and you can be rest assured that everything you sleep in and on is super fresh and super clean upon your arrival.  We triple sheet each and every bed with 300 thread count sheets topped with four fluffy pillows.  Each bed has an amazing wonder blanket tucked inside for the perfect amount of comfort.  At the end of your stay we remove everything you see here and replace it with a fresh new set, including the blanket.  No more questionable duvets or pillows that are tossed on the floor only to be placed back on the bed.  Only the freshest and cleanest for our Guests.  Please tell us how you like our new look!



What's blooming

It's more like what is NOT blooming here at Interlaken! Wow, with all of the rain and the hot sun the flowers are just so intense right around the wedding cocktail and reception pavilion - as well as all areas around the property.  Let the pictures prove it!

Salisbury Garden Center at Interlaken Inn CTSalisbury Garden Center Lakeville CT at Interlaken InnSalisbury Garden Center at Interlaken Inn CTSalisbury Garden Center Interlaken Inn CTSalisbury Garden Center at Interlaken Inn CT


"Organic and Homey"

These were the two words that a Guest used to describe the Interlaken property at our Intermingle this week.  I like those words alot and have never heard them used together in a sentence regarding Interlaken.  I really like this Intermingle hour each week!

It was great meeting this couple this week, and not just because they were complimentary of the Interlaken.  They were just super fun, down-to-earth people escaping for an overnight getaway while their kids were away at camp.  They particurlarly loved our Woodside pet friendly accommodations for their big "doodle" dogs - one being "golden" and ther other being "labra".  Gypsy and Everest are their names and I hope to meet them in the lobby tomorrow so I can give them a little treat - and perhaps they can be my pet of the week!  We happened to mentioned that our private lakeside cabin is also pet friendly and they were both extremely interested in that option later this summer.  Are you familiar with our lakeside cabin?  It is a one bedroom cabin on our "back" lake with complete privacy and your own lake frontage.  There are a few dates in August and also some in September that are still available, so if a quiet and restful vacation are in order soon be sure to look into this very unique accommodation. 


Talking Tea

As you may know I love to talk about tea, especially Harney and Sons tea, so you can imagine my delight at our "Intermingle"  this evening when Mr. John Harney himself walked in.  "Master Tea Blender" is what he is and Master Tea Blending" is what his family business does.  Harney and Sons tea company was created 30 years right here in Salisbury, CT and is now headquarted in Millerton, NY.  I always recommend to our Guests that if they are tea lovers (or likers even) it is a must do!Although I didn't approach Mr. Harney right away I eventually made my way to him and said "Hello Mr. Harney.  I love your tea. I start my day with English Breakfast (me too he said) and in the afternoon enjoy Earl Grey (he said he has been choosing Sencha and I said I would make the switch for the summer myself).  So if you've always wondered which tea Mr. Harney himself prefers over the hundreds of tea offerings they have, here it is.  Be sure to visit his shop in Millerton or SOHO and of course on-line at Harney and Sons Fine Teas

Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT serves Harney Tea

It was another nice turn-out for our weekly cocktail hour of getting to know Guests and local business people.  I also want to say "It was nice meeting you Nancy!" 

Come join us next week when we meet in the Executive Lounge at 5pm to 6pm.


The grand entrance

Ahh, the grand entrance.  Everyone is waiting at the shores of Lake Wononscopomuc for the bride so the ceremony can begin.  Will she arrive in a vintage car?  A limo?  A horse and carriage? Perhaps a canoe?  She can arrive in many ways, but today she will arrive sweetly and simply by foot. 

I couldn't resist taking this shot of the bride with her best friends heading to the lakefront ceremony today. 

Wedding in July at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT


What's Local

Local vegetables at Morgan's restaurant Lakeville CT

Freshly picked this morning and freshly placed on your dinner plate this evening. 

How many restaurants can say that?

We can, and we are proud of it.  Chef Brandon picked these amazing vegetables from his garden bright and early this morning, and with each pick thinking of how he will prepare them this evening in Morgan's Restaurant. 

Fresh vegetables at Morgan's at Interlaken Lakeville CT

These aren't just your usual red beets, these are naturally striped red beets.  They look like those little peppermint candies, but much prettier, tastier, and healthier for you. 

You'll have to come into Morgan's for dinner tonight to see how Chef Brandon prepared them, garnished with the halibut perhaps? 


Intermingle with song

This week's cocktail hour was held where it was nice and cool - in Morgan's restaurant.  With fresh strawberry sangrias prepared by Wes and scallop appetizers from our Chefs, the crowd was entertained by the cast of Monty Python's Spamalot playing now through July 7th at the TriArts Theater in Sharon, CT.  What a talented group of young people! 

Spamalot cast from Triartsat Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

Here they are featured in the Compass section of this week's Lakeville Journal.  Although they did not come dressed like this, their amazing voices filled our restaurant with amusing entertainment and laughs.  If you haven't caught a show at TriArts I highly recommend it, you would not believe what talent lies in that summer stock theater!  "Doubt: A Parable" comes next followed by "They're Playing Our song" with many other shows planned right through August.  Just 10 minutes from Interlaken!


Pet of the Week

This is actually a FUTURE pet of the week!

 pet friendly at Interlaken Inn CT

Remember this handsome and agile guy from last summer?  He'll be visiting us again this summer, along with his brother and the newest addition to their family, their little sister who is just 6 weeks old at the moment.  I saw photos of her when she was just one hour old and you can only imagine how cute she was.  Woofles met Interlaken last summer while he was in the area for the Hudson Valley Dockdogs event in Millerton, NY.  He and his brother had super fun in our lake for a few days, and I can't wait to meet the newest addition to their family this summer! 

We are pet friendly and love it!


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