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The Lakeside Blog springs forth from the creative mind of Michelle Bruck at the Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT. She writes about events, great places to visit and cool things to do – in and around Lakeville & Salisbury Connecticut.

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For the Love of a Blog

The first blog I ever wrote for Interlaken's Lakeside Blog was in July 2010.  It was about Corporate Outings.  The last blog I ever wrote was about Stephanie and Weddings in 2014.  Yes, that is right, my last blog.

What fun I have had telling you about what's happening at Interlaken for the past 4 1/2 years, from Guest Comments to food in Morgan's to Family Reunions to Scrapbook Weekends to DOGS to local events to Harney & Sons to Lime Rock Park to Special Packages to Team Building Events to Wedding Proposals to Weddings to Anniversaries to Girlfriend Getaway Celebrations to canoeing at the Lake to Renovations to new Guestrooms - the blog list goes on and on.  If you are so inclined and wish to reminisce the system still has every blog I wrote (perhaps with a future pitctures missing) from that very first day.

It's been fun sharing all things Interlaken with you!  There's nothing like having the 'perfect blog moment' - grabbing my camera, taking some pictures and running back to my computer and tapping away about something sweet, something cute, something pretty - and hopefully always something kind of interesting for you to read.  I hope you could always tell how enthused I was to write and how much I do love the Interlaken.

So it's a wrap!  The Lakeside Blog is not going away, it is just getting a new owner, one whom I hope you love and will enjoy reading.  I know I will be tuning in to see what is going on around me.  Maybe I'll be a Guest blogger in the future, you never know.

I raise my Harney cup of Tea and say thank you for taking the time to read the Lakeside Blog!




Making your Love Official

Hopefully when you you really love something (and more importantly, someone) you show it, and I have to tell you:  Stephanie Holst-Grubbe really loves weddings, and she has been showing her love of everything WEDDINGS currently and in 2014. 

Have you met Steph?  This is her.  She's nice.

Stephanie Holst-Grubbe Wedding Coordinator at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

It's only fitting that the person who can make your love official by planning your wedding is the blog topic on Valentine's Day!  I asked her to tell me about her busy year in 2014 and here is what she had to say:

"2014 was an extremely successful year!  We had our FIRST annual Interlaken Inn Bridal show with a total of 25 local Vendor booths and a response of over 100 brides that registered.  The show was a great success and we look forward to hosting our SECOND annual Bridal Show this April!

We created a new and exciting relationship with Lion Rock Farm in Sharon, CT, and have now booked ten events on the farm since we commenced this relationship.  We are thrilled to be a preferred onsite caterer of our Farm-to-Table menu at such a stunning location.

We hosted the most weddings in our history at the Interlaken.  Actually being an integral part of such an important day in the lives of two people is extraordinary and everyone on our property feels the joy and excitement of being a part of it!  We had the pleasure of meeting the close friends and family members of our wedding couples each and every weekend from May through December!

We have also created a strong social media presence on Facebook and Instagram and with a specialized “Steph’s Wedding Blog”!  Check us out!
Finally, we have been honored to be featured in Carats and Cake twice in 2014:  Adrienne & Andrew and Lindsay and Andrew.

To wrap up the year, we were awarded the badge of “2015 Pick The Knot Best Of Weddings”.  For this we are so proud and greatly appreciate all the feedback from our Brides and Grooms and their families on theKnot.com.

We are also looking forward to some extremely exciting features in other publications in 2015….Stay tuned!"

Thanks Steph!

Let's now unite this blog with this video for a happily ever after for Matthew and Tom.


I love Snow

If I say it enough maybe I will start to believe it.  Or not.  A Guest told me the other day to "embrace" it, so I am trying to do that.  Maybe I can embrace it for others:

If you LOVE to ski in it, there are three ski mountains all within 30 minutes of the Interlaken, just take your pick:

Mohawk Mountain - great mountain for families, young ones learning to ski, night skiing available

Ski Butternut - addition to great skiing they offer snow tubing on the weekends and on holidays

Catamount - the mountain where I learned to ski when I did like snow

If you LOVE snowmen, you've got lots of the white stuff right here on the property to build one.  You could make an army of snowmen, that is how much snow there is.

Take a break from it!  If you LOVE Hot Cocoa, we've got some here and would be happy to get you a cup while you relax by the Lobby Fire.

Little ones with you that love to go sledding?  We've got the perfect 'little steep' hill at the Sunnyside house.  Just enough to give you a thrill but not too much to walk back up and do it all again.  We've got sleds waiting for you on the Sunnyside porch.

A romantic sleigh ride for two.  We can arrange that!  Sign up for our "Sleigh Ride Package" and let a beautiful horse take you through the snowy countryside while you are snuggled next to your sweetie under a thick cozy blanket.  (weather permitting of course)

Get married in it.  With the ground blanketed in white and snowflakes falling from the sky, you've got your own winter wonderland.  We've got some great Winter Wedding Packages for you to choose from.  Getting married in the winter means every year you can celebrate your anniversary by going away somewhere warm :).


SWSA Chili Contest Winner!

Who doesn't love winning?

Although we do not typically offer Chili on our Dinner menu in Morgan's restaurant, we now know that Chef Michael can certainly whip up a winning batch of the hot stuff!  Last night as part of the Chili Cook-Off at the SWSA Jumpfest weekend Morgan's restaurant at the Interlaken walked away with the bragging rights for the 2nd year in a row.  What a perfect way to heat up a cold night by judging hot chili. 

Congrats to Chef Michael!

Come and taste his other fabulous farm-to-table dishes at Morgan's Restaurant - we are open 7 days a week!


Lime Rock Lovers

Lime Rock Park Snowcross Program Winter 2015 Interlaken

Lime Rock Park is offering a new program this winter that embraces the frequent snowy conditions of New England.  The new program is called "Winter Autocross" and is available most Fridays and Saturdays through early March to anyone with a valid Driver's License.  This program lets you learn from the experts how to handle your car in the slipperiest of conditions but in a safe and fun way.  Click here to see some live video and learn more about this new and exciting program!

I only wish to drive in the snow when I absolutely have to, but in this case, I would happily volunteer to do so.


Love of Food

We've teased you with a sample menu for the biggest day of LOVE this month, but I now have my hands on the official dinner menu for Saturday night, February 14th.  The menu was prepared especially for all of the Valentine's Day Package Guests we have arriving that day.  Ooops, you say?  Have you not made plans yet?  No worries!  We've got just a few rooms left, but you better call soon before you truly are in trouble!


Butternut and Leek Soup with Lemon Oil

Salad of Baby Lettuces, Buttermilk Dressing, Chives and Radish

Six Blue Point Oysters on the Half Shell with Pickled Apple Mignonette

Crispy Duck Confit, Marinated Lentils, Arugula, Celeriac, Pickled Goodeberries

Lover's Antipasto Platter for Two:  Poached Shrimp with Blood Orange Glaze, Marinated Mussels with Shallots, Duck Prosciutto with Figs, Beets with Creme Fraiche

Seared Foie Gras, Red Wine Caramel, Compressed Apple, Brioche ($10 supplement)


Organic Pumpkin Ravioli, Winter Squash, Sage, Brown Butter, Parmigiano

Grilled Salmon, Soft Polenta, Wild Mushrooms, Grilled Leeks, Mushroom Broth

Roasted Berkshire Pork Loin, Whole Grain Mustard, Brussel Sprout-Potato-Bacon Hash

Grilled Beef Short Rib, Butternut Squash Puree, Smoked Potato, Red Pearl Onions

Roased Filet Mignon, Black Truffle-Port Wine Reduction, Potato Puree, Root Vegetables ($5 supplement)

Sharing Desserts: (all desserts are portioned for two Guests)

Chocolate Ganache Torte with Toasted Marshmallow and Graham Cracker Ice Cream

Rose Scented Panna Cotta, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Raspberry Crisp

Local Sprout Creek Farm "Toussaint", Thyme Honey, Hazelnut Spread, Granny Smith Apples

We have quite an extensive wine list and our service staff can pair each entree up with the perfect selection.  Don't the desserts look wonderful?  Enjoy your dinner with the sound of Scott Heth's trio in the background.  Future forecast looks chilly, so it will be the perfect night to get cozy with the one you love!


The month of Love

Since February is the month of LOVE, the blog topics will be all about that wonderful feeling: 

  • Special romance packages
  • Weddings
  • Food we love from Morgan's restaurant
  • The activities we love to recommend while visiting Interlaken
  • Guest comments we love to share
  • We love renovatoins!  Sneak peeks of what's ahead in 2015

Stay tuned for doses of love all month long!


A little Q&A about Winterfest!

Q:  So, Vanessa, what exactly is this Winterfest that I've been hearing about and that is coming up soon?

A: Winterfest is way to beat the winter blues!  From Friday, January 30th right through Sunday, February 8th there's always something going on both indoors and out.  This year it's both Restaurant Week and Jumpfest and other goodies in between such as Hot Cocoa Tasting, the Annual Snowball, Human Dog Sled race, Ice carvings, Winter-themed Art Gallery Openings, Kids Activities, Leaf Blower Hockey, and right here at the Interlaken on Wednesday, February 4th our "Wintermingle".

Q:  Wintermingle?!  Well isn't that a play on words of our weekly Intermingles!  Tell me about it!

A:  Well, our mixologist Tom has come up with a great winter cocktail to warm our spirits along with Chef Scimeca's exquisitive tasting of HDO's.  And the best part is it's all complimentary and is happening from 5pm to 6pm on 2/4.

Q:  I love food.  Tell me more about Restaurant Week.

A:  So, Restaurant Week gives the opportunity for patrons to try new restaurants while receiving great specials and offers.  They also have the opportunity to win one of many great prizes if they participate in the Passport program.

Q:  I love prizes.  How do I get one of those Passports?

A:  Guests can pick up passports at any participating restaurant when they dine at the restaurant they will get a stamp from that restaurant.  Once you collect three stamps you can send your card to me at the Interlaken and I will enter you into the drawing.   One of the prizes is an overnight stay at Interlaken, a gift certificate to Pastorale, a gift certificate to Oak Hurst, and a few others too.

Q:  Which restaurants are participating in this Passport program?

A:  There is a website that lists all of the Participants and it lists their events and specials.  We encourage people to check back regularly as we continue to update and add new promotions.

Q:  I saw the Jumpfest last winter, it's so cool.  Anything new this year?

A:  Same great jumping as the previous years, and this year there is something new:  A Jump Simulator.  It's for kids and it simulates the jump experience perfectly. 

Q:  How else is Interlaken involved?

A:  We are excited to welcome back Hillrock Distillery on Sunday, February 7th from 4pm to 6pm.  Last year it was a very successful event and we are sure it's going to be even.  A free taste of bourbon to warm your insides after enjoying the outdoor activities at Jumpfest and in "The Secret Corner"!   We are also offering a great overnight package that includes accommodations, ski jump tickets, a dining credit at our restaurant, Morgan's and breakfast for two.  It's a wonderful value!

M:  Well thanks, Vanessa, for filling me in on this cool festival!  Certainly a fun way to embrace the fun things winter does have to offer.

V:  I so agree!  It's going to be an exciting and entertaining 10 days for people of all ages.  See you there!

Vanessa at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT Winterfest 2015


New year, new look for our Townhouses!

Our first set of Townhouses are starting the new year off feeling pretty good, and of course they have every right to feel that way:  The kitchen and bathrooms have received a long awaited renovation, and I am confident you are going to love the new look! 

Interlaken Inn Townhouse Suites Renovation 2015 Lakeville CT

Townhouse Renovation Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

Don't worry, we aren't leaving the second set out!  They are getting their facelift as we speak and that will be completed by the end of February.  Hmmm, what else are we up to at Interlaken this year?  Stay tuned to find out!

In the meantime, let me tell you about our Townhouses!  They are duplex units that have a kitchen, dining and living area with a fireplace, two bedrooms (one on first floor, one upstairs loft), 2 1/2 baths, washer/dryer, a pull-out sofa sleeper and a shared deck that overlooks our courtyard area.  They are ideal for larger families and couples that travel together since you have that nice living space to gather, watch TV, play cards and just relax.  The Townhouses are perfect for Girlfriend Getaways as well - we have several of them through-out the year.  We have also found that they work great for an intimate scrapbook retreat with your closest friends.  Baby, it may be cold outside - but you can prepare dinner right in your new kitchen and enjoy it toasty warm near the fireplace! 


New Year's is Happy at Interlaken!

Happy New Year!

The "Beatlemania Again" show last night here at Interlaken was awesome!  Here's just a tidbit of how the evening started, and it only got better from here:

As everyone finished their dinner of Tenderloin, Butternut Squash Ravioli, Truffled Lobster Mac'n'cheese and various accompaniments of fresh vegetables and salads, the dance floor started to fill with fans of the Beatles, showing off their moves to many of the best hits of this iconic English rock band of the 60's.  From "I want to Hold your Hand" to "Yesterday" to "Yellow Submarine" to "Sargeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" the Fab Four played three sets, had three costume changes and entertained the crowd right before Midnight.  The Emcee then introduced the crowd into 2015, and then the dance party continued after the champagne toast into the night.  Some Guests I talked with this morning said it was 'the best party ever!'

"Hello" 2015, "Goodbye" 2014!

New Year's Eve package at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT Beatlemania Again

New Year's Eve Package at Interlaken Inn CT

New Year's Eve package at Interlaken Inn CT

New Year's eve Package Beatlemania Again at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

New Year's Eve package at Interlaken Inn CT

New Year's Eve Package 2015 at Interlaken Beatlemania Again

New Year's Eve party pacakge at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

New Year's eve package at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

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